12 Affordable Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

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You’ve just received an invitation to join your friend at her bachelorette party. Oh yes, it’s going to be entertaining. It will be all girls, drinks, games, a lot of gossip, and a lot of fun! All you need to do is come up with bachelorette party gift ideas.

It’s easy until you actually sit down and think about what you want to buy. You need to give a thoughtful gift – after all, she’s been your friend all these years.

Whatever you give must match the bride’s personality and shouldn’t be offensive. A lot of bachelorette party gifts are raunchy. However, when giving, keep her cultural and religious beliefs in mind. If she’s okay with naughty gifts, as most brides are, you’re free to go wild with ideas.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is – there are many bachelorette party gift ideas to fit all budgets. Even a bottle of champagne could make a good gift. As long as it’s thoughtful, it would be appreciated by the bride.

There are chances that you will have to split the tab when it comes to the bachelorette party expenses. Discuss these things beforehand and plan a gift budget accordingly.

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Let’s go on and discuss some bachelorette party gift ideas:

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas to Suit All Budgets

It’s customary to bring a gift for the bride. While it’s not required, it’s a part of the tradition. Let’s look at some gift ideas.

1. Alcohol

This gift always works. A bottle of wine or champagne will help the party go. Plus it’s a no-brainer. Just buy a bottle on the way to the party.

If you want to put thought into your gift, you can buy the bride’s favorite liquor. Does she like whiskey? Or vodka? Maybe gin or tequila? Buy a bottle accordingly.

Have some wiggle room in your budget? Buy glassware to match the drink. If you’re getting her a bottle of champagne, you can get a set of champagne flutes to match. And if you’re planning to buy tequila, shot glasses would be the best.

You can even get customized glasses for the bride with the names of the bride and groom written on them. There’s so much to do, depending on how deep your pockets are.

2. Sexy undies

Undies or other pieces of lingerie are among the most popular bachelorette party gift ideas. If you’re looking for something cute and also naughty, a pair of underwear would be the perfect gift.

Or maybe make it a set of two? You can even get personalized underwear with the name of the bride written on them. Or you can get other things written on them, such as “Property of Mr.” followed by the groom’s name.

Want to go more into the sexy side? How about bridal thongs? Other lingerie options could be a lovely camisole or chemise to wear on the honeymoon.

Depending on how close you are to the bride, you can get her even racier lingerie. There are lace lingerie and sexy satin undies available on Amazon. You’ll also find several options on Etsy. Keep the bride’s size in mind when ordering.

3. Adorable and comfortable pajamas or robes

Not everyone is comfortable giving or receiving undies. In that case, you can give her a set of comfortable pajamas or robes.

Since most brides have to buy a robe for themselves, you can gift her one and save her money. It will be a useful and thoughtful gift. Besides, you don’t have to worry too much about her size when it comes to a robe.

Robes can be personalized too. You can get her name or “Mrs.” Groom’s last name written on the back of the robe.

Robes or pajamas are comfortable and the bride can wear them even on the morning of her wedding before she gets ready.

4. Gag gifts

Bachelorette party gift ideas would be incomplete without totally and utterly inappropriate gifts. After all, your gal pal is getting married. Now is the time to make some jokes with sexual undertones.

As long as it suits her and her beliefs, you’re most welcome to go ahead and get some un-ladylike gifts. After all, these are the most popular bachelorette party gift ideas.

This could include edible underwear, sex toys such as vibrators, fur handcuffs, glow-in-the-dark condom boxes, sexy bodysuits, and a lot more. There are many things that the bride and groom could enjoy together. Just think of some ideas according to their personalities.

If you don’t know much about the beliefs of the bride, you can discuss these ideas with the other guests to make sure you don’t cross the line.

5. Jewelry

If you’re looking for some classic bachelorette party gift ideas, this one would be the best. There are several options when it comes to jewelry.

What kind of jewelry does the bride like? If she’s a necklace lover, you can give her a personalized pendant. It can be a very special gift as it contains the names or photos of the bride and groom. Besides, a custom pendant can be as cheap as $20, which makes it an excellent budget gift.

But if you want to give her a more expensive gift, don’t worry. Jewelry comes in all budgets. You can get it made of precious metals such as gold or platinum.

