Home to dynamic cities, ancient towns, unique scenery that has its own kind of beauty unlike anything else in the world, exciting history going back to biblical times, and all the honeymoon activities you could ask for along with a few you've probably never thought of, the Middle East should definitely be on your romance radar. Deserts, mountains, wild street markets, holy sites and dining options range from the easy and touristy to totally off the beaten track. Hotels and resorts can be huge, opulent mega-properties to a little family owned joint tucked into a desert oasis. No matter which route you pick, a romantic getaway to the Middle East guarantees an exotic adventure that's sure to draw jealous Facebook comments.

Make like Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone, and visit the Dome of the Rock in the Old City of Jerusalem. Okay, so it's a rock, not a stone, but we're not sure what the difference is! Of course, this one is spcial because it's an ancient holy site with significance for Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.  Even if you're not religious, the shimmering golden dome is a breathtaking sight that contrasts brilliantly with the tan desert and city behind.

There are too many other incredible holy sites to list, from mosques and temples to the Sea of Galilee. The Hagia Sofia beckons in Istanbul, the Byzantine Church in Amman welcomes you into its ancient halls, and the dramatic halls of the Jumeira Mosque tower over tour groups in Dubai.

The Middle East is truly an ancient seed for much of modern civilization, but even couples without much interest in history will have plenty to see and do. From riding camels (or ATVs) through the desert in Morocco to relaxing on a warm, white-sand beach on the coast of Oman, the Middle East isn't as easy to sum up as you might think. It's a special kind of paradise you definitely owe it to yourself to take a closer look at!

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