21 Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas And Tips If You’re Planning To Get Inked

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You might want to consider wedding band tattoo ideas if the marketing phrase “diamonds are forever” does not appeal to you. 

Before exchanging “I dos,” there will be a ton of wedding planning details you and your partner will have to go through. And that involves spending your hard-earned money to make your dream wedding come true.

In the United States, the average cost of a wedding is around $30,000. This includes the wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wedding dress, and the works. The tally also accounts for wedding rings that symbolize your eternal love for each other.

However, if you don’t want to spend that much and want a more budget-friendly or unique option, check out the wedding ring tattoo tips and tattoo wedding band ideas we have listed below.

Pros And Cons Of Wedding Band Tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos can be a suitable replacement for traditional wedding bands. When deciding if you’ll get one, always choose as a couple. Here are some pros and cons of marriage ring tattoos:


  • Wedding band tattoos are more practical: Aside from your wallet thanking you for the lower cost, finger tattoos will also not get in the way when doing household chores or if you’re allergic to jewelry.
  • Unique and personal: You can consider whatever wedding band tattoo ideas you have and get a unique one that can symbolize your forever bond. 
  • Sizing wouldn’t be an issue: It’s on your skin, and you don’t have to worry about the fit when you gain or lose weight.
  • Can’t get lost: No drama that you forgot your ring somewhere or didn’t notice it slipped while doing something.


  • It can be painful: Fingers are some of the body’s most sensitive parts.
  • They can fade: They will need touch-ups over time.
  • Job opportunities: Some organizations are not open to accepting people who are inked.
  • Divorce: The wedding ring tattoo is permanent, but unfortunately, some marriages end with a divorce.

5 Tips When Getting Wedding Ring Tattoos

Here are some tips that may come in handy if you’ve made up your mind about getting those wedding band tattoos:

1. Personalize Your Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas

The possibilities are limitless regarding the design of your his and hers finger tattoos. The freedom of choosing what you get inked on that finger sets it apart from traditional rings. Find the best design that suits you as a couple, think of how you can personalize the design, and work with an experienced tat artist. 

2. Find The Best Tattoo Wedding Band Artist

Do not rush this step. It would be best to find a skilled tattoo artist so you will not have regrets. Research online, ask for referrals, and ask for sample works. This will help ensure that the artist can execute your vision and turn your wedding band tattoo ideas into beautiful works of art.

3. Be Ready For Pain

Fingers don’t have much fat or muscles to cushion how the tattoo machine “tickles” them. They’re also rich in nerve endings. You must face this truth or ask your tat artist for some numbing cream.

4. Don’t Forget Aftercare

Once you get inked, keep the finger and the area around it clean to lower the risk of infection. Remember to moisturize and apply some sunscreen to protect the tattoo. It would be best to refrain from exposing your hands to chemicals. 

5. Test The Waters

If you and your partner can’t decide what design to use or if you’re really getting the wedding band tattoos, you can always go first with a  henna tattoo. This way, you can see if it looks good on your fingers, need to consider another design, or totally drop the idea.

21 Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Spouse

Choosing a design might be the most time-consuming part, but it could be the most fun, too. Remember, whatever wedding finger tattoos you get, what matters most is that it makes you and your partner smile. They don’t need to please anyone else.

If you are looking for tattoo wedding ring ideas, we’ve collected some awesome designs that can serve as your inspiration. 

1. Initials Tattoo On Finger

This simple tattoo of your partner’s initial on your ring finger screams commitment.


2. Minimalist Wedding Band Tattoo

If you don’t want to get traditional rings and want a low-key tattoo on your ring finger, this design works. It’s a good start if you want to add more elements to the ring tattoo later on.


3. Nature-Inspired Tattoo Ring Design

Do you love trees and animals? If you like the vibe of such images, you can get complementing nature symbols as your tattoo for your big day.


4. Date Of The Wedding Finger Tattoo

Ink the date of your wedding on your fingers is a great way to immortalize the day you became one with your partner.


5. Beautiful Patterns

Marriage tattoo rings can be of beautiful patterns that clearly show the art as a symbol of your love.


6. Roman Numerals

Instead of the usual numbers, have the tat artist ink a special date, such as your anniversary or the day you met your partner, in Roman numerals.


7. Mr. &. Mrs.Wedding Band Tattoo 

Getting married is a big step forward. What better way to mark the next stage of your life than with a spot of ink that says you’re now husband and wife?


8. Celtic Knots

This ring tattoo for couples can be compared to an infinity symbol. It connotes loyalty and endless love.


9. White Ink Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas

This design is one of the stunning wedding band tattoo ideas you need to consider if you want to be unique. As the name suggests, it uses white so it is slightly hidden yet it also stands out.


10. Mismatched Couples Tattoo

Your tattoo does not have to match your partner’s ink. You can choose meaningful symbols that represent yourself or something that inspires you to wake up every morning.


11. Infinity Finger Tattoo 

This design is a classic reminder of your undying love for each other. 


12. Symbols Of Faith

You can get an ink of a cross or other religious symbols that can be a reminder that your relationship leans on your faith for strength and guidance.


13. Bible Verses

This ring finger tattoo can be about your favorite verse that gives you strength or keeps you grounded. Something that you want to share with your lifetime partner.


14. Skulls Unique Wedding Band Tattoo 

Your custom wedding band tattoo can be of unique graphics that are meaningful to you and your partner. From skulls, knives, Star Wars rings, or whatever you fancy.


15. Heart & Lock Ring Finger Tattoo

This is again one of the timeless wedding band tattoo ideas that shows how you mean to one another.


16. Vines 

This design is another minimalist wedding tattoo you can get to symbolize your wedding vows.


17. King And Queen Wedding Ring Tattoos

A king and queen tattoo signifies how you ought to treat and respect each other during your married life.


18. Ampersand

You and your spouse will never be complete without the other. You complement each other, and the ampersand is a meaningful symbol to show that.


19. Tribal Patterns

If you want something that’s pleasing to the eyes and will never go out of style, you can never go wrong with tribal wedding band tattoos.


20. Connecting Tattoos

It can be half of a heart on your finger and the other half on your partner’s. It can be a line that flows from each other’s ring finger. The possibilities are endless.


21. Floral Wedding Ring Tattoo

Add a dash of color and a dose of dainty to your wedding band tat. 


Wedding Ring Tattoos For Couples FAQs

If you are still sitting on the fence about the idea of getting ring finger tattoos for your big day, below are some common questions you might want to clear up to help you and your partner make an informed decision:

How Much Will It Cost To Get Wedding Band Tattoos?

Couples in the United States spend at least $500 to $2,000 for their wedding rings. On the other hand, a wedding ring tattoo costs from $80 to $400, and even the most elaborate ones will not cost you as much as a traditional ring. Of course, the ring finger tattoo cost will depend on the artist you choose, the design you want to have inked, and your location. 

When Should You Get Your Wedding Ring Tattoos?

A tattoo ring will take between six to eight weeks to heal. This is why most tattoo artists recommend getting them after the wedding. If you want to get inked before tying the knot, make sure you plan well ahead. You can get the wedding ring tats a few weeks before the ceremony, cover them, and unveil them during the wedding day.

Will Your Ring Finger Tattoos For Married Couples Fade?

Since your hands will be exposed to friction, sunlight, water, and chemicals when you use them, ring tattoos tend to fade over time, especially the thin designs. It will be best to ask your artist when the tattoos will require touch-ups.

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