15 Romantic And Natural Photography Standing Poses For Couples

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Photography standing poses for couples are a versatile way to produce romantic images. You and your partner can use your body to create sweet and intimate gestures. 

Want to pull romantic couple poses that radiate love while remaining natural-looking? We’ve curated 15 ideas for the ‘gram and your engagement and wedding photoshoots.

Casual Couple Standing Poses For Instagram

When you’re in love, you want to tell the world about it. And in this digital age, Instagram is one of the best platforms to showcase a portrait of yourself and your significant other. Here are some casual couple poses that are worth the double tap.

1. Standing side by side in front of a landmark

Living in a city with a famous landmark? Traveling to your dream destination with your partner? Visit an iconic spot, stand next to each other, hold hands, and gaze (or smile) at each other. 

2. Standing back to back while holding hands

Tell through a photo that you got each other’s back. In this pose, you only have to maintain a close distance, stand back to back, and let your fingers intertwine. 

3. Walking down the road

Before you walk down the aisle, here’s a walking-down pose you’ll be stoked to post on Instagram first. While holding hands or having your arms interlocked with each other, own an empty street like you’re ready to conquer the world. 

4. Holding the shoulder 

This is a more casual version of the abovementioned pose. It’s a sweet gesture where your partner holds your shoulder and pulls you closer to him while you’re casually walking down the road (or descending the stairs).

5. The shoulder sit pose

Want casual and fun couple standing poses? A great alternative to the piggyback pose is the shoulder sit pose. Let your partner carry you on his shoulders and rest your hand on your lap and near his face.

Couple Standing Poses For Engagement Photoshoot

Do you plan to have a pre-wedding photography session? This section rounds up couple standing poses for engagement photoshoot to commemorate your engagement.

6. The reverse pose

No matter your location, this is a twist you can inject into the usual standing-side-by-side pose. Here, one of you is facing the camera while the other is facing the opposite direction. This other person can tilt their head as if sneaking a glance at their significant other.

7. Silently touching each other’s hands

Casual but with a hint of intimacy, this pose features you standing next to each other. Find a suitable surface where you can rest your hands, then place your hands at a distance where you only almost touch each other.

8. Her behind him pose

Moments of couples embracing each other are worth every camera click. But if you want a unique pose, consider this one: If you’re the bride-to-be, stand behind your man and give him a warm embrace as you rest your head on his broad back. It’s also a great way to flaunt your beautiful shoulders.

9. Leaning on the wall

A slight variation to the usual standing poses, this is a good idea if there’s an aesthetic wall somewhere in your engagement photoshoot location. You both can lean on the wall and gaze at each other. Or, one of you can lean on while the other is romantically looking at the other in the eye, with their hands placed on the other’s waist or shoulders. 

10. Walking into the sunset

Sunset poses are timeless. If you want to create a story out of a single frame, consider walking into the sunset while you hold each other’s hands. You can also turn your gaze at the camera for that happily-running-away vibe.

Couple Standing Poses For Wedding Photography

Lovebirds standing in front of the camera are a common sight at weddings. To make photoshoots more efficient and enjoyable, having a list of couple standing poses for wedding photography you want to do is helpful. Here are five poses to check out.

11. The twirl pose

Add a romantic spin to the typical standing poses you see at weddings. To do this pose, simply have your man twirl you around. This pose also beautifully showcases your wedding dress.

12. Arms around the neck 

Putting your arms around your spouse’s neck is a romantic before-the-kiss pose. It’s heart-fluttering through and through, and the resulting images will be a gorgeous testament to your affection for each other.

13. Resting on his chest 

This is pretty much the first-dance pose. But you can make it more romantic and idyllic by letting your head rest on his chest (or shoulder, depending on your height difference). 

14. Whispering in the ear

Even exchanging whispers becomes an intimate experience for couples enamored by each other. It’s the kind of moment that photographers love to capture.  

15. Gazing at the horizon

Will you hold your wedding near the beach? Or will you have a garden wedding and one of the buildings in the venue has a balcony with a great view? Maximize those picturesque scenes by doing a pose where one stands behind the other. Look at the horizon with hopeful eyes — imagining the life ahead of you as a married couple. 

Photography Standing Poses: 5 Tips For Couples

One of the most challenging aspects of couple photography is capturing and preserving that authenticity. You have to mind your pose to ensure that you and your partner look genuinely in love during photoshoots. 

Here’s a quick roundup of tips you need to know.

Showcase your flattering sides and angles

Every couple wants to look their most beautiful in their engagement and wedding photos. As it’s you who knows your best angles and sides, make sure to highlight them during your photoshoot. Convey them to your photographer beforehand as well.

Ensure proper posture

Keep an upright posture by taking a deep breath and rolling your shoulders back. This will help you do your standing poses better and eliminate that awkward feeling in the resulting photos.

Know the basic feet positions

Couples usually stand on their feet less than a hip distance apart, making a V shape. For ladies, you can cross your feet or let the other stretch out a bit backward if you’re doing facing-each-other poses. 

Mind the ‘fits

Even if you pose in the most natural-looking way possible, your photos won’t be as good if you’re not wearing complementing wardrobes. Also, choose an outfit where you can comfortably do the poses you have in mind.

Trust your photographer

Hire a photographer you trust to pull off authentically romantic photography standing poses. Follow their instructions and let them do micro-adjustments that they deem essential to create the best photos possible. 

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