Berlin is the best place to begin your idyllic honeymoon in Germany. It is an ideal city for couples in love. Because of its culture, its sophistication, its layout, its creativity and its sophisticated sense of fun, it is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Even though it is 9 times larger than Paris and 75% of the city is comprised of parks, gardens and forests, honeymoon couples can easily find their way around, and the amount of exciting, romantic things to see and do is staggering. Choosing what fits your mood to make each day a special honeymoon pleasure is just part of the fun. So is knowing that there will be plenty of new things left to do when you come back to celebrate your anniversary!

To make it even better, prices here are more reasonable than those of many other European capitals! The city is laced with canals, lakes, rivers, flowering gardens and sprawling parks all of which give Germany’s cutting edge capital a fresh air, outdoor feel and provide spectacular backgrounds for your honeymoon photos. Everything exudes comfort and convenience.

95% of the city was destroyed in World War II and much of it has been rebuilt since the Berlin Wall came down over 20 years ago. The excellent public transportation system makes it easy to get around. Streets and sidewalks are wide and never crowded making this a walking city.

Graceful Old World buildings stand beside steel and glass skyscrapers, lining the streets, avenues and hidden plazas. Old facades were saved but dramatic contemporary interiors were installed in the re building so you’re often surprised at the creative architecture and design when you enter an antique doorway.

Historical and cultural attractions are everywhere. History ranging from early civilizations to the 21st century is on display. You can have your choice of a symphony, a play or an opera every night. Some of the world’s best museums and art galleries line the avenues and many new neighborhoods have become the home of very creative artists. It doesn’t take long to discover that this city is fast becoming the capital of Europe’s art scene.

Main thoroughfares and their side streets are a shoppers’ paradise. Department stores, lifestyle shops, art galleries and chic boutiques showcasing the latest French and German designers are tucked along main avenues and their sidestreets throughout town. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, visit one of the flea markets that take place in several neighborhoods on weekends.

Dining is a special treat. There doesn’t seem to be a bad meal in town! This is an “eating out” city. World class restaurants run by internationally famous chefs along with popular bars and beerhalls are ready to welcome you.

After dinner some neighborhoods light up with glittering nightclubs, modern bars and dance halls which feature everything from techno music to rock and roll. Couples who love late nights can always find a place to dance until dawn. The more you get to know Berlin, the more the city will come into your hearts to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

About Berlin

At a Glance

  • A PRIVATE CARRIAGE RIDE: Splurge and share delicious romantic moments in your own private horse-drawn carriage. The driver will take you on a special hour long sightseeing tour, complete with colorful tales, some history and a glass of champagne! The cost is about $180 US per hour but you’ll never forget it! Phone: 49 162-311-810.
  • CHECKPOINT CHARLIE: Check out this historic place where history comes alive. You might have seen it in a movie! This spot where the American sector of West Berlin met the Soviet sector of East Berlin was the most famous border crossing point of the Berlin Wall. A small on site museum that displays the thrilling dramas that took place here. Address: Freidrichstrasse 43-45
  • THE REICHSTAG: This is where the action is! The German federal government is run from here. You can watch Parliament (the Bundesraat) at work as you visit the dramatic building which is the symbol of Berlin’s strength. The modern glass dome that sits on top of the stately old building adds plenty of light. Walk up the gentle ramp to the top and get a breathtaking view of the city, then stop for a coffee in the delegates’ dining room. Reservations for this visit which can take place during the day or after dark must be made a few days in advance. It’s well worth it.
  • THE TIERGARTEN: Hand in hand, take a stroll in this rambling urban park which also houses Berlin’s famous Zoo and aquarium. See the pandas and the polar bears which are stars of the show, then take a boat ride or have a picnic and you’ll enjoy it even more.
  • KATHE WOHLFAHRT: It’s an over-the-top Christmas all year round in this colorful shop. A sumptuously decorated 8 foot tree stands in a circular walkway that is lined with every Christmas decoration under the sun as well as many gifts. The wonderland seems to be filled with items that Santa picked himself, and many of them are handmade. Take your time and find some unique decorations for your new home plus a stocking present for everyone in the family. Address: Kurfurstendamm 225 Phone: 98 61 40 90 Email:
  • THE BRANDENBURG GATE: Snap a memorable honeymoon photo at Berlin’s most famous landmark. The imposing gate was a border post when Germany was divided. Unter den Linden, one of the city’s most beautiful streets, leads right into it.
  • MUSEUM ISLAND: Berlin is a city of art and artists. This collection of new museums that house ancient art as well as contemporary treasures is as impressive as they come. Whether your pleasure is ancient art, Old Masters or contemporary painting and sculpture, you’ll find something exciting to enjoy here.
  • THE KURFURSTENDAMM: Berlin’s magic central boulevard was designed for leisurely walks. It is undoubtedly the city’s most cosmopolitan avenue for shopping, dining and fun. Though there is plenty of pedestrian traffic sidewalks are wide and comfortable, and there is always room for more. Everything from MacDonald’s to gourmet establishments and stores ranging from Mango and H&M to Gucci, Fendi, Chanel and other renowned couture boutiques can be found along with major art galleries, lifestyle stores and adult entertainment.
  • KA DA WE: This place can answer your craving for just about anything! The dazzling, world famous department store is as sleek and sophisticated as they come. Though it was founded over 100 years ago, its displays and its merchandise are as modern as tomorrow. The Gourmet Department is a sight in itself, and also one of the most popular places in town to lunch. Separate display cases for oysters, fish, meat, cold cuts, Italian specialties and other delicacies have counters and stools at one end where you can enjoy a delicious lunch on the spot and take more home for dinner. The chocolate, jams, condiments, bakery and other gourmet delicacies that surround them are also tempting.
  • AMAZING ADVENTURES: Couples who love action or extreme sports can find excitement. You can arrange to drive a tank; jump out of an airplane, use a flight simulator, race in a go-kart, climb a rock wall and much more. Your concierge can help you fulfill almost any fancy.
  • PANORAMAPUNKT: One of the fastest elevators in the world will whisk you from Potsdamer Platz to the top. All of Berlin will be at your feet in just seconds. Photos and an audio guide will add to the thrill of the panoramic view. Leave time for coffee with your sweetie at the Panorama Café where you can enjoy more of the view through picture windows. Tickets cost about $7.00 USD per person.
  • BEER: Some of the world’s most famous beers can be found here. Try some!
  • TEA: Midafternoon tea is a tradition. Order a pastry to go with it, relax, and plan your future together.

