40th Wedding Anniversary: 40 Meaningful Gifts To Celebrate

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Celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary is an incredible milestone many couples can only dream of achieving. This milestone is worth celebrating with friends, family, and, most of all –each other. Below are a few wedding anniversary gift ideas that will make your partner of 40 years feel loved and appreciated.

What is The 40th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

The 40th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone in any marriage. To celebrate this special occasion, many couples exchange gifts made of ruby. Rubies are considered to be a symbol of love, passion, and commitment, making them the perfect choice for a 40th anniversary gift. In addition to being beautiful and durable, rubies are also quite rare, making them all the more special. Whether you choose to give a piece of ruby jewelry or a simple red rose, this gesture is sure to be cherished by your spouse for years to come.

Ruby-Inspired Gifts for 40th Wedding Anniversary

The traditional 40th anniversary gift is usually a ruby because this gemstone symbolizes passion and love. If you want to stick to tradition, these gifts will surely leave a good impression:

1. Bouquet of Ruby Roses

Flowers are a classic anniversary gift. Ruby roses for the ruby anniversary make the gift more meaningful.

2. Box of Ruby Chocolates

A box of sweet ruby chocolates is an excellent and one-of-a-kind 40th wedding anniversary gift for wife if you’re on a tight budget.

3. Ruby Earrings

Make your wife of 40 years feel beautiful with a set of elegant ruby earrings as an anniversary gift.

4. Diamond and Ruby Necklace

A diamond halo ruby necklace is always a hit if you’re looking for a traditional 40th anniversary gift. 

5. Ruby Eternity Ring

Show her your eternal love with a ruby eternity ring to symbolize spending the rest of your lives together.

6. Ruby Wrist Watch

Husbands also deserve a gift on your ruby wedding anniversary. A ruby-encrusted or ruby-faced watch is a thoughtful present that stays within the ruby gift theme.

7. Ruby-Colored Drink

From wine to gin or even non-alcoholic drinks you want your spouse to experience.

8. Red Bluetooth Record Player

Got a techie spouse? A fantastic idea for a 40th wedding anniversary gift for husband is a red bluetooth record player he can use to play his vinyl records.

9. Ruby Red Cufflinks

Ruby cufflinks are perfect anniversary gifts for your husband of 40 years.

10. Red Personalized Leather Journal

A red personalized journal can be filled with thoughts and memories or used as a day planner by your partner. 

Memorable And Thoughtful Gifts For 40th Wedding Anniversary

Not all 40th anniversary wedding gifts hold the same value and meaning. Most couples want to give each other sentimental and memorable gifts like:

11. Personalized Wedding Anniversary Photo Album

After 40 years as a married couple, you and your partner will easily fill up a photo album with memories.

12. Anniversary Box of Dates

Keep your date nights fun and exciting even after 40 years with a special box filled with new date ideas for the entire year.

13. Personalized Bottle of Rosé

Celebrate this major milestone with a modern 40th anniversary gift, like sharing a personalized bottle of rosé with your spouse.

14. Anniversary Newspaper

A newspaper printed on your wedding day will be a romantic ruby wedding anniversary gift.

15. Personalized Sheet Music Wall Art

Turn your wedding song into a piece of art and display it for all your visitors to see. Or you can get your spouse personalized wall art as an anniversary gift.

16. Custom Subscription Boxes

Cater to their preferences by getting them subscription boxes.

17. Unique Anniversary Sundial

Forty years is a lot of time together and a sundial is a unique gift to remind you that time is precious.

18. Milestone Tree

The ruby milestone tree shows that you and your loved one will continue to grow together.

19. Where It Began Map 

A framed picture of the area or location where you and your partner first met is a romantic and modern 40th anniversary gift.

20. 40th Anniversary Cutting Board

Cutting boards are simple yet useful and practical 40th anniversary gifts.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas To Rekindle Their Passion

Staying married for 40 years is no easy task and it comes with many ups and downs that couples experience together. Keep the love and passion alive, which can be encouraged with the right 40th anniversary gifts.

21. Wine Tasting

Spend a day tasting all the best wines a vineyard can offer together.

22. Couple’s Cooking Class

Challenge each other by learning how to prepare new and exciting dishes in a couple’s cooking class.

23. Weekend Spa Getaway

Treat her to a weekend spa getaway, a popular 40th wedding anniversary gift for wife.

24. Romantic Vacation

Go on a spontaneous vacation to create more memories together.

25. Romantic Staycation

Or book a few nights at a lavish hotel nearby for your 40th wedding anniversary staycation.

26. Flying Lessons

Make his dreams come true with flying lessons as his 40th wedding anniversary gift for husband.

27. Food Tour

Enjoy the local food by going on a memorable food tour together.

28. Take A Road Trip

Even if it’s just a short drive to a new town, this is a thoughtful way to celebrate your 40th anniversary.

29. Join An Art Class

Whether painting, sculpting, or drawing, experiencing new things together keeps your bond stronger.

30. Join A Tennis Club

Keep agile and fit by signing up for a tennis club and playing doubles with your partner.

Celebration Of Love As A Couple Or With Family And Friends

Why limit 40th wedding anniversary gifts to just presents when it can be a time for celebrating and getting together with loved ones?

31. Romantic Dinner for Two

Have a nice romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant.

32. Surprise Anniversary Party

Throw a surprise anniversary for your spouse and invite everyone special in their life.

33. Weekend With The Entire Family

Go to a cabin or lakehouse and celebrate with your immediate family for the weekend.

34. Host A Picnic

Host an indoor or outdoor picnic to celebrate with friends and family.

35. Spend Time with the Grandkids

Gather all your grandkids together under one roof and do something fun with them.

36. Go On A Bike Ride

Strap on your helmets and go on a scenic bike ride with your partner as a modern 40th anniversary gift.

37. Host A Movie Marathon At Home

Invite friends and family to your home and watch your favorite movies while enjoying popcorn and drinks.

38. Eat At A Family-Friendly Restaurant

Go to your favorite family-friendly restaurant and celebrate this milestone with everyone in the family.

39. Cook For Each Other

Make it simple but romantic by taking the day to prepare each other’s favorite meal for dinner.

40. Spend Time Together Without Distractions

Turn off the Wi-Fi and enjoy each other’s company, a glass of wine is optional but recommended.

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