Hotel Santa Catalina Panama

4-star hotel
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Hotel Santa Catalina Panama

For honeymooners seeking adventure, tranquility, and the mesmerizing allure of the ocean, Hotel Santa Catalina in Panama is the ultimate destination.

Beachfront Elegance:

Nestled along the pristine shores of Santa Catalina, Veraguas Province, Hotel Santa Catalina boasts an exquisite 16-room boutique setup that will enchant your senses. The hotel stands as a gateway to the beachfront, right in front of a world-class surf break, making it the idyllic setting for couples with a passion for the sea.

Surf, Dive, Snorkel, Fish, and More:

Hotel Santa Catalina’s location is a dream come true for those looking to embark on thrilling adventures together. Whether you’re keen on surfing the waves, diving into the deep blue, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, casting your fishing line, or simply lounging on the beach, this is your haven. Santa Catalina welcomes you with open arms to explore its oceanic wonders.

Proximity to Local Delights:

Immerse yourself in the heart of Santa Catalina. A short stroll from the hotel takes you to an array of restaurants, bars, the village center, and other pristine beaches. Your honeymoon can be a delightful mix of local culture and seaside charm.

Unearth Hidden Gems:

Just a short boat ride from the hotel, you’ll discover the treasures of Coiba Island and Cebaco Island. These paradisiacal isles beckon with their underwater wonders, providing opportunities for diving and snorkeling hand in hand.

Santa Catalina Island Adventure:

If you prefer a more intimate experience, Santa Catalina Island is only a 10-minute paddle away on a kayak or Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP), both of which are provided complimentary to our cherished guests. These secluded shores are a canvas for your private adventures.

Elegance and Comfort:

Your honeymoon retreat at Hotel Santa Catalina offers tastefully decorated rooms featuring comfortable, high-quality beds and 100% cotton bed linens. Enjoy the modern amenities, including air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms with hot water, a mini-refrigerator, cable TV, and a safe. Suite rooms even come with kitchenettes for those quiet evenings in.

Oceanfront Dining:

Hotel Santa Catalina’s award-winning “Pescao” seafood restaurant is a culinary masterpiece. Indulge in hearty meals from breakfast to dinner (not included in room rate) while enjoying panoramic ocean views. Let the flavors of the sea add a touch of romance to your evenings.

Your Romantic Escape:

Hotel Santa Catalina Panama beckons you to create everlasting memories on your honeymoon. It’s a place where the ocean’s gentle whispers blend with the adventurous spirit of Panama, forging a unique and unforgettable escape.

Hotel Santa Catalina Panama: Your Love Story Begins Here:

For couples who seek to bond over the rhythm of the waves, Hotel Santa Catalina Panama is the backdrop for your love story. The beach, the adventures, and the cherished moments—your romantic journey starts here.

Hotel Santa Catalina Panama: Where Love Meets the Surf:

In Santa Catalina, Panama, Hotel Santa Catalina provides honeymooners with an oceanfront sanctuary where love meets the surf and memories are etched in the sands of time.