Hanalei Colony Resort

For honeymooners seeking an escape to untouched natural beauty, Hanalei Colony Resort on Kauai’s North Shore is a slice of heaven on Earth. Nestled on a pristine crescent of golden sand beach, this resort offers an enchanting haven where you can disconnect from the world and connect with each other.

Secluded Beachfront Bliss:

Imagine waking up to the sound of gentle waves kissing the shore, just steps from your doorstep. The resort’s spacious 2-bedroom suites, each with a complete kitchen, are your private sanctuaries. The soothing ambiance and panoramic ocean views create a romantic cocoon.

Kauai’s Untamed Beauty:

Hanalei Colony Resort is surrounded by Kauai’s rugged, unspoiled beauty. Towering emerald cliffs, lush tropical forests, and dramatic waterfalls form the backdrop of your honeymoon paradise. Nature here is your companion, and the resort is your window to its wonders.

Beachfront Dining:

Savoring gourmet cuisine with your toes in the sand is an experience you won’t forget. The resort’s beachfront restaurant offers delectable dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Each meal becomes a celebration of love and the island’s flavors.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation:

The on-site day spa is your retreat within a retreat. Indulge in a couples’ massage or a rejuvenating treatment to soothe your senses. The hot tub beckons for moments of relaxation under the starlit sky.

Gateway to Na Pali Coast:

Hanalei Colony Resort is the perfect launchpad for exploring the legendary Na Pali Coast. Embark on an adventure hand in hand, discovering hidden coves, sea caves, and breathtaking vistas. Your honeymoon becomes an epic journey of discovery.

Unplugged and Unforgettable:

Here, you’ll find no televisions, no distractions. It’s a place where you can truly unplug and immerse yourselves in each other’s company. Create memories, watch sunsets, and stargaze to your heart’s content.

Hanalei Colony Resort is not just a honeymoon destination; it’s a love story waiting to be written. Let the untouched beauty of Kauai and the serenity of this resort be the backdrop to your unforgettable chapter of love.