Scotch on the Rocks

Indulge in a private Caribbean escape at Scotch on the Rocks, an enchanting 5-bedroom villa perched above the glistening expanse of the Caribbean Sea. Nestled between prestigious resorts, Jamaica Inn and Royal Plantation, this idyllic haven promises an intimate retreat just minutes from Ocho Rios‘ heart. Affectionately known as “Scotchie,” the villa offers an exquisite blend of seclusion and luxury, making it an ideal choice for honeymooners seeking romance and families in pursuit of unforgettable vacations.

With a full staff of five, including a dedicated cook, butler, waiter, housekeeper, and groundskeeper, your every need is anticipated, allowing you to bask in a carefree getaway. The villa’s spacious interiors, adorned with five bedrooms, invite relaxation and offer modern comforts such as complimentary WiFi and fully equipped kitchens. As the sun kisses the horizon, savor delectable meals at the villa’s restaurant or immerse yourself in the refreshing outdoor pool.

Unwind on your private balcony or patio, gazing out over the azure sea, and let the soothing sounds of the waves serenade you. Whether you’re seeking family bonding or a romantic rendezvous, Scotch on the Rocks promises an unforgettable Ocho Rios experience, where treasured memories are etched against a backdrop of natural beauty and refined comfort.