Martin House Inn

The Martin House Inn stands as a testament to the enduring romance of Nantucket’s past, welcoming honeymooners to an enchanting escape where the convenience of today meets the nostalgia of yesteryear. Built in 1803 by a sea captain for his beloved, this historic gem has been meticulously restored, offering a gracious old-world elegance that becomes the backdrop for unforgettable moments.

Historic Charms and Modern Comforts:

This charming inn seamlessly blends historic charms with modern comforts, creating an ambiance that transports guests to a bygone era. Each corner of the Martin House Inn whispers tales of Nantucket’s maritime history, providing a romantic setting for couples to create their own love story.

Restored Elegance:

The inn’s interiors exude restored elegance, reflecting the timeless beauty of its origins. Newly decorated common areas and luxurious rooms invite guests to indulge in the refined atmosphere, where attention to detail and a commitment to preserving history shine through.

Working Fireplaces and Peaceful Veranda:

The allure of the Martin House Inn extends to its working fireplaces, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere for couples to unwind. The peaceful veranda beckons, offering a tranquil spot to sip a glass of wine or enjoy a quiet moment together, surrounded by the serenity of well-tended gardens.

Bountiful Continental Breakfast and Afternoon Cookies:

A stay at the Martin House Inn begins with a bountiful continental breakfast, featuring homemade delights like the inn’s signature granola. After a day of exploring Nantucket’s treasures, guests are welcomed back with the tempting aroma of homemade afternoon cookies, a sweet indulgence to savor.

Certificate of Excellence Winner:

The Martin House Inn has been recognized seven times with the Certificate of Excellence award, a testament to its unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional experience for its guests. This acknowledgment speaks to the inn’s dedication to creating cherished memories for those who choose to make it their Nantucket home.

Heart of Nantucket’s Historic District:

Nestled in the heart of Nantucket’s historic district, the inn places honeymooners in the midst of the island’s captivating heritage. A short walk from downtown shops, beaches, theaters, and restaurants, the inn offers unparalleled convenience, allowing couples to explore the island’s treasures with ease.

Meditation and Yoga:

For those seeking moments of mindfulness, the Martin House Inn goes the extra mile by providing meditation and yoga amenities. Each room is equipped with yoga mats, blocks, and straps, inviting guests to embrace serenity in the privacy of their own space.

Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, and In-Room Safes:

Modern conveniences are seamlessly integrated into the historic charm. Air conditioning ensures comfort during warm summer days, Wi-Fi keeps guests connected to the outside world, and in-room safes provide peace of mind for valuables.

Crafting Nantucket Memories:

The Martin House Inn stands as a haven for couples seeking a timeless retreat, where the echoes of history harmonize with the joys of the present. This cherished Nantucket escape invites honeymooners to craft their own love story, surrounded by the allure of the island’s rich maritime legacy.