Best Things to do in Tahiti on a Honeymoon

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Minute by minute, honeymooners on a romantic getaway to Tahiti get the impression that they’ve found paradise on earth.  Its tranquil island vistas and overwater bungalows make it the ultimate in exotic pampering and relaxation. But with tropical mountains, lush forests and secluded coastline, Tahiti is also sensational for everything from hiking and ATV riding to every kind of watersport under the sun.

With all the choices, there are a thousand combinations that could make the prefect honeymoon. To help you plan the perfect escape we talked to the Tahiti travel specialists at AIRTAHITINUI, and got their official picks for the top 10 romantic things to do in Tahiti. Have one from your own romantic escape that you think should be here? Add them in the comments!


10. Wave Runner/Jet Ski tour in the Lagoon.

Discover Tahiti’s lagoons from the back of a high powered jet ski, and you’ll get a fast paced ride through paradise from the most exciting seat in the house.  Rev up your love and hop on the most fun machine on the water.  You’ll be surrounded by turquoise bays, colorful reefs and tropical hills as you discover the breathtaking beauty of Tahiti’s exquisite lagoons.


9. Motu Picnic (with Shark and Ray Feeding).

Enjoy a romantic picnic for two on a secluded islet (“motu”) with the beauty of Tahiti stretching into the blue horizon all around you.  Then, strap on your snorkel equipment and watch Tahitian Black-tip reef sharks snatch bait right from your guide’s bare hands! When the spectacle is done wade through shallower water feeding manta rays, some of the sea’s most oddly-majestic beings, as they glide through the water.


8. Black Pearl Shopping.

Known to jewelers all around the world, Tahitian black pearls are a perfect honeymoon memento. Local legend has it that the god of peace and fertility created Tahiti’s black pearls as a gift to humankind, making these living gems the perfect symbol for your island romance. From earrings to necklaces and everything in between, there are shops on Tahiti’s main islands where you can browse goods crafted from these unique Tahitian treasures.


7. Skydiving over Moorea or Bora Bora.

Think Tahiti is beautiful? Wait ’till you see it from 10,000 feet! Strapped to a professional instructor, dive out of a plane and get a look at this idyllic honeymoon destination from a bird’s eye view. Free-falling through the sky with the wind whipping in your hair, wave weightlessly to your other half before your instructor pulls the chute. Then float for 5 or 7 minutes more, watching the islands grow bigger and bigger beneath you until you land back to your honeymoon home. This is a must-do for sweethearts with an adrenaline craving!


6. Quad ATV Tour on Moorea.

You can see Tahiti’s forests from any number of contemplative hiking trails, or you can tear through them from the rip-roaring saddle of a 4×4. If you choose the adrenaline-fueled option, Moorea is the place to do it! Hug your heartthrob and share an ATV for an adventure through the island’s tropical hills and misty mountaintops.


5. Guided Hike through the Lush Island Interior.

Tahiti might be best known for the beauty of its reefs and lagoons, but don’t forget that the heart of the land is also bursting with scenic beauty. There’s a whole world on Tahiti that you can explore just off the beaten path, and you just haven’t seen it all until you’ve done a guided hike through the island interior. See breathtaking ocean vistas from peaks like Rotui Mountain on Moorea, spelunk through the lava tubes of Hitiia, splash under Papeete’s Fautaua Falls, and discover beaches hidden behind thick jungle foliage. It’s all part of your exotic Tahitian adventure! When the hike is over, head back and prepare to rejuvenate your tired muscles with #4 on our list…


4. Couple’s Massage.

A Tahitian massage with the love of your life is a honeymoon “Must.”  World class hotels and spas offer everything from indigenous wraps and coconut scrubs to stone body rubs on the deck of your overwater bungalow. Browse vacation packages that include spa treatments, or find a way to work a couple’s session into your honeymoon budget. A spa day in Tahiti draws from the natural beauty and plant life of the islands, and blends them into ingredients for an invigoration of mind, body, and love.


3. Lagoon Sunset Cruise or Sailing Trip.

Say “I Do” to a dazzling sunset cruise through a calm turquoise lagoon. Sip tropical cocktails and look out over the water as the sky paints itself into the perfect backdrop for loving hearts. There are few things as romantic as snuggling in the tropics on the deck of a ship, in front of the most incredible sunsets you’ve ever seen. Tahiti is the place to do it.


2. Romantic Beach Dinner Under the Stars.

What’s more memorable than an elegant meal at a table for two at the water’s edge bathed by moonlight and twinkling stars with the ocean lapping gently across your feet? This over-the-top honeymoon standby is more than a date night—it’s a couple’s treat that every bride and groom need to do at least once. Luckily for couples honeymooning in Tahiti, you’re already in the perfect place.


1. Spend the Night in an Overwater Bungalow.

Your romantic getaway to Tahiti isn’t complete without at least one night of pure romance in a private overwater bungalow.  You’ll get around by boat and be surrounded by crystal clear waters.  Panoramic Pacific views, luxurious accommodations and amenities, and the turquoise sea right below your feet…this is the way that Tahiti was meant to be seen.


Make Your Tahitian Getaway Even More Romantic:

To make your Tahitian getaway even more romantic, why not have a Tahitian WEDDING or a Tahitian VOW RENEWAL ceremony that will refresh your love like the first day you met. Nothing could be more romantic, and the photos will evoke memories that last a lifetime!

Walk down the aisle to the beat of an island drummer, a tropical breeze in your hair and soft white sand between your toes. Say “I do.” Kiss your bride or groom and be carried through Tahiti’s turquoise shallows on a grand throne of palms and flowers. Vow Renewal ceremonies include: saying your vows and kissing, all to the sound of a sensuous native love song.  Then, you’ll be carried high on a throne through the gentle ocean waves into the sunset.  Both ceremonies have been carefully designed to make you feel like Polynesia’s newest Prince and Princess. You’ll never forget these magic moments!