Head to the northerly paradise of Alaska for your honeymoon – where the mountains are twice as big, the skies twice as vast, the days twice as long and the best places are exponentially more secluded. Nature, at its most epic and glorious, is still king here, with the state accounting for more than half of the U.S.’ protected wilderness areas.

Travelers are drawn to the vast land of Alaska not because of its man-made monuments, but rather everything that Mother Nature has to offer. The state is a majestic work of nature in itself—from rain forests to snow-capped mountains, from glaciers to fjords. Begin your honeymoon amid the great restaurants, shops, and attractions of Anchorage. This vibrant city is worth a couple days; you can also make it your base while exploring surrounding areas, especially since Alaska’s lush wilderness lies just outside the city’s edge. Other cities to add to your list include Alaska’s capital, Juneau, or Sitka to experience the state’s Russian influence and Ketchikan to check out the native Alaskan totem collections.

Head north for Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley, North America’s tallest peak. You can also visit charming small towns like Talkeetna. Grab the keys for a short drive south to Kenai Peninsula, dubbed Alaska’s Playground for its trails, wildlife, small towns, and nonstop scenery. No matter where you travel, you will see rolling tundra, river valleys, ocean fjords, glacial lakes and rivers and outstanding wildlife.

It’s not the easiest place to get to, but those who make it to the Arctic Circle will be rewarded with rolling tundra, mountains, and coastal plains leading into arctic waters. Experience native culture in the towns of Nome and Barrow, and meet Alaskans who still practice ancient whaling customs. The Aleutian Islands sprinkle the watery area of Alaska and is only reachable by plane. Here, you will enjoy the state’s best bear viewing, in the national parks of Katmai and Lake Clark, but don’t let these overshadow the many active volcanoes and lush parklands. Salmon and the bears that fish for them make up most of the wildlife viewing here, along with walrus on the coastlines.

The great Alaskan outdoors is perfect for a romantic getaway with picturesque views serving as natural backdrops for photo shoots, the northern lights putting on a show while you share a cup of spiked hot cocoa and a night-in by the fire in your wilderness lodge.

In planning your romantic escape to the land of the midnight sun, there are some “Must-See’s” we recommend. Be sure to visit the Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, a 3.3-million acre sanctuary resting along Alaska’s coast, where you can hop on a tiny prop plane or boat and be guided through the park’s natural splendor. While on your voyage, you’ll witness the immensity of 7 tidewater glaciers, icebergs and fjords framed by snow-crested mountains and countless wildlife – including our favorites, the tufted puffin!

Whether you are just staying overnight before embarking on a big Alaska adventure, or staying for a week or more, the options for lodging are endless. Accommodations range from affordable hostels, hotels and motels for travelers on a budget, to all-inclusive wilderness lodges and resorts for those looking for a bit of luxury in the Last Frontier. Honeymooners will find an variety of hotels to choose from in any major destination they visit, many of which allow guests to drop off luggage and bags before checking in, which is especially convenient when disembarking a cruise ship and allows time to explore town.

For many, an Alaska vacation is the trip of a lifetime. Celebrating your new life together in the grandeur and seclusion of Alaska will be an unforgettable experience! If you’re a couple looking for fresh air and wilderness after your big day, Alaska is it.

About Alaska

At a Glance

  • WATCH THE GLACIERS FALL: Capture the power of Mother Nature as you watch a five-story face of ice break free off a glacier and shatter into the ocean below.
  • TAKE FLIGHT OVER THE MOUNTAINS: Enjoy the warmth and comfort of a plane or helicopter as you soar over a sea of mountains, glaciers, and crevasses, watching peaks and glacial formations that have never felt the press of a human foot pass beneath you.
  • BECOME GOLDILOCKS: Grab some porridge and hit the woods for one of the top experiences in Alaska – a Bear Viewing Tour, where you can view bears in large numbers for hours at a time. Get a unique insight into the creatures’ culture as they carry on with their normal routines. Seeing a bear is a rare and magical experience.
  • FLOAT DOWN A GLACIER RIVER: Whether you decide to float down the river or just stand on the banks, there is something uniquely Alaskan about a glacier rivers. With more than 30,000 rivers across the state, each flowing for thousands of years, it is awe-inspiring to imagine the vast amount of meltwater spilling from the mountain glaciers to the ocean.
  • GAZE AT THE NORTHERN STARS: It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you better bundle up to enjoy this natural light now. The best time is during the cold, clear winter nights, usually after midnight. Be spontaneous, brave the cold, and embrace a late night adventure to see the stunning natural phenomena Alaska is known for. You can catch up on sleep when you get home!
  • HIT THE ROAD JACK: The Seward Highway south of Anchorage to Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the most scenic road journeys in Alaska. You’ll pass through gold rush towns, view icebergs and glaciers, see moose, elk and even bears at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and maybe even catch some whale watching.
  • MUSH MUSH: Looking for a little romantic adventure – head out to the snow for an Alaskan dogsled ride for two.

Honeymoon Hints

  • BEST TIME TO VISIT: Alaska’s tourist season is short, lasting from mid-May to early September. During these months, the midnight sun provides near-constant daylight, weather is relatively mild and you’ll find many summer festivals to attend. The summer months also brings higher prices and large crowds. During the spring and fall, travelers will find discounts in pricing, as well as smaller crowds but there is an increase in the chances you will encounter snow and ice. Traveling to Alaska in the winter and you’ll enjoy the annual Iditarod sled dog race and the Northern Lights.
  • WHEN TO SEE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS: To see the Northern Lights it needs to be dark, cold and clear out. The best time to see them is in the winter between November – March.
  • WHAT TO WEAR: Stay casual, dress in layers and wear proper footwear.
  • EATING OUT: Alaska is best known for its seafood. Make sure to taste test some of their king salmon, halibut, king crab, or shrimp. Stop by an open-air, all-you-can-eat salmon bake while in Juneau, Tok, Denali National Park or Fairbanks.

Travel Tips

  • GETTING THERE: Anchorage (ANC) is the main gateway to Alaska. Airline providers include Alaska Airlines, American, United and Delta. Travel time is about 10 hours from New York City and 6 hours from Los Angeles.
  • GETTING AROUND: Some travel options include car, RV, ferry and train. Car rental agencies are plentiful in South Central and Interior Alaska, but prices can be high. The Alaska Railroad provides efficient service throughout most of the state. The Inside Passage is accessible only by ship or air. The Alaska Marine Highway ferry system is a vital transportation link, but ferries do not visit each destination every day. Some people take a one-way cruise from Seattle or Vancouver to mainland Alaska. This allows travelers to tour the Inside Passage without worrying about ferry schedules, but it often provides only a few hours at each location.
  • WEATHER: Alaska’s weather changes frequently. From Mid-May to mid-September, the average summer temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with a cold wind blowing from the mountains or sea. Sudden temperature drops of 30 or more degrees are common and can happen without warning. If traveling during the spring or fall, expect the weather to change even more rapidly. Snow, ice and wind are common.