The Top 15 Things to Do in Curacao

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on February 12, 2024

Whether you’re planning to visit Curacao for your wedding or honeymoon, you’ll find many interesting places here. In fact, there are so many things to do in Curacao that it’s best to stay here for at least a week.

This island country has warm waters and sunny weather that attracts thousands of visitors each day. Many honeymooners are looking for adventurous activities to start the best phase of their lives in an exciting way.

Whether you want to go scuba diving or wish to sip on a daiquiri at an oceanfront café of your resort, there are so many things to do in Curacao, there will not be even a single boring moment here.

Things to do in Curacao

Let’s explore things to do in Curacao from accommodations to eateries to adventures.

1. Stay at a beach resort

sandals roay curacao

Your honeymoon will start with the perfect accommodation. A resort like Sandals Royal Curacao offers special deals to honeymooners and couples who plan to tie the knot here. It’s an all-inclusive adults-only resort that has a swim-up bar, day/night entertainment shows, and many adventure sports and activities.

Since it’s an adults-only resort, there will be many opportunities for intimate moments here. And if you get their Awa seaside bungalow, you’ll get butler services along with the most luxurious amenities.

Sandals offers a free wedding package if you stay there for a minimum of three nights so you can save money on your wedding.

2. Take an underwater walking tour

underwater walking tour

Ever wondered what underwater marine life looks like? And how the underwater sand feels between your toes? Now feel wet sand move under your feet as you walk among the colorful fishes and corals of the ocean on this 100m long trek.

And you won’t just look at the fishes but will also get a chance to feed them! This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will give you memories you’ll always cherish.

While other couples walk on the beach, set a difference by walking underwater. And the best part is that it doesn’t require any swimming skills. You wear a helmet that supplies you with air and walk on the sea bed with the guide. It’s super easy and super fun!

3. Swim with the sea turtles

swim with the sea turtles

Among all the things to do in Curacao, this one is specially made for sea animal lovers. If you’re in awe of sea turtles and always thought they were cool (especially after watching “Finding Nemo”), here’s your chance to swim with them.

This is a snorkeling and swimming trip that starts at the Grote Knip beach. You can take a bus ride to the beach and enjoy snorkeling under supervision. Some say that this is the best beach on the island.

While it’s beautiful, the best part is that turtles swim up to the beach and you can snorkel in low waters and see them up close.

4. Eat at an amazing restaurant

Eat at an amazing restaurant

Curacao has some amazing restaurants. And if you stay in a fancy resort, you might find several restaurants there. Since resorts like Sandals offer all-inclusive deals, you might want to stick to eating at the resort only.

However, if you do feel like taking a bite from the popular eateries in Curacao, The Wine Cellar is a good choice. It’s in Willemstad and offers fine dining for a lovely date.

And if you crave Italian food, head over to Serafina, a popular restaurant in Willemstad. You’ll love the seasonal flavors of fresh ingredients cooked in olive oil. While you’re here, make sure you try their classic desserts.

5. Go beach hopping

go beach hopping

To an inexperienced eye, all beaches might look the same. But beach hoppers know that each beach has its unique spirit. And this is why they go from one beach to the other, experiencing each serene place and soaking in its unique vibe.

Make sure you visit Kleine Knip during your day tour. It’s a family beach so you might see tourists during the afternoon. The waters are clear and there are many fishes here. You can also see corals under the water.

Another excellent beach to visit is Playa Porto Mari. There’s a dive site here so if you’re an adventure freak, you can go diving at this beach.

6. Go on an art tour

Go on an art tour

If you’re an artist at heart, make sure you go on an art tour in Curacao. Follow Curacao Art and they’ll update you about the latest art events and festivals on the island. Depending on your honeymoon dates, you can visit the event.

With Curacao Art, you can get in touch with the artists and enjoy visual arts in Curacao. This small island is home to many local and international artists. You’ll find many art galleries here. The island also has many museums such as Curacao Maritime Museum and Museo di Korsou.

You’ll find all details of museums and galleries at Curacao Art. They will also keep you updated about upcoming events and special arts.

7. Try scuba diving

try scuba diving

If you and your partner are the adventurous types, get your hair wet in Curacao. If you’re staying in Sandals, your scuba diving training and sessions will be free. However, if you’re staying outside, you’ll have to find an instructor and pay their fee.

Either way, scuba diving is an amazing experience that will let you witness the beauty of intricate coral gardens, playful dolphins, and colorful fishes.

You can even see sunken ships in the depth of the ocean. Curacao has many diving sites easily accessible from the beach. And for the others, you’ll have to take a boat. If you want to go diving right from the beach, try Playa Porto Mari.

8. Explore the local architecture

explore the local architecture

In the Punda area of Willemstad, you’ll find brightly colored Dutch buildings. If you like historic buildings, you’ll love this area of Curacao. It is a dining and shopping part of the town and you can behold the iconic Dutch and English architecture here.

