Choose The Best Luxury Suites For A Romantic Honeymoon in Punta Cana

Choose The Best Luxury Suites For A Romantic Honeymoon in Punta Cana

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When the wedding is over and you no longer have to think about family, friends, and other guests it is finally time to focus your attention just on you and your marriage mate. This is your chance to relax, get intimate, and enjoy a romantic vacation with the person that you love.

It is important to note, however, that where you choose to do this makes a big difference. Though the destination definitely matters, the suite that you choose can end up being where you spend much of your vacation, and even if you do choose to go out and about, you want an environment that welcomes your romance every evening you return and every morning that you wake up together.

Therefore, here are a few things that you may want to consider when choosing your ideal honeymoon suite.

A spacious area

Since many honeymooners spend the majority of their time together in their suite, it is wise to pick a suite with a large amount of space so that you do not feel too confined or restricted. Even if you stick to your room you may also want some time outside so think about choosing a suite that has a terrace or an outdoor area that you can enjoy together.

One great option is in the Excellence El Carmen where they have a beachfront honeymoon suite with a rooftop terrace and about 1600 square feet of space.

The perfect view

If you are a true romantic then you will likely say that your spouse is the perfect view. However, you can enhance their splendor and your overall experience together in the suite by picking somewhere that has a gorgeous and stunning view of the ocean. Think about the long evenings together sipping on cocktails and watching the sun go down. Choose a location where you can see the horizon or at least some other natural wonder that you can immerse yourself in throughout your stay.

Check out the beachfront honeymoon suite in Finest Punta Cana where you can sit in the plunge pool as you look up to the magnificent Caribbean skies and gaze out to the beach and beyond

Intimate privacy

A honeymoon is the most intimate and personal experience that any person on vacation can have. The place you choose to stay in needs to have elements of privacy so that you can revel in your love without the disturbance of others or the concern that someone might be watching. Allow yourselves the freedom that privacy offers and indulge in each other’s affections.

Have a look at the beachfront honeymoon suite with a private Pool in Finest Punta Cana or the imperial suite with a private pool at Excellence El Carmen.

Suite amenities

Your suite is much more than just a bed in a room with a bathroom. Or, at least, it should be. Everyone’s tastes are different and you may want different amenities in your honeymoon suite but here are a few that you might want to look for…

  • Jacuzzi, plunge pool, or private pool: Any of these make for a relaxing day in the Caribbean with your other half.
  • Pillow menu: You want to be comfortable during your stay and the pillow menu allows you to choose your preferred pillow styles to match your sleeping pattern.
  • Butler and barman service: Nothing makes you feel quite as pampered as having someone take care of your bags for you and having someone make you both cocktails in your suite.
  • Rain shower for two: Transform a daily part of your routine into something luxurious and romantic.
  • Large flatscreen TV: Everyone loves a movie night. With a large flatscreen TV you can cuddle up to your lovely partner and pass the evening by watching your favorite romcoms.
  • Well stocked minibar: Though it is nice to go to a cocktail bar or get drinks by the beach, sometimes you just want something close at hand.
  • Spa amenities: We know that relaxing in the spa is something many couples enjoy. But, what if you could do the same from the comfort of your own suite?
  • Air conditioning: In a tropical paradise like Punta Cana, it’s going to get hot. When you can keep the room cool, it is a much nicer time for you both.
  • Fancy coffee area: Most suites offer an area for tea and coffee but you may want something beyond the standard. Look out for a Nespresso machine so you can have your favorite cup of joe each morning.
  • Bathrobes and slippers: You wouldn’t think that this would make much of a difference but surprisingly it does. Just wearing the slippers and robe around the suite somehow makes you feel even more pampered.

Think about your partner

You may have found the ultimate suite where you can celebrate your romantic honeymoon. It has everything you want, and everything you have dreamed of. But is it what your partner wants?

When making these decisions and choosing the right luxury suite for both you and the one you love, it is their preferences overall that should take precedence. When you arrive and they see that you chose things that they would appreciate, your overall honeymoon experience will be all the more enjoyable because of it.

Tips for booking your suite

Even once you have made your final decision and want to proceed with your honeymoon reservation there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. First of all, many resorts offer honeymoon packages that can upgrade your suite amenities and add to your romantic experience. Make sure you check these out before you book.

Secondly, if you are booking a honeymoon suite on your honeymoon, make sure that you let the resort know when you make the reservation. By informing the resort of your special occasion and providing them with some sort of verification to show you are indeed on your honeymoon, you may end up receiving some special attention during your stay.

Above all else, remember that this is a time for you to express your love for each other so choose the best suit for your honeymoon in Punta Cana, and may you have a wonderful time together.