The Glen House

For honeymooners seeking a serene and environmentally conscious escape, The Glen House, located at the base of the Mount Washington Auto Road, offers a unique and picturesque setting that embraces both simplicity and sustainability. Inspired by the past but equipped with today’s technology, this hotel provides a retreat that combines history, nature, and modern comforts, creating a memorable and eco-friendly honeymoon experience.

Embracing Simplicity and Shaker Design:

The Glen House’s spacious guestrooms reflect the simplicity of Shaker design, offering a calming and minimalist environment for your honeymoon. The design is a tribute to the past, providing a serene and elegant atmosphere for couples who appreciate understated elegance.

Eco-Friendly and Carbon Neutral:

One of the remarkable features of The Glen House is its commitment to sustainability. The hotel is close to being energy self-sufficient and carbon neutral, thanks to a geothermal system that provides heating and cooling. Additionally, two offsite energy-generating projects harness hydro and solar power, ensuring that your stay leaves a minimal carbon footprint. It’s the perfect destination for eco-conscious honeymooners who wish to celebrate their love in a sustainable way.

Local Cuisine with a Twist:

The Notch Grille, the hotel’s full-service and family-centric restaurant, is where you can savor your favorite North Country comfort foods with a unique twist. The menu is a culinary delight, offering an array of delectable dishes that celebrate the region’s flavors. The restaurant proudly supports local farms, breweries, and distilleries, including its own private label vodka from Tamworth Distilling. It’s an opportunity to explore the tastes of the North Country while enjoying breathtaking views of Mount Washington.

Outdoor Bliss and Adventure:

For couples who love the outdoors, The Glen House offers endless opportunities for adventure. From the base of the Mount Washington Auto Road, you can embark on hikes, nature walks, and explorations that lead you to the heart of nature’s beauty. After a day of outdoor exploration, unwind on the outdoor patio by the fire pit, where you can share stories and enjoy a peaceful evening under the starlit sky.

Modern Comforts and Sustainability:

The Glen House’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t mean compromising on modern comforts. The hotel is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to ensure that your honeymoon is comfortable and enjoyable. It’s a place where you can have a sustainable and luxurious experience without sacrificing any modern conveniences.

In conclusion, The Glen House offers honeymooners a serene and eco-friendly retreat in the heart of nature. With its minimalist design, commitment to sustainability, delectable cuisine, and endless outdoor adventures, the hotel provides a unique and memorable experience. Your honeymoon at The Glen House will be a journey through simplicity, love, and sustainability, creating cherished moments in a tranquil and environmentally conscious setting. It’s a place where history meets modernity, and nature meets luxury, setting the stage for a truly special celebration of your love.