9 Best All-Inclusive Resorts In Turks And Caicos (2024)

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With beautiful year-round weather, pristine waters, and delicious food, Turks and Caicos is an excellent destination for couples looking for their next romantic getaway destination or honeymoon. Also known as TCI,  the island nation is renowned for its beautiful white sand beaches and amazing reefs. There are several all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos, with lots of great options for a memorable get away.

Even better, you’ll pay one price upfront so you won’t have to worry about constantly getting out your wallet on your honeymoon. Everything is included from your accommodations to gourmet meals at excellent restaurants, snacks, creamy coffee confections and pastries- a great pick-me-up when you need to recharge at 3 p.m.! Plus, all premium, top-shelf alcohol, luscious cocktails and rums, and fine wines are part of the package along with watersports, and all tips and gratuities.

Your folio will be ZERO at check-out with few exceptions such as getting a caddy for your golf game or charging items from a gift shop. After all, who wants to start off a marriage with a ton of debt?

With all-inclusive resorts, everything will be set up to make your romantic getaway carefree and unforgettable. TCI is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature while still enjoying plenty of creature comforts and activities galore. Swimming is a given – bring an inflatable tube from home if you want to float around, and don’t forget to schedule a massage-for-two!

No matter what you do, be sure to check out the best resorts in Turks and Caicos for your honeymoon or next romantic escape.

Beaches Turks & Caicos

Location: Lower Bight Road, TKCA 1ZZ Providenciales

Price Range: $965 – $1,731

all-inclusive resorts in turks and caicos

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

While Beaches is a family-friendly property, as it’s so vast and there is such a long list of activity options, we still consider it one of the top all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos for couples seeking a romantic trip. When we stayed at this property several years ago we were quite impressed. The cuisine was exquisite, the cocktails and premium spirits outstanding, and the accommodations were beautiful. We took advantage of the gym to help work off all that delicius food every day and still look good in our new swimsuits – it was excellent too.

Did you know that Beaches resorts are part of the award-winning Sandals Resorts family of luxury hospitality properties? As a matter of fact, it was the insistence of couples who loved Sandals Resorts who wanted to share a similar experience with their families that resulted in the first Beaches Resort opened in 1997. It didn’t take long for Beaches Resorts to establish itself as the Caribbean’s ultimate family-friendly all-inclusive resort.

Sandals Select Rewards

Be sure sign up for Sandals Select Rewards, which is the returning guest/loyalty program for Sandals and Beaches Resorts. These are just two of the perks that are offered to loyal guests:

  • 5,000 Sandals Select Bonus Points Upon Enrollment
  • A token of appreciation in the form of Sandals Select points for each return visit, up to 1,250 bonus points added to your account

This beautiful Beaches property is divided into different villages, each assigned its theme. You can expect awe-inspiring scenery whichever way you turn. There’s an Italian and a French village, each with uniquely designed swimming pools, and you’ll find Caribbean and Key West areas right by the beach.

The water at the seaside villages is always inviting and the white sand stretches far and wide. And, it all waits couples who want to chill and perhaps work on a golden tan. Not to mention, Turks and Caicos is renowned for its reefs and rich marine life. If you’re a certified diver, you’re welcome to explore the underwater world with abundant colorful fish.

Bring Out the Kid-at-Heart

Kids-at-heart kind of couples might want to enjoy a bit of fun together by whizzing down the waterslide and those who want to just lounge around will find plenty of gorgeous pools. We like that Beaches is upscale, beautiful, and has everything guests could possibly need. It’s not ideal for couples who are looking for total privacy and seclusion, but it pretty much guarantees fun that can help loosen things up and spark romance. Plus, there are all-inclusive honeymoon packages available to make your stay extra special.

Club Med Turkoise

Location: Grace Bay Rd, Grace Bay TKCA 1ZZ Providenciales

Price Range: $403 – $696

Turks and caicos all inclusive resorts

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

Romantic getaways should be a break from the daily grind: No meetings, no errands, and no kids. Don’t get us wrong, kids can be great, but it’s also important for couples to have some alone time so you can take a breather and focus on each other, even if only for a few days. That’s why we feel the adults-only Club Med Turkoise is a must to include in this list of all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos. You’re virtually guaranteed tranquil bliss.

