Mother Of The Bride Gift Ideas: 15 Most Meaningful Thank You Presents

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Behind every beautiful bride is a wonderful mom (or mother figure). They play a vital role not just in providing practical help and advice. More importantly, they offer emotional support — which brides utterly need as they walk to take the path toward married life. Giving them a gift is a thoughtful way of saying “thank you” to them, and here are mother of the bride gift ideas you can consider.

Sentimental Mother Of The Bride Gift Ideas

For tenderhearted moms, thoughtful and affectionate gifts work best. Here are sentimental mother of the bride gifts for you to choose from.

1. Handwritten Letter

Trends may come and go in the gift-giving world, but handwritten letters remain one of the most beautiful and heart-tugging presents. Pour your heart out, seal it with love, and give something that your mom wouldn’t get tired of reading over and over.

2. Wall Art 

If you’re not a fan of long letters, a simple mother-of-the-bride quote will do. Make it more impactful by turning it into a wall art that your mother can display — and use to remember her dear daughter’s special day.

3. Embroidered Handkerchief

Weddings brim with heartwarming, tear-jerking moments. Thinking of giving your thank-you gift to your mom before the big day? An embroidered hanky will prove to be a practical yet sentimental gift she can use on that occasion. 

You can personalize it with her initials, your wedding date, or a succinct message dedicated to her.

4. Customized Dish Set

Many mom-and-daughter moments are shared in kitchens and over hearty meals. While you’re now off to prepare dishes for and with your spouse (and future kids), you can give your mother a heartwarming and functional memento in the form of personalized plates and cutlery. 

5. Video Montage

It’s not only you, the bride, who has something to be grateful for to your mother. 

Tap your significant other, your sibling, your dad, and other close relative and friends to record a special message for her. Compile those in a video montage, which you can store in a DVD, USB, or LCD mailer.

Unique Gifts For The Mother Of The Bride

Below we list both affordable and luxury mother of the bride gifts — whose common ground is their uniqueness.

6. Glass Or Wooden Ornament

Ornaments engraved or printed with meaningful verses and poems are a one-of-a-kind homage to a mom’s unconditional love. Giving a gift like that will remind her that you’ll always be grateful to have her as your mother.

7. Bottle Of Wine (Or A Case Of It)

Want to appreciate how your mom aged like a fine wine over the years? And that you’re hoping to be like that as well? A bottle of wine with a personalized label is quite the literal way of doing just that. And what better occasion to give it than during your wedding?

8. Tote Bag 

Moms all need a reliable tote bag — even if it’s for a quick trip to the grocery or a weekend getaway. These bags are available in various styles, materials, and budget ranges. But no matter your choice, you can make it uniquely hers by adding a personal message inside. 

9. Silk Pillowcase

Before and after your wedding day, your mother deserves a restful sleep. You can opt for monotone or printed ones, but be sure to choose silk. It’s milder on the hair and more comfortable resting the head when sleeping. 

10. Scent diffuser

Is your mom a fan of aromatherapy? You can keep her space peaceful and calm with a scent diffuser, complete with her favorite oil blends. This mother of the bride gift isn’t just unique but also something she can use night after night.

Memorable Mother Of The Bride Gifts

We recommend these gifts if you want to give her something she’ll fondly treasure for the years to come. 

11. Matching Lockets

Jewelry pieces are traditional presents for the mother of the bride. You can take it to a more memorable notch by getting matching accessories. Lockets are a great choice because they offer a dedicated space to store a photo, feature a message, or engrave your initials.

12. Framed Wedding Photo

There’s a good reason why this remains one of the go-to gifts for moms during weddings. 

Wedding photos capture the idyllic atmosphere of the occasion. If you have found a particular photo that speaks volumes, have it framed and hand it over as your thank-you gift to your mother.

13. Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes can hold many souvenirs — wedding photos, letters, and even some accessories. Give your mom one so she can safely keep the things she cherishes. 

14. Books

Books make for an unforgettable present. They reflect your sentiments about the recipient and show how much thought and effort you’ve put into selecting the read/s you’re giving. 

15. Fully Paid Trip

Give your mom the gift of experience. A trip to her dream destination is one grand gesture that shows your love and gratitude for her. Sure to be truly one for the books, it will be full of memories that she will remember for a long time.

Mother Of The Bride Gift FAQs

Got questions about the tradition of giving a mother of the bride gift? Read these FAQs.

Should You Give Presents To Your Parents On Your Wedding?

The simple (and sweet) answer to this is yes. It’s customary and a way of expressing gratitude for all those times your mom was there for you — during your big day and way before that.

And if you’re wondering who gives mother of the bride gift, know that the role isn’t limited to you as the bride. Your spouse-to-be can also give her something the same way you can also hand out a present to your mother-in-law.

How Much Should You Spend On Mother Of The Bride Gifts?

As in any other type of wedding gift, there isn’t a set rule about this one. Some spend $50 to $150 while others prepare a present worth $500. After all, it’s your mom you’re giving it to. Take your overall wedding budget picture into account and settle down on something you can easily buy. 

When’s The Best Time To Give The Mother Of The Bride Gift?

Know that you have some mother of the bride gift ideas, it’s time to ask: When should you give your thank-you present? Some give it before or shortly after the wedding day. 

However, this will depend on what kind of gift you’ll choose. If it’s something you envision that she can use during the ceremony, then be sure to give it to her before your special day.

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