And if the bride already has a lot of jewelry, a monogrammed jewelry case would be a good gift.

6. A skin/hair care gift box

Pamper the bride with her favorite skin and hair care products. She’ll be able to revitalize her skin and hair before the big day. She wants to look the best on her wedding day and you can help her with the best products in the market.

There are several skincare boxes available on Amazon but you can create your own depending on the bride’s preferences. What’s her favorite skincare brand? Collect products from that brand and arrange them beautifully in a box.

You can even get the box monogrammed. Get a special note engraved in the wooden box. It could be the name of the bride. Or a memorable quote that’s special to her.

Some products you can add to the box are face creams, lotions, cleansers, gels, scrubs, and moisturizers.

7. A spa gift card

The bride has been busy planning her wedding for a long time. Foot and leg pain is pretty common among brides-to-be because of all the running around. Give her a chance to lie back and relax with a peaceful massage. It’s among the most thoughtful bachelorette party gift ideas.

She deserves a few hours of self-care that contains a massage, manicure, pedicure, or other things you can add to the card.

If you have enough budget, you can gift her a spa day. This can include a dip in the pool, a sauna session, a gym workout, spending time in the relaxation room, and so much more.

Depending on the spa you choose, there can be a Jacuzzi, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, etc. However, if the bachelorette party is too close to the wedding, the bride might not have time for a spa day. So make sure you ask about her schedule before giving her this gift.

8. A chocolate box

I’m yet to see a woman who hates chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates and if she’s an absolute chocaholic, this gift will make even more sense.

There are several chocolate gift boxes available in the market. You can find them on Amazon or your local confectionery store. The most popular chocolates are caramel, toffee, ganache, cream, nut, and liquid center.

If you want to promote local businesses, you can get a handmade chocolate box. You’ll also find delightful truffle boxes that can be great bachelorette party gift ideas. These melt-in-mouth chocolate ganache balls are perfect to fill her heart with joy.

And if you want to personalize the gift, you can get a monogrammed box with the bride’s and groom’s names written on it.

9. Scented candles

Scented candles have that unique vibe that spells sophistication. If the bride-to-be likes fine things in life, she’ll love some unique fragrances.

From creating a magically romantic aura in the bedroom to having a quiet and relaxing bath in the bathroom – there’s a lot that candles can do.

These candles can hit the right nerve and boost the mood. Since the bride would be pretty stressed out with all the preparations, a scented candle can give her some self-care time in which she can relax and unwind.

Select the right scents while buying candles. If you don’t know about her favorite aromas, you can buy a set of candles with a variety of fragrances.

10. A weekend getaway

If the wedding date isn’t too close, you can give her a weekend getaway with the groom. Depending on your budget, you can plan a stay at a destination or just a couple of tickets to the local museum/theater.

With all the stress of the wedding, the young couple doesn’t generally get to spend quality time together. This gift will bring them closer before they again get busy with wedding planning.

If you cannot plan an elaborate weekend, two tickets to the nearest amusement park will give them a chance to connect amidst the wedding planning headaches.

And if you have the budget and there are still some weeks left to the wedding, you can gift them a complete package with the accommodation and travel taken care of. It would definitely be one of the most useful bachelorette party gift ideas.

11. Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts reflect love. And they also save you money. If you want to give something to your best friend to show how much you love her, a handmade gift will do it.

Let her know she’s been on your mind by writing her a note of true friendship. You can create a card for her and write your sincerest heartfelt thoughts on it.

Of course, you’ll need tissues for this because this is going to be an emotional one. Also, don’t forget to carry tissues for the bride when she reads your note or card.

If you’re not good with words, you can express your feelings in other ways. For example, you can create a knotted throw blanket for her. Or tie and dye white cotton shirts for her. There are so many handmade things you can make. Just take a pick and go for it.

12. Something to fuel her passion

What is the bride-to-be passionate about? Is she a bookworm? Give her a book by her favorite author. Or maybe a reading lamp.

Does she have a green thumb? You can give her potted plants or plant accessories. Or maybe even plant food.

And if she’s a pet mom, you can give her adorable accessories for her dog or cat. A cute kitten bow? Or a dog bandana? It all depends on her preferences.

However, for this, you need to personally know the bride and have an idea about her passions. If you’re close to her, you’ll already know her likes and dislikes

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