Surrounded by lush, green landscapes and aquamarine waters, you can pretty much point your camera anywhere, and it will be a beautiful shot. You and your partner can relax on the beach or get active, with swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding. We love that the hotel offers such a long list of activities, including some rather unique options: trapeze and circus lessons. You’d be hard-pressed to find that anywhere else. Completely safe yet also rather exhilarating. And yes, if you’re wondering, we experienced the trapeze ourselves after summoning up a bit of courage. No regrets!

Wellness Fusion

If you want to serious enhance wellenss, refresh and recharge, check out the resort’s Wellness Fusion Program. You might first take advantage of the Yoga & Meditation program which includes over 20 hours per week of rejuvenation. Next, perhaps…

• Immerse yourself in a wealth of sports and other on-site activities 
• Savor the delights of healthy gourmet cuisine, including plant-based dishes, fresh juices, and a variety of teas and detox waters.
• Explore the wonders of Turks and Caicos to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture.
• Visit Spa by Sothys to indulge in soothing massages, body scrubs and facials while gazing at a breathtaking ocean view.
• Unwind in a Beach Spa Palapa, another space for a pampering massage while serenaded by the rhythmic sounds of the waves.
• A signature Wellness Night, designed to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Located in Grace Bay, consistenly ranked among the world’s most beautiful beaches, Resort Club Med Turkoise is hard to beat. There’s no fear of crowding withthe pristine sands long and wide. Couples and friends can learn what it truly means to disconnect while enjoying a wide range of offerings. Explore the ocean depths at one of the world’s top wall-diving destinations, sail across the turquoise sea, and enjoy live music, fresh smoothies and cocktails right on the beach. The gourmet cuisine is fantastic, there’s a beautiful infinity pool, and the rooms are comfortable with stellar views.

Alexandra Resort

Location: Princess Drive, Grace Bay TKCA 1ZZ Providenciales

Price Range: $764 – $1,099

Honeymoon resorts turks and caicos

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

Imagine waking up to a view of the ocean and the briliant blue sky with the occasional cloud rolling by. Alexandra Resort is one of the all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos that delivers on the fantasy Caribbean experience. The picturesque setting immediately sets the mood for romance

The grounds are quiet and beautifully maintained with lots of trees and green spaces adding to the serene atmosphere. And, there’s a big pool to cool off in and when hunger pangs hit you’ll have multiple restaurants to choose from.

The Beach, Alexandra’s Crown Jewel

But Alexandra’s main selling point is the beach. Just a few steps from your door, it’s impossible to resist the sounds of the waves. The minute you step onto the powdery sand, you’ll find yourself immersed in striking natural beauty. With crystal-clear blue-green water you’ll have to take a dip. If you want to float around a while, bring some inflatables from home. Look forward to days spent rediscovering the art of doing nothing, indulging in some pampering with your partners, and taking part in everything from paddleboarding and kayaking to snorkeling. And, yes once again, it’s all included.

Blue Haven Resort

Location: Marina Road, Leeward TKCA 1ZZ Providenciales

Price Range: $970 – $1,149

turks and caicos resorts for couples

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

What we love about Blue Haven, a four-star boutique property, is that guests get access to two all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos for the price of one. With free shuttles and access to the property’s sister resort, Alexandra, you and your partner can enjoy a relaxing and luxurious escape and the occasional change of scenery.

While Blue Haven is family-friendly, as it’s larger as compared to other Turks and Caicos resorts, there’s plenty of room for all. It’s still possible to find romantic moments, and as the beach is private, it’s never crowded, nore are those stunning blue waters. Make a splash, and then unwind with a pina colada. Rinse. Repeat!

We love the clean and modern look of this property. lots of daybeds and hammocks strategically placed throughout. The view of the boats at the marina and unspoiled beaches doesn’t hurt either.

