Hotel & Suites Oasis Bacalar

Nestled in the heart of Bacalar, Hotel & Suites Oasis Bacalar beckons honeymooners with its clean, spacious apartments and a promise of a serene escape. This charming oasis is strategically located on the pedestrian-friendly 3rd avenue, just a block away from the enchanting Laguna Bacalar.

Cozy Apartments with Full Kitchens:

Hotel & Suites Oasis Bacalar prides itself on providing clean and spacious apartments equipped with full kitchens. This thoughtful feature adds a touch of homely comfort, allowing couples to create their own intimate moments against the backdrop of Bacalar’s beauty.

Prime Location in Bacalar Pueblo:

The hotel boasts the best location in Bacalar Pueblo, making it an ideal base for exploration. A short stroll along the pedestrian-friendly 3rd avenue leads guests to the central park, various access points to the Laguna Bacalar, and the finest restaurants that the town has to offer.

Proximity to Laguna Bacalar:

For honeymooners seeking the embrace of Laguna Bacalar, the hotel’s proximity is a major draw. Just a block away, the lagoon unfolds its mesmerizing hues, inviting couples to bask in its tranquility, take romantic strolls along its shores, or embark on boat excursions to discover its hidden gems.

Walking Distance to Central Park:

Hotel & Suites Oasis Bacalar is strategically positioned within walking distance of Bacalar’s central park. This allows couples to immerse themselves in the local atmosphere, perhaps joining the locals for a leisurely evening in the park or exploring nearby attractions.

Best Rates and Personalized Service:

The hotel invites honeymooners to experience the best rates by reaching out directly. This personal touch extends beyond just rates—it’s a commitment to ensuring that every guest feels valued and attended to. The staff’s dedication to personalized service sets the stage for a memorable stay.

A Gateway to Culinary Delights:

Situated close to some of the best restaurants in Bacalar, Hotel & Suites Oasis provides couples with a gateway to culinary delights. Whether it’s savoring local flavors or indulging in international cuisine, Bacalar’s dining scene is at the doorstep of the hotel.

Tranquil Retreat for Couples:

Hotel & Suites Oasis Bacalar positions itself as a tranquil retreat, offering honeymooners a haven where they can create their own romantic narrative. The peaceful surroundings, coupled with the warmth of the staff, create an environment conducive to relaxation and connection.

In conclusion, Hotel & Suites Oasis Bacalar emerges as a haven for honeymooners seeking a tranquil retreat in the heart of Bacalar. With its cozy apartments, prime location, proximity to Laguna Bacalar, and a commitment to personalized service, the hotel invites couples to immerse themselves in the beauty and romance of this Mexican paradise.