The church in this area carries a blend of Dutch and Caribbean architecture and you can also find a private guided tour of the place. The guide will take you around the place and explain the historic significance of the buildings.

There are murals on the walls and the buildings are colorful and attractive. So much so, that these buildings have become the iconic style of Curacao.

9. Take a boat trip

Take a boat trip

A boat ride is among some of the amazing things to do in Curacao. There are many different types of boat rides you can enjoy. If you want to visit one beautiful beach after the other, you can take a powerboat tour.

Powerboats have only a few seats and there are generally only a couple of tours a week so you need to book in advance. The boat stops at some popular (and some secluded) locations so you can have intimate time with your partner.

If a powerboat isn’t your thing, you can take a sunset sail and enjoy the golden glow of the sun on the ocean’s calm waters. Board a catamaran and enjoy drinks and bites at the boat’s open bar.

If you like being on the water, you can also take a full-day boat trip that includes lunch and drinks.

10. Visit the sea aquarium

Visit the sea aquarium

The sea aquarium in Curacao is not like a usual aquarium. It uses natural habitats for all sea animals instead of employing sophisticated technical equipment. The aquarium has an open water system, which means all marine exhibits are in contact with the ocean.

The aquarium does use an advanced pump system that pumps sea water directly from the ocean to the exhibits.

It has an open roof system that allows natural sunlight to light up the exhibits so the place doesn’t need artificial light sources. Also, everything on display in the aquarium is 100% natural – from corals to fishes. And even the sand at the bottom of the exhibits is natural sea sand. It’s one of the best things to do in Curacao.

11. Take a Jeep Safari through National Park

take a jeep safari

Visit Christoffel National Park on a jeep and access the park’s orchid trail. It’s a full day safari tour on a 4×4 jeep that will carry you through the raw natural beauty of the island.

If you’re an explorer, you’ll love the flora and fauna here. It’s among some of the lesser known things to do in Curacao. You get to learn about the geography of the place. It’s a guided tour where the guide will help you visit the unexplored ruggedness of the island.

Take photos and videos all through the safari and travel to areas that are largely unknown to other Curacao travelers, making your vacation different and unique.

12. Go fishing


If you want to fish like a local, Bonaire is the place to be. This place has deep drop-offs just a few meters from the shore. You’ll find many fish species here.

Fancy tasting your own catch of the day? Take a fishing trip to get an adventure that you’ll remember for your lifetime. There are so many different types of fishes: marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi, and skipjacks.

And if you want to go for a long tour, you can even find groupers, queen snappers, and swordfish. You can even take a private charter so if you don’t catch a fish, they’ll plan the next trip for you free of charge.

13. Paddleboarding


Go downwind on a kayak in Curacao. Standup paddleboarding is a great sport for adventure lovers. And the best part is that there are different tours for different levels of adventure. Want just the beginner’s fun? No issues, take a basic paddleboarding trip.

You don’t need experience for this excursion. Ride along the waters through mangroves for half a day. Before setting out, your guide will teach you how to handle the board. As you paddle through the water, your guide will accompany you and you can enjoy the scenery and the sound of paddles hitting the water.

The waters are clear and there are mangroves on the sides. You can even take a clear bottom kayak if that’s what you prefer.

14. Visit the donkeys

visit the donkeys

It might sound weird but it’s a lot of fun. The Bonaire donkey sanctuary lets you interact with rescued donkeys. These animals are rehabilitated and given a better place to stay.

The animals here are friendly and curious. Just go through the sanctuary in your car and say hello to one of them. They’ll walk towards you and you can pet them. It’s a small place and you can take a trip around it in just an hour or two.

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll like this place and how friendly and hospitable the donkeys are. Later you can visit the garden for iguanas and tortoises.

15. Go shopping

iStock 1195233206

A vacation can never be complete without shopping. If you’re on your honeymoon, you just HAVE to buy memorabilia that will remind you of your most romantic time.

There are many shopping places in Curacao. If you’re in Willemstad, you can do all your shopping from Copperstone. You’ll find several mementos here that will remind you of the beautiful time you spent in Curacao.

But that’s not the only store. There are over a hundred brands and stores where you can shop to your heart’s content. The place also has modern movie theaters and coffee shops.

And that’s not all

With picture-perfect beaches and beautiful resorts, there are so many things to do in Curacao. And if you stay at a place such as Sandals Royal Curacao, you’ll get many activities within the resort. These activities are available only to resort guests.

There are swimming pools, swim-up bars, day and night entertainment activities and live shows, and beautiful venues. There are so many activities that you don’t even have to step out for a few days.

But if you stay at another place, make sure you check out our list of things to do in Curacao.

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