Pine Cay

Location: TKCA 1ZZ Pine Cay

Price Range: $2,286 – $2,477

Turks and caicos all inclusive resorts

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

Welcome to this Conde Nast 2023 Johansens award-winner! We just had to include Pine Cay on our list of all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos. After all, it sits on its own, private island. Yes, the next time your partner asks if you have a place in mind where you can cuddle up, kiss, and bask under the sun, just say the two magic words: “Pine Cay.” 

The property includes 13 beachfront rooms and suites, a sociable Clubhouse, a freshwater swimming poolm and Tiki Beach Bar. Additionally, you can spend your days lounging on the sand or playing in and on the ocean. After dark, it’s all about bonfires, barbecues and star-gazing. Gourmet cuisine is whipped up by top-notch professional chefs, and with Island-Inclusive rates, you won’t need to open your wallet often.

Play Castaways on a Romantic Island Adventure

Those with deep pockets can even rent the entire place for the ultimate romantic island adventure. You two can play very-well-cared-for castaways. Just imagine the honeymoon photos you’ll return home with! It’s just you and your partner, alone on an island with friendly and attentive staff catering to all your With no other guests around, you’ll be the only priority from check-in to check-out. Plus, you’ll have some great bragging rights with an entire island your honeymoon sanctuary.

Relais & Chateaux

Experience classic Caribbean hospitality at this resort, which a proud member of Relais & Châteaux. If you aren’t familiar with the term, you should be. That’s because Relais & Chateaux is a collection of some of the world’s most beautiful hotels and fine restaurants you’ll find anywhere. In fact, every property in this haute-couture hospitality organization is far more than simply a prestigious hotel or eatery. This is a doorway to a unique, magical and memorable experience. And, yes, the food is always exquisite! We can assure you that Pine Cay is a trendsetter and innovator in the world of luxury travel. And isn’t your honeymoon worth that?

Sailrock South Caicos

Location: Front Street, TKCA 1ZZ South Caicos

Price Range: $798 – $1,237

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

Truth be told, there aren’t many all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos. But we do have some better news. are also hotels and resorts that offer packages so that you can enjoy an all-inclusive experience. Such is the case at Sailrock South Caicos, an impressive, five-star luxury resort. Designed to make life easier for guests, its All-inclusive & All-luxury package includes meals, transfers, and accommodation. 

Sailrock is a slice of paradise with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Caicos Bank on the other. With two beaches to enjoy, it’s ideal for couples seeking serenity, far from the hustle and bustle. It’s remote, secluded, with silence only interupted by the sounds of nature here. Nothing will disturb your romantic quality time together here.

As the property is rather large, couples who enjoy walking at home can continue their routine along pretty paths bordered by thick hedges. While exploring the grounds, you’ll rarely see another guest. Of course, as one would expect, the weather tends to be idyllic, warm with gentle sea breezes. And, while you walk you’ll be rewarded with endless views of the sea.

Active couples can take advantage of a wide variety of activity options on-site too. Snorkeling and kayaking are outstanding at the Cove, located at the other end of the island. It is a family-friendly property but the beach is wide and almost always nearly empty. 

Take note. It’s important to be aware that there is a five-night minimum for all-inclusive stays. But in a place like this, time will fly by, and you’ll wish you could stay even longer. Of course, five nights would never be enough for a honeymoon anyway.

White Villas Resort

Location: 62 Long Bay Beach, TKCA 1ZZ Providenciales

Price Range: $879 – $1,471 

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

All-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos are not built the same. They come in a variety of types – some are smaller, while others cater to families. But for couples looking for the ultimate in a luxurious stay without worrying much about budget, we recommend renting an entire villa at White Villas Resort. This is the perfect choice for people those who shun the generic hotel experience, and prefer to indulge a bit more in the lifestyles of the rich and famous. 

Guests at White Villa live the alternate life most of us can only dream about. For example, here you’ll have an entire place to yourself, far away from prying eyes and noise. Not to mention, masseurs are available to relax any tense muscles, and you’ll be only a stone’s throw away from a long and gorgeous beach. Obviously, there are no boring beige hotel walls here. This is more like staying in the home of your fantasies!

