6 Best All-Inclusive Resorts In Saint Vincent (2024)

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By Randell Suba | Updated on February 9, 2024

Warm waters, lush foliage, colorful flowers, exciting landscapes, historical landmarks, friendly people, and a truly laid-back attitude–Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is the perfect getaway for couples in search of a destination that is relaxing and unspoiled but has much to offer. Fortunately for travelers, a number of all-inclusive resorts in Saint Vincent have been established, paving the way for a luxurious and stress free experience. Gone are the days when you’d spend weeks poring over travel guides, pictures, and prices while you meticulously plan your vacation down to the last hour. 

We’re now in an era where little luxuries are within reach, and having memorable experiences isn’t just for the select few. Just think about it: nowadays, you can go online, and a single booking for two entitles you to a comfortable room with amenities, meals, beverages, snacks, access to fitness equipment, entertainment, recreational activities, and even airport transfers. You don’t need to think about anything because it’s all been paid for and taken care of from the get-go– even down to gratuity and tips. And the best part is visiting an entirely new country with an interesting culture and meeting friendly people along the way.

Here are some of the best all-inclusive resorts in Saint Vincent that couples should book for their next holiday. 

Sandals Saint Vincent Resort 

Location: Kingstown

What we like: A new tropical paradise perfect for play, romance, and relaxation

Sandals Saint Vincent

Opening in March 2024, this all-inclusive resort in Saint Vincent has taken over the sprawling property formerly occupied by Buccament Resort. However, the comparison stops there. Sandals Saint Vincent is a romantic paradise. Most of the area is newly built, comprising villas, suites, restaurants, bars, and other amenities against a picturesque Caribbean backdrop. 

Couples will almost always be in view of the pristine waters, and especially if you choose the over-the-water villa, the temptation to take a dip with your partner will be very hard to resist. It’s very much an upscale atmosphere where you can wake up to clear skies, take a few steps to your private patio, and descend the stairs straight into the water, all in a matter of seconds–no elevators, no rowdy crowds, just you and your partner having a quiet swim whenever you want. 

No doubt, being here immediately soothes your senses and unconsciously turns you into “unwind mode,” making it an ideal place to spend your honeymoon. Being a Sandals resort, they offer enticing all-inclusive honeymoon packages  that include sparkling wine, breakfast in bed, and special service to make your first days as a wedded couple truly memorable. It’s also worth noting that booking a stay at this adults-only resort as early as now can save you a bit of cash in the end. You can get a good discount if you choose to stay for seven nights. 

Palm Island Resort All Inclusive

Location: Southern Grenadines

What we like: Earn the bragging rights of staying on a luxurious, private island

all-inclusive resorts in saint vincent

Newlyweds looking for all-inclusive resorts in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have a fantastic choice at Palm Island Resort and Spa. For starters, this adults-only destination occupies an entire private island, making it an ultra-romantic resort for couples in St. Vincent. The island provides the perfect opportunity for couples to enjoy each other and have a truly unique experience for their romantic holiday after tying the knot

Once you arrive, you’ll immediately be greeted and taken care of by their staff, and then you’re free to roam around in your little paradise. You can enjoy fresh seafood like lobsters, ceviche, or refreshing drinks. Better yet, leave your phone in your room and snorkel with fish in the calm waters. 

When you’re here, you’re in charge of your own time, and you’re totally free to do whatever takes your fancy. You can enjoy the open water, have a quiet dip in the pool, check out the turtles and other wildlife, cycle around, watch the sunset, or go stargazing. Quite literally, there are a myriad of activities you can do from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. 

Petit St. Vincent Resort 

Location: Southern Grenadines

What we like: Secluded, bougie getaway

Honeymoon in st. vincent and grenadines

All the picturesque scenes you would find on a travel brochure, like the bright blue sea, coconuts against a clear sky, powder white sand in between your toes–you get all of that in real life at Petit St. Vincent all-inclusive resorts in Saint Vincent. 

In the age of AI and push notifications, this resort is probably one of the last few places where you can truly unplug and go back to nature. There’s limited wifi in this island resort, and no phones or TVs as well, so don’t even think about going on a working holiday. Instead, Petit St. Vincent encourages couples to leave all the tech behind and embrace a blissful, tranquil, and of course, romantic time with your partner. 

There are absolutely no distractions except the stunning natural beauty all around you. Kick off your shoes, dine on unlimited lobster, and enjoy some tipple with your partner at a wine and rum tasting. For honeymooners, you can savor all the good things in life here and make it the fairytale start to your marriage.

Bequia Beach Hotel Luxury Boutique Resort & Spa

Location: Near Friendship Beach

What we like: Peaceful Caribbean holiday

Resorts for couples in st. vincent

Don’t be fooled by its family-friendly appearance. The Bequia Beach Hotel is an all-inclusive resort in Saint Vincent that’s also a good choice for adults, especially couples hoping for a romantic holiday. 

The resort is built and decorated in a colonial style, and with rooms having no TVs, you’ll sort of feel like you traveled back in time, when couples went on holiday for months and enjoyed the rustic pleasures that nature has to offer.

 Honeymooners can choose to book a villa that comes with its own private pool, so you won’t have to share with other guests and enjoy a nighttime swim all alone. During the day, follow the sound of the waves all the way to the beach and lounge about, watching the boats go by.  

Young Island Resort

Location: Across the southern coast of St. Vincent

What we like: Quiet escape close to the mainland

All inclusive resorts Saint Vincent

Just three minutes away from mainland St. Vincent is Young Island Resort. This all-inclusive resort in Saint Vincent offers various packages to help you make the most of your stay. If you plan to spend your honeymoon in St. Vincent and Grenadines, you can opt for the Lovers’ Package to get roundtrip transfers, massages, and champagne included in your booking. They also have the Stranded in Style package that gives you five nights in an ocean-view cottage, daily meals, drinks, and airport transfers.

This is an ideal spot both for lazy couples and adventure seekers. Those who want a quiet holiday can bask in the sun, sleep on the hammock, and enjoy locally-made bread. Even the staff here recommend just booking a stay and doing absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, active couples can hit the water as soon as they arrive and visit nearby attractions like Fort Charlotte.

The Liming Bequia 

Location: Bequia Island

What we like: High-end accommodation at a serene location

Resorts for couples in st. vincent

The Liming Bequia is a lovely resort for couples in St. Vincent who prefer not to run into other guests while they’re swimming in the sea. Unlike other all-inclusive resorts in Saint Vincent, they only include breakfast with your room rates, but you can add the cost of other meals to your bill. Having said that, the food here is terrific. 

When you’re in the water, you’ll have a clear view of St. Vincent in the distance, and it’s hard not to feel happy under the bright, wide sky while hearing the waves lap on the shores. Walking along the beach, you’ll meet a few tiny crabs or sea birds diving into the water. 

Once you’ve enjoyed the Caribbean waters, you can head back to the resort and go to the pool, surrounded by trees and pretty flowers. The Liming has an overall peaceful vibe, ideal for couples in the mood for cuddling and some R&R. 

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