4 Wedding Makeup Tips To Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day

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On your wedding day, everyone will be looking at you all day long! Even though you are already beautiful, you want to feel even more so on your special day. You have searched long and hard for the perfect wedding gown, and know precisely how you will do your hair, so now you have to think about your makeup.

Here are four wedding makeup tips you want to think about when planning what exactly you want to do – whether you are planning to do your makeup yourself or have it done professionally.

1. Do A Trial Run

You do not want your actual wedding day to be the first time you try out the makeup you will be doing on your wedding day.

If you plan to have a professional do it, schedule a trial run appointment; if you plan to do it yourself (or have one of your bridesmaids help you out) get together and work on it so you know what you are doing.

You want to make sure the colors you are using are what works best with your skin tone and make you feel as best as you can.

2. Use Concealer

Even if you do not typically use concealer on a normal day, be sure to have some handy for your wedding day. You may be a little stressed or nervous the week or so before and sometimes that causes unwanted breakouts that you will want to cover up.

You may also have had a hard time sleeping a few days before your wedding due to all the excitement, or even all the last minute things you had to take care of, and having that concealer to use under your eyes to help even out your skin tone will help.

Remember, your wedding photographer will be taking TONS of photos of you that day… so you want to make sure that you have covered up all of your blemishes and that your skin looks flawless!

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3. Use More Natural Colors

On your wedding day, you do not want to experiment with bright colors that you would typically not wear. Purple eye shadow and bright red lipstick is not our top choice when it comes to wedding day makeup.

Stick with more neutral colors like variations of brown and grey on your eyes, rosy cheeks and pink or glossy lips.

You do want to make sure you have a good eyeliner and mascara that will really make your eyes pop. Remember that people will be looking at you from across the room, so those little details will be perfect!

4. Waterproof Mascara Is A Must

There is a pretty good chance that you will cry at least one point on your wedding day. Wouldn’t it be awful if you cried at the start of your ceremony and your mascara ran all down your cheeks and messed up the makeup that you worked so hard (or paid so much) to have done?

Even if you do not typically wear waterproof mascara, it is essential on your wedding day.

You will most likely cry – probably more than once – and you do not want to have to worry about fixing your makeup!

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