Plus, on Siquijor Island, there are postcard-perfect beaches, waterfalls, caves, world-class diving and snorkeling. Addtionally, you can expect a safe and hospitable, laid-back, uncrowded atmosphere. There are great swimming beaches nearby and throughout the island too. And, did we mention the sunsets? Incredible!

Feel Good About Your Stay

The resort is an ideal pick for those who want to feel good about their stay too. Plastic bags are banned on the island and the resort minimizes single-use plastics. Low energy solutions are used, the property has its own clean and safe groundwater source, organic products are grown on-site, and native rainforest trees are planted on its upland farm to help restore biodiversity. And, admirably, the property also invests in the local staff and their families.

Ambergris Cay

Location: Ambergris Cay Big Ambergris Cay

Price Range: $2,640 – $6,715

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

Thanks to its unique geography, some of the all-inclusive Turks and Caicos resorts are private islands. Ambergris Cay is one, and it’s an incredible five-star property. The modern, airy bungalows are just a short stroll from the beach with dazzling waters just steps further. Plus, you can rent an entire villa for you and your partner for more living space. And, bonus: it feels more like staying in a luxury home than a hotel, and, you’ll have a private pool.

Honeymooners seeking a secluded luxury escape also enjoy access to more than 1,100-acres of mostly untouched land, ready to be explored by only a select few. With just 17 bungalows and 8 villas for rent on an all-inclusive basis, it has more of a luxe boutique hotel feel. There are options for beachfront bungalows with heated plunge pools along with the collection of privately owned homes and luxury villas, that range from three to six bedrooms.

A Bespoke Experience Just for You

This is a unique bespoked experience. In fact, it’s completely customized, tailored to the individual to ensure the needs and wishes of every guest is met. In addition, with the island just shy of a mile wide and about two miles long, makes it feel as if you’re at the edge of the world. Beyond the rugged coast and white sand beach, the sparkling blue water stretches to the horizon. It’s truly impossible to resist jumping in.

Because this is an exclusive place, you might feel as if you own the beach. Yes, you’ll be sharing it only with the local fauna, like tropical birds and the Caicos Rock iguana. And, when you’re in the mood for a quiet dip with no one else around, you’ll heven ave your own private pool.

At the end of the day, look forward to cuddling with your partner on the beach next to a bonfire. As the sun goes down, marvel at the colors filling the sky while enjoying the warmth of the flames. If this isn’t ultra-romantic, we don’t know what is!

Grace Bay Club 

Location: Grace Bay Circle Road, Grace Bay TKCA 1ZZ Providenciales

Price Range: $936 – $2,660

Why It’s Perfect For Couples

Say “I Do” to this five-star, all-suite resort! Honeymooners looking to get cozy together while enjoying an unforgettable romantic getaway should splurge by booking Grace Bay Club. No, it’s not a fully all-inclusive hotel. But there are at least two reasons we recommend a stay here. First, it offers a “Beach Escapes” package that includes daily breakfast, second, it’s has designated areas that are adults-only. 

As part of The Leading Hotels of the World, Grace Bay Club is recognized globally as a trendsetting, unique, independent provider of exceptional hospitality. The resort’s vetted membership in the prestigious LHW organization guarantees you a first-class experience — and one that you will always remember.

The world-renowned Grace Bay Club, the first luxury all-suite resort in Turks & Caicos, offers guests an experience far superior to the typical Turks & Caicos hotel. This beachfront destination has three distinct offerings: An adults-only section, The Hotel; plus a spacious, family-friendly section, The Villas Suites; and the exclusive, uber-luxe resort within a resort, The Estate.

During the day, you can look forward to an unblemished beach and activities like paddle boarding and kayaking. The pool is open in the evening if you want to go swimming at night. Overall, it’s a luxurious destination ideal for quality time with the one you love. 

Here, grace extends beyond the resort’s name to infuse breathtaking sunrise strolls and romantic sunset dinners with sophistication. Guests enjoy access to myriad activities, a selection of pools, and innovative, divine dining experiences. Bon Appetit!

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