Ikos Oceania

5-star hotel
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Ikos Oceania

Perched above the glistening expanse of the Aegean Sea, Ikos Oceania presents a haven of luxury and romance, a mere 30-minute journey from Thessaloniki International Airport. The resort’s crown jewel is its sprawling 350-meter natural sandy beach, gracefully embraced by pine, olive, and cypress trees. Amidst the meticulously manicured 15-acre gardens, a world of elegance unfolds, with spacious guest rooms and suites that offer breathtaking panoramic sea views, framed by the majestic Mount Olympus on the horizon.

Ikos Oceania boasts four exceptional a la carte restaurants in addition to the exquisite Flavors international buffet restaurant. Intimate bars, both indoors and nestled within the lush gardens, offer the perfect ambiance for cherished moments. The Infinite Lifestyle Dine-Out program adds an authentic touch, inviting couples to savor the flavors of local cuisine in the picturesque town of Nea Moudania.

For honeymooners seeking a blend of indulgence and cultural exploration, Ikos Oceania stands as an idyllic escape. The resort’s enchanting backdrop, unparalleled service, and gourmet experiences create an exquisite canvas for crafting cherished memories. Whether strolling hand in hand on the sandy shore or savoring world-class cuisine, Ikos Oceania is an enchanting tapestry of love and luxury that honeymoon dreams are made of.