Fast Facts

  • LANGUAGE: German is the official tongue, but English is widely spoken.
  • CURRENCY: Euro. ATMs are easy to find.
  • AIRPORT CODES: Tegel: TXL Schonefeld: SXF
  • ELECTRICITY: 220V. Plugs are standard European with two round prongs. Adapters are usually available at your hotel’s front desk, but you can always buy your own affordably before the big trip.

Honeymoon Hints

  • BRING COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES: This is a town that you’ll want to explore on foot!
  • GETTING AROUND: Berlin has an excellent pubic transportation system. You can get around by boat, busses, metros (U Bahn and S Bahn), and taxis. The U Bahn, which operates primarily within the city, is easy to learn and most things you will want to see and do are located near one of the stops. Buy a ticket in the yellow machines inside the station and validate it on the spot. Multiple trip tickets are available.  It runs till midnight during the week and later on weekends. Busses and taxis are more reliable after midnight. If you’ve scheduled a night of clubbing, consider renting a limo for just the two of you.
  • TAXIS: Taxis are plentiful and expensive. Vehicles are beige with a yellow light on top if they are free. Drivers do not expect tips but most passengers leave small change.
  • TIPPING: Restaurant service charges are usually not included in the bill but double check. Customary tip is 10-15%. Hotel bellboys get l Euro per bag.
  • LUGGAGE CARTS: Luggage carts at international airports require a 1 Euro coin.
  • LEARN THE U BAHN: Learn the stop nearest where you are going. This is the best way to get oriented, whether you’re walking or riding.
  • HOTEL LOCATION: Try to choose a hotel near a U Bahn station.
  • HOTELS: Taxes are included in hotel room rates but you should check to see if breakfast is as well.
  • GET A MAP: Names of major streets and boulevards often change names without warning.
  • BUY A PASS: There are several passes that enable you to enter certain sights at lower prices. A Berlin Welcome Card offers discounted entry into a variety of attractions for three days. A Museum Berlin Pass offers three days of unlimited access to major museums. Website:
  • DRESS CODE: The dress code is informal but citified. Jackets and ties are only required in a few of the best restaurants, but you’ll want to look your best at all times. Berliners take pride in their city, and dress as if they do.
  • DOGS: Dogs in all sizes are kings here. They even pay taxes and have insurance, which is priced according to their breed. Berliners love their pets and take them everywhere, even on the metro and into department stores! If you’re taking a stroll, don’t trip over Fido at the end of the leash!
  • PUBLIC BATHROOMS: It costs half a Euro to enter. Keep the ticket, as it may be good for a discount in a nearby café!
  • WHEN TO GO: Berlin is a great destination all year round. However, for couples who like to explore, the months from May to September have the longest days.
  • MONEY: Cash instead of credit cards are the custom here even though credit cards are accepted in most places.