21 Best Wedding Entrance Ideas To Get The Party Started

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You’re done exchanging vows and are now officially married. Congratulations! The next big step is ensuring you kick off the party with the best wedding entrance.

The wedding reception entrance is your official arrival as newlyweds at your reception. It’s up to you how you want to do your grand entrance. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the moment with your spouse and everyone there celebrating with you.

Tips On How To Have The Best Wedding Entrance

Here are some useful tips to help you nail down that wedding reception entrance to make it memorable for you and your guests:

Decide And Get Creative As A Couple 

Whatever best wedding entrance you’ll pick to do at your reception is up to you. You need to get creative and organized as a couple. Make sure you’re really up for it. Don’t get stressed by the details, and remember to have fun.

Ensure The Members Of the Wedding Party Are Comfortable With Each Other

Allow the bridesmaids and groomsmen to bond while preparing for the wedding. They will play a big role in ensuring your grand entrance’s success, so coordinate the details with them well. They can get the crowd going with the help of the band, the DJ, and the master of ceremonies.

Pick The Best Wedding Party Entrance Songs

The music and the lighting should be in sync to create the vibe you like for your entrance. Plan this with your wedding coordinator well ahead of time to avoid any glitches.

Keep It Simple, Short, And Sweet

Your grand entrance should wow the crowd but not too long to lose its essence of getting the guests excited. So make sure you stick to a routine and avoid complicated props.

Amazing Wedding Reception Entrance Ideas You Can Try

1. Wedding Party Line Dance

Kick off the party with a choreographed dance number from the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It will also be fun if the bride and groom’s parents can strut into the dance floor along with the cute flower girls and ring bearers. All you need to do is pick the best wedding reception entrance songs, and you’re all set.

2. Bride vs. Groom Best Wedding Entrance Dance Off

Head straight to the dance floor as newlyweds, and have a friendly competition to get the crowd going. Turn the music up and show what moves you got!

3. Lead A Parade

If the reception venue is just near where the wedding ceremony will be held, hold your partner’s hand, take a sip of water, and lead everyone to your party. You can even hire a marching band to accompany you.

4. Live Music

If you’re the shy type and don’t feel like dancing in front of everyone, you can hire professionals to play some live music for you. Walk into the halls as Mr. & Mrs and exchange pleasantries with your guests before heading to your table.

5. Flash Mob

Surprise your guests with a flash mob by the bridal party. Ask the groomsmen too if they can join the wedding dance. The program can then proceed with the introduction of the wedding party and your grand entrance.

6. Arrive On Your Favorite Ride

Head straight to the wedding reception dance floor or the venue’s entrance on a classy ride. Be it your wedding car, golf cart, motorcycle, horse, or even a sports car. This will give your walkout an extra oomph. Have the emcee announce your arrival to wow the crowd.

7. Sparklers

If you have an outdoor reception, you can start the wedding dinner party with an entrance under a line of sparklers. Imagine this magical experience captured in your wedding pictures.

8. Obstacle Course

Excite your wedding guests at the reception by entering the venue through an obstacle course. Play a game as partners. You can roll the dice and complete cute and romantic challenges at every stop until you get to the dance floor. Now that will go down as a memorable and best wedding entrance!

9. Confetti

A shower of white (or colorful) confetti is a classic way to arrive at the reception with your spouse. Seal it with a big kiss and a short speech to thank everyone for being with you in the most important moment of your life.

10. Start a Toast

Welcome everyone at the reception and announce your love for each other with a toast. This is a subtle but classy way to start the party.

11. Perform A Fun Skit

If you’re up for it, you can stage a short standup comedy performance as a couple. A gift of laughter for all your loved ones, friends, and colleagues will be a great beginning to a wedding reception.

12. Short Film Screening

Tell everyone in the reception about each other. The bride can go first, then the groom second. It can be a testimony of your love for each other through words and photos.

13. Red Carpet Photo Session

Treat everyone as VIPs. Ask your wedding guests to strike a pose as they walk down the red carpet to the reception venue. 

14. Walk Along A Candle Path

Candles never fail to make anything romantic. Create a path that leads to the dance floor of your reception venue. Hire a wedding singer and have them play your first dance as newlyweds.

15. Wear Costumes

Drop the formal wear and have fun with costumes following the theme of your reception. You can do it as the bride and groom’s entrance or have the wedding party join you.

16. Fake Snow

If your reception venue would allow it, ask your wedding coordinator to set up snow machines. Turn them on as you enter the hall, play fun wedding entrance songs, and click some photos!

17. Fake Dollar Bills

Make it rain money as a symbol of prosperity. It’s your choice if you want to use fake bills or real money from the ATM as a giveaway to your guest. Now, that’s bling.

18. Light And Music

Another wedding reception entrance idea to consider is to walk out from behind a light curtain set up just near the entrance of the reception. Do the big reveal with sparkly lights and loud wedding party songs. Tell the DJ to let the crowd roar!

19. Local Music

If you’re doing a destination wedding, pay homage to the culture of your host country. Get the party started with some local music.

20. Fireworks

Start with a bang! Announce to your wedding guests that you’ll be enjoying eternity and beyond with your spouse through colorful fireworks. Deliver a short message to address everyone present and dance the night away.

21. Masquerade

Are you having a winter wedding? You can enter the reception with your wedding party wearing elegant masks. This makes things mysterious. Turn the reception into a masquerade by passing masks to your guests.

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