Isla Mujeres

Casa Coco by Coco B Isla

4-star hotel
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Casa Coco by Coco B Isla

Nestled on the tranquil west side of Isla Mujeres, Casa Coco by Coco B Isla stands as a captivating haven for honeymooners seeking a blend of intimacy, luxury, and artistic elegance. With breathtaking ocean views, an infinity pool, and direct access to the beach, this boutique hotel offers a romantic retreat that promises to exceed expectations.

Artistic Elegance and Stylish Suites:

Casa Coco by Coco B Isla is not just a hotel; it’s a gallery of artistic elegance. The nine individually styled suites showcase a seamless fusion of white concrete, marble sinks, and custom-made tiles influenced by Spanish and European design. Each suite is a unique masterpiece, featuring a seating area, plush linens, and locally made organic toiletries that add a touch of luxury to your honeymoon experience.

Breathtaking Ocean Views and Infinity Pool:

Wake up to the mesmerizing beauty of the Caribbean Sea as Casa Coco offers sweeping ocean views from its terraces and infinity pool. Whether lounging poolside or taking a refreshing dip, the backdrop of azure waters creates a serene and romantic ambiance, making every moment by the pool a cherished memory.

Chef-Prepared Breakfast and Self-Serve Bar:

Indulge in a culinary experience as a chef-prepared breakfast is included with your room rate. The delectable offerings set the tone for a day of exploration and relaxation. For those quiet evenings or celebratory toasts, a self-serve bar adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to savor your favorite beverages in the privacy of your suite or by the pool.

Locally Inspired Toiletries and Double Showers:

Casa Coco pays attention to the details that matter. The locally made organic toiletries enhance the sensory experience, while some rooms featuring bathrooms with views and double showers provide a luxurious touch, inviting honeymooners to indulge in moments of pampering and connection.

Proximity to Attractions and Activities:

Within walking distance, guests can explore various dining options, the turtle sanctuary, and Dolphin Discovery. For those seeking adventure, Casa Coco offers kayaking, and island excursions, with snorkeling and scuba trips easily arranged from the adjacent dock. The property’s transportation assistance ensures that exploring Punta Sur or North Beach is convenient for guests.

Transportation Assistance and Beyond:

Casa Coco goes the extra mile to ensure guests have a seamless experience. Transportation assistance is readily available, allowing you to explore the wonders of Isla Mujeres without any hassle.

Casa Coco by Coco B Isla emerges as a jewel on the west side of Isla Mujeres, offering an intimate beachfront escape that combines artistic elegance with personalized luxury. From the stylishly designed suites and infinity pool with ocean views to the chef-prepared breakfast and proximity to local attractions, every aspect of Casa Coco invites honeymooners to immerse themselves in a world where romance meets sophistication. Come, and experience the magic of Casa Coco, where each moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of your dream honeymoon.