The Danna Langkawi

5-star hotel
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The Danna Langkawi

Nestled on the enchanting island of Langkawi, The Danna Langkawi stands as a magnificent haven of romance, luxury, and island hospitality. For honeymooners seeking a paradise that exceeds their wildest dreams, this award-winning beach resort in Langkawi, Malaysia awaits, eager to sweep you off your feet.

A Honeymooner’s Delight:

The Danna Langkawi is not just a place; it’s a story of unparalleled love and pampering. As you step into this exquisite oasis, you’re enveloped in a world where luxury knows no bounds, and the charm of Langkawi’s scenic beauty is showcased like a priceless gem.

Secluded Elegance:

The resort offers exclusive private pool villas, each adorned with lavish Salvatore Ferragamo bath amenities. Here, the lush tropical gardens meet the shoreline, and you’ll have direct access to the pristine beach—a place where your honeymoon begins and memories are etched in the golden sands.

Luxurious Oceanfront Retreats:

For those who prefer the colonial charm of oceanfront rooms and suites, The Danna Langkawi has you covered. These sumptuous spaces come with premium Laura Tonnato by La Bottega bath amenities and ocean views that will steal your breath away.

Intimate Seaside Dining:

Dining here is a journey into the heart of culinary excellence. The Danna Langkawi offers eclectic and intimate seaside dining experiences that awaken your taste buds and kindle the flames of romance.

Indulgent Spa Experience:

The Danna Spa is a lush tropical enclave that gazes upon the majestic Andaman Sea. This haven of tranquility beckons you to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the gentle caress of the Langkawi breeze.

Strategically Located:

Situated in Telaga Harbour Park, The Danna Langkawi is within easy reach of Langkawi’s famous attractions and outdoor activities. It’s just a 15-minute drive from Langkawi International Airport and 25 minutes from Pantai Cenang, offering you access to the island’s renowned sights while ensuring your honeymoon remains a private escape.

Let Your Dreams Flourish:

The Danna Langkawi’s Let’s Be Direct benefits extend their warm embrace, including the Best Rates Direct, complimentary return airport transfer, daily stay credit for food and spa, guaranteed late check-out at 2 pm, and the beautiful promise that kids below 11 years of age enjoy breakfast and stay for free.

Your honeymoon at The Danna Langkawi is where dreams transform into cherished memories. Here, your love story is celebrated with timeless elegance and unforgettable splendor.