25 Best Wedding Party Entrance Songs

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Choosing the best wedding party entrance songs may be challenging. As the bridesmaids and groomsmen make their way into the event, playing the right music is essential they set a mood and tone

It’s good to track down music that complements the theme of the wedding. Choose the right songs that fit your picture when you imagine the wedding. Here are 25 great entrance songs to check out.

Which are the Best Wedding Party Entrance Songs for the Big Day?

Top Wedding Party Entrance Songs

1. ‘Earned It’ by the Weekend

Best Lyrics: ‘Cause girl you’re perfect/You’re always worth it/And you deserve it/The way you work it’

2. ‘I feel Good’ by Pitbull Ft. Anthony Watts & DKWS

Best Lyrics: ‘It feels good to see/ The world get lose (Mr Worldwide)/Feels good to see/The world get loose (lets ride)’

3. ‘What A Night’ by Florida

Best Lyrics: ‘Oh, what a night (yeah sing it)/Almost had me down, came back to life (hell yah, I’m finna ride)/Who’s gonna stop me now/oh what a night (yeah) (real cool, yeah)’

4. ‘Bridal Chorus’ by Richard Wagner

Best Lyrics: ‘Faithfully guided, draw near/To where the blessing of love shall preserve you/Triumphant courage, the reward of love/Joins you in faith as the happiest of couples’

5. ‘Only Time’ by Enya

Best Lyrics: ‘Who can say if your love grows/As your heart chose? Only time/And who can say where the road goes/Where the day flows? Only time

6. ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner

Best Lyrics: ‘I wanna to know what love is. I want you to show me/ I wanna feel what love is/ I know you can show me’

7. ‘Flora Secrets’ by Enya

Best Lyrics: ‘Lovers in the long grass/Look above them/Only they can see/Where the clouds are going/Only to discover/Dust and Sunlight/Ever make the sky so blue

8. ‘Latch’ by Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith

Best Lyrics: ‘You lift my heart when the rest of me is down/You, you enchant me even you’re not around/If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down/I’m latching on, babe, now I know what I have found’

9. ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Best Lyrics: ‘Girl, I never loved one like you/Moats and boats and waterfalls/Alleyways and pay phone calls/I’ve been everywhere with you (that’s true), Laugh until we think we’ll die/Barefoot on a Summer Night’

10. ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel

Best Lyrics: ‘Love I got so lost/Sometimes/Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart/When I want to run away/I drive off in my car/But whichever way I go/I come back to the place you are’

The Cutest Bridal Party Entrance Pop Songs

11. ‘Marry Me’ by Train

Best Lyrics: ‘Forget the world now/We won’t let them see/But there’s one thing left to do/Now that the weights off/ Love has surely shifted my way’

12. ‘On Top of the World’ by Imagine Dragons

Best Lyrics: ‘If you love somebody/ Better tell them while they’re here/Cause they just may run away from you/You’ll never know quite well/Well, then again it just depends on/How long of time is left for you’

13. ‘Feel this Moment’ by Pitbull Ft. Christina Aguilera

Best Lyrics: ‘One day when my light is glowin’/ I’ll be in my castle golden/But until the gates are open/I just wanna feel this moment’

14. ‘Forever’ by Chris Brown

Best Lyrics: ‘It’s you and me moving through the speed of light into eternity/Yeah, tonight is the night to join me in the middle of ecstasy/Feel the melody and rhythm of the music/Around you, around you’

15. ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by Black Eye Peas

Best Lyrics: ‘Tonight’s the night/ Let’s live it up/I got my money/Let’s spend it up/Go out and smash it like oh my God/Jump off that sofa, let’s kick it off’

16. ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake

Best Lyrics: ‘ Nothin’ I can see but you/When you dance, dance, dance/A feelin’ good/Creepin’ up on you/So just dance, dance, dance/Come on’

17. ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO

Best Lyrics: ‘In the club party rock/Lookin’ for ya girl/She on my jock huh/Non-stop when we in the spot/Booty movin’ way like she own the block/Whoo’

18. ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars

Best Lyrics: ‘Is it the look in your eyes/Or is it this dancing juice/Who cares baby/I think I wanna marry you’

19. ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by Walk the Moon

Best Lyrics: ‘We were the victims of the night/The chemical, physical kryptonite/Helpless to the bass and the fading light/Oh, we were bound to get together/Bound to get together’

20. ‘What’s Next’ by Drake

Best Lyrics: ‘I’m making a change today/The liquor been takin’ the pain away/I heard you was givin’ your chain away/That’s kinda like giving your fame away/What’s wrong with you’

The Best Wedding Entrance Country Songs

21. ‘See about a girl’ by Lee Brice

Best Lyrics: ‘Ain’t nothing you can say/So don’t even try/The second she called that little girl made up my mind/Yeah, she did/Don’t buy me no shot/Don’t bring me no drink

22. ‘Here you come again’ by Dolly Parton

Best Lyrics: ‘Here you come again/Looking better than a body has a right to/And shaking me up so/That all I really know/Is here you come again/And here I go’

23. ‘Cowboys like us’ by George Strait

Best Lyrics: ‘Cowboys like us sure do have fun/Racing the wind/Chasing the sun/Taking the long way around back to square one/Today we’re just outlaws out on the run/There’ll be no regrets

24. ‘Some hearts’ by Carrie Underwood

Best Lyrics: ‘Some hearts/They just get all the right breaks/Some hearts have the stars on their side/Some hearts/They just have it easy’

25. ‘Die a happy man’ by Thomas Rhett

Best Lyrics: ‘Baby, Last night was hands down/One of the best nights, mm/That I’ve had/No doubt/Between the bottle of wine and the look in your eyes’


There are thousands of songs that are perfect as bridesmaids’ entrance tunes. The good news is that this article can help make your work easier. Pick any of the best bridesmaid entrance songs for your special day.

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