10th Wedding Anniversary: 16 Best Gift Ideas For Him And Her

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An occasion as special as your tin anniversary calls for a special gift. After all, reaching the first ten years of your married life is no simple feat. However, choosing the best 10th wedding anniversary gift for your spouse isn’t a walk in the park. You need to consider their preferences and your budget. Plus, you must think of something you haven’t given yet during your past anniversary celebrations.

This is where our list comes in. From bouquets and pampering sets to custom cufflinks and luggage, here are gift ideas that are heartwarming, practical, and very much apt to celebrate a decade of marriage. 

8 Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Her

In this 10th year anniversary gift for wife list, we’ve narrowed down wedding presents to help you express your love and gratitude to her.

A Bouquet Of Daffodils

In wedding tradition, the daffodil is considered the 10th-anniversary flower. Daffodils don’t only symbolize resilience — they also mean rebirth. Renew your vow of faithful love to your wife by giving her a bouquet of these yellow blooms.

A Floral Dinnerware Set

If you want to incorporate the sentimentality of the daffodils into something practical, go for a dinnerware set that features these flowers in its design. Plates, bowls, and mugs are a staple in the kitchen, so you’re sure that this gift will be something you can use for the years to come.

Personalized Wall Art

Is your wife into arts and interior design? One of the best wedding anniversary gift ideas for her is a decorative piece she can hang in the living room or your bedroom. Many online shops accept customized orders. The wall art can feature a sweet statement, your favorite photos, or her favorite flick or painting. A simple glance at this art piece will remind her of the wonderful times you’ve spent together.

Luxury Pastries Or Chocolates In A Tin

If daffodils are the 10th-anniversary flowers, the 10th-anniversary metal is tin or aluminum. That’s why if you search for luxury 10th wedding anniversary gifts, you can find a list like this that suggests giving an elegantly designed tin can filled with luxury goodies. Truffles and macarons are some of the most popular options.

A Pampering Gift Set

Tins containing pampering goodies like hand creams, lotion, and perfumes are also in. Giving this 10th wedding anniversary gift is a practical way of saying “thank you,” but if you want to leave more impact, you can also opt for a spa wellness membership instead — or just give her both.

Customized Tin Accessories

From earrings to lockets to bracelets, you can buy different kinds of tin jewelry pieces to commemorate your tin wedding anniversary. Make it extra special by engraving her initials and your wedding anniversary date.

A Diamond Watch

The diamond is the 10th wedding anniversary stone. Surprising her with a diamond watch is a grand gesture that celebrates the past ten years — and the next decades of your married life.

A Diamond-Quilted Handbag

If your wife has that lady-boss vibe, then a bag or a purse quilted with diamond stones is a great wedding gift idea. It’s fancy, functional, and a fitting token of appreciation for a go-getter like her. 

8 Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Him

Surprise your man and get your gift inspiration from our 10th year anniversary gift for husband curation below.

Tin Coffee Mugs

Simple yet affectionate, these mugs are a heartwarming gift for your coffee-loving husband. You can even customize them and let your supplier engrave monograms, initials, or a witty one-liner. Waking up to the future days of your life together will surely be sweeter. 

A 10-Year-Old Fine Wine

Is your husband more of a wine enthusiast than a caffeine lover? What better way to celebrate your special day than with a glass of fine wine that has the same age as you as a married couple. It’s the perfect complement to a savory dinner that you’ve prepared on your own. 

A Personalized Pen

The pen is a staple in lists of 10 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples. It’s an everyday item that symbolizes many great things: intelligence, diligence, and determination. If you want to acknowledge your man’s efforts to provide for you (and your family), one option is to personalize a high-end pen with his initials.


Cufflinks have long been considered a status symbol for men. These accessories add prestige and an air of luxury when worn with formal wear and tuxedos. To celebrate your first ten years with him, consider giving him cufflinks in blue or silver (regarded as 10th-anniversary colors). You can also get one embedded with a diamond. Other accessory gift options include wedding anniversary bands and luxury watches.

Metal Earbuds

Want a more casual present? You should add these earbuds to your list of choices. Your husband can use them at work, during virtual meetings, or when they want to listen to music at the gym. Go the extra mile by pairing this gadget with a romantic playlist curated just for him.

Customized License Plate As A Mancave Decor

Make your husband’s mancave uniquely his by gifting him an aluminum license plate bearing his initials and the number 10 (which stands for your 10th wedding anniversary). This makes for a one-of-a-kind decoration he can hang on the wall or at the door. If you’re thinking of giving something even more practical but transport-related, you can go for bike or automobile accessories. 

An Aluminum Camping Table

Do you, as a couple, enjoy camping and spending your free time getting close to nature? Make your every adventure more convenient and efficient with a sturdy camping table. Complete the package with camping accessories and handy survival tools that your current arsenal still lacks. 

Aluminum Luggage

Many couples hold their 10th wedding anniversary celebrations out of town or abroad. Visit your dream destination in style with luggage made of aluminum. Your husband will also find it useful if he needs to go on business trips. Consider it a trusty traveling companion that, like your marriage, will last for many years. 

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