15 Unique And Meaningful Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas For Him

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on February 14, 2024

As you prepare for your wedding, you might need to consider several wedding ring ideas that appeal to your style and budget. If you are looking for a beautiful symbol to express your love for your bride-to-be, have you considered wedding band tattoo ideas for him?

Wedding ring tattoos are growing in popularity in recent years. A wedding band tattoo is a unique form of self-expression and a non-traditional way to memorialize your commitment to your bride, that you will be there for her through good times and life’s storms.

Why Consider Getting Wedding Ring Tattoos?

To tat, or not to tat? That is the question. Getting tattoo wedding bands is a big decision to ponder upon. If you ask for three reasons why you and your wife should be game for a wedding band tattoo, these 3 Ps are on top of the list:

Personal Expression

Even before considering the top wedding band tattoo ideas for him, getting inked is already a form of self-expression. It’s a deviation from what people have been accustomed to. This move means you want to do something different, something unique to tell the world you got hitched. 


If you are on a budget, wedding ring tattoos are way cheaper than any wedding rings with diamonds or other gemstones. Instead of splurging a few thousand dollars of your hard-earned money for a traditional wedding ring, you will only spend around $80 to $400 for a wedding band tattoo. Instead of spending a big chunk of your wedding budget on your rings, you can allocate it for more important wedding essentials. 


Just like your wedding’s promise of forever, getting a wedding ring tattoo is everlasting. On the practical side, there’s no chance you will misplace a wedding ring or need to remove it when you have to do some tasks.

15 Inspirations And Wedding Band Tatto Ideas For Him

If you are looking for wedding band tattoo inspirations, below are some of the best wedding band tattoo ideas for him:

1. Anchor Wedding Band Tattoo

An anchor wedding ring tattoo can mean many things aside from representing the love for the sea. It can be a symbol of safety, of remaining grounded, or of hope. It could also be a strong reminder of your faith in each other.

2. Heart With Initials

A wedding band tattoo of a heart with your partner’s initials is another excellent tribute to the love of your life. It means that they are the most important constant in your life.

3. Wedding Date

One of the best ring tattoos for guys is getting inked with the wedding date on your ring finger. You can do the design in Roman numerals or the usual decimal numbers.

4. Celestial Symbols

If you share your curiosity about the heavens, your wedding band tattoo design could consist of stars, planets, or astrology symbols.


5. Heartbeat Wedding Band Tattoo

Matching heartbeat wedding band tattoo ideas for him is another unique way to affirm your strong bond with your partner. As husband and wife, it is said that your hearts beat as one.

6. Forever Hers

Get this meaningful phrase inked on your ring finger and get the nod of your in-laws, her closest friends, and the rest of the world. It is literally a pledge written on your skin.

7. I Love You / I Know Wedding Ring Tattoo

Ask your wedding band tattoo artist to give you mismatched but corresponding tats. For example, your wife will get the “i love you” tattoo on her ring finger while you get the “i know” as a response.

8. Forest Line Tatoo

This nature-centric tattoo is interpreted as a symbol of serenity and life. It could also mean abundance, growth, eternity, and wisdom. All of these fit well with your goals as a couple.


9. Minimalist Ring Finger Tattoo

If you want to veer away from traditional rings because they are too flashy, one of the best wedding band tattoo ideas for him to consider is the minimalist ring tattoo. Your symbol of love could be just one or two lines around your ring finger.

10.’Til Death 

This meaningful phrase tattoo wedding band affirms your promise of forever to your partner. 

11. Leaves Or Vines

Vine wedding band tattoos are a great symbol of partnership, growth, and survival. Get inked with this design, and you have a reminder every day that you should always be there for your spouse. Together you can conquer everything.

12. Pride Wedding Ring Tattoo

Celebrate your most special day with a pride wedding band tattoo. You can combine this with other designs to perfectly suit your style and the message you want to convey.

13. North Star 

This simple, black tattoo could be a well-thought-out symbol that you will be the shining light for each other so that you will always follow the right path as a couple. It means that you will fulfill your dreams together.

14. Key Unique Ring Finger Tattoo

If Mrs. decides to get a lock tattoo, one of the best wedding band tattoo ideas for him that you can get is a key finger tattoo. Aside from opening her heart, it could also mean that you will lead the way in opening the doors of success and prosperity for your partner.

15. Pixelated Heart

Another fun tattoo on your wedding ring finger could be a pixelated video game heart tattoo. It is a playful tat that can match your personality and the fun times you will have as a couple.

How Long Do Wedding Ring Tattoos Last?

When you find the best artist to ink your wedding band tattoo ideas for him, just like diamonds, they could be forever. However, expect the design to fade after 7 to 9 months, so be ready for it to be touched up. The skin of your fingers is just too thin and is often exposed to the elements, sweat, and chemicals you might touch when you do certain tasks.

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