20 Cute Photography Poses For A Fun Engagement And Wedding Photoshoot

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The pictures that come out of your engagement and wedding photoshoots have a lot to say about you as a couple. While several poses are on the formal, serious, and dramatic side, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do cute photography poses.

Want to have a fun and lighthearted photoshoot? Here are the top cute photography poses for couples to help you get started.

Cute Photography Poses For Your Engagement Photoshoot

Celebrate your engagement with couple photography poses that are bubbly yet full of zest. Here’s a compilation of 10 ideas you can check out. 

1. Selfie

If you want a fun-filled yet simple couple photoshoot, include selfie shots in your list of poses to do. You can be wacky, go giddy, or put a spotlight on your engagement rings. Relay this idea to your photographer so they can assist you in pulling off quality and creative “self-taken” shots.

2. While Cooking Or Baking Together

Even if you’re doing your engagement photoshoot at home, you can create smile-inducing images. One of the best locations for some snaps is your kitchen. Whip up a meal or bake your favorite cookies and let your photographer capture many candid moments while you’re doing — and tasting — the food. 

3. While Getting Sporty

Are you a sporty couple? Whether you’re both into basketball, golf, or track and field, you can use your enthusiasm for a certain sport as a theme and pose inspiration for your photoshoot. 

4. Splashes

Dip in the pool and let the water set the tone to a perky degree. Splash each other and simply have fun — an expert photographer can capture your best moments. 

5. On A Scooter

Four-wheelers as engagement shoot props are nothing short of cool. But if you’re aiming for something cute, opt for a scooter. Head on to a colorful or dainty place in your town and have an enjoyable ride with your spouse-to-be.

6. In An Amusement Park

Many cute photography poses can be done somewhere fun as an amusement park. Hop on a carousel, ride a Ferris wheel, or visit a funhouse. Make sure to wear something fitting for the photoshoot (including a cute headband to boot). 

7. Miniature 

It’s time to bring out your acting chops. Hire a creative photographer to help you do a miniature photoshoot where you can reenact famous action movie scenes. 

8. With Balloons

Want to translate into photos just how light you feel whenever you’re with your significant other? A cluster of balloons is the best symbolism for that. Let one of you hold the strings and do a jump shot to show that you or your partner is flying. 

9. With Witty Statement Props

Using props is always a great idea to add interest to any photo. But if you wish to take to a wittier notch, grab chalkboards to write down creative lines relating to your upcoming wedding. For instance, the bride-to-be can write “Yes” while the groom-to-be says, “Well, that’s what she said.”

10. A Stolen Kiss

Kissing poses are a staple in engagement shoots. Talk to your photographer and tell them about your plan to surprise your partner with a stolen kiss during the photoshoot for a playful vibe. An unscripted sneaky kiss is one of the cute photography poses for couples you can try. 

Cute Wedding Photography Pose Ideas For Couples

Inject fun moments to your big day by holding a wedding photoshoot featuring cute wedding photography poses for couples. Scroll through for our list of top 10 ideas to try. 

11. The Blindfold Pose

In wedding tradition, the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding. Use this to your advantage and do a blindfold pose for your wedding photoshoot. This pose can be the first of a series that captures the groom’s reaction upon finally laying his eyes on his partner.

12. The Piggyback Pose

Giving your partner a piggyback ride is a fun idea. Make it even more unique by breaking free from the usual setting wherein the groom carries the bride. Reverse the role and expect hearty waves of laughter to fill the atmosphere. 

13. Nose-to-nose

Nose-to-nose poses are adorable to look at. They give off a certain kind of intimacy while retaining an air of lightheartedness. An alternative would be doing forehead-to-forehead poses. 

14. Kissing Under The Umbrella

Want to do creative couple photoshoot ideas that involve kissing? Make the gesture while one or both of you hold a see-through umbrella. If you want a naughty appeal, opt for a solid color, opaque umbrella instead.

15. …or While One Of You Is Standing On A Bench

You can also do creative kissing poses using an elevated platform. If there’s a rustic bench in your venue, let one of you stand on that and do a cute pose while giving the other a sweet kiss. 

16. Heart Hands

This pose is a trend that couples who want something cute should definitely try. Using your and your partner’s arms, create a heart shape. A toned-down version uses your thumbs and index fingers to make finger hearts. 

17. Toasting At The Camera

Taking the celebratory meaning of weddings in a literal sense, this pose simply involves toasting to the camera. Flash a sweet smile, and you get to prettily memorialize one of the most important traditions in a wedding. 

18. Using Bubbles As Props

A bubble-making toy is one of the quirkiest, most colorful, and most portable props you can bring to your wedding. With a simple press of the switch, you can produce fleeting bubbles that add loads of cheerful vibes forever captured in your wedding photos. 

19. Candid Laughters

The candid moments of fun often become the most charming snaps in a wedding photo album. So don’t worry about doing staged photos — simply enjoy your day and let your photography team capture you and your partner’s natural smiles and laughter. 

20. Including Your Pet In The Frame

Gearing up for a newlywed photoshoot? If you’re proud pet parents, tag along your fur baby (or babies) for an extra dose of fun. Cute photography poses for couples become even cuter when they are in the frame.

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