About Us

Introducing the honeymoons.com team:

Together we share over 60+ years of experience in the travel industry. We’ve talked with countless honeymooners, consulted hotels, resorts and destinations on how to make them happy and visited thousands of honeymoon spots throughout the world to make sure that they deliver the value promised.

MIKE WARGO, President & Chief Financial Officer

Mike was fortunate to be part of the start of the online travel revolution back in 1995 with Preview Travel that later merged with Travelocity. Mike also served as Vice President of Marketing for Collette Vacations (one of the oldest tour operators in the USA) as well as co-founder of one of the largest customer loyalty companies – Destination Rewards.

ALBERT HARTIGAN, Chief Operating Officer

Albert has 20 years in travel publishing including traditional print, e-commerce, digital, social and mobile. He has significant experience in the travel sector having worked with Conde Nast on both The New Yorker Magazine and Gourmet Magazine. Albert also served as Ad Director for Bridal Guide Magazine. He has worked with leading travel brands including AARP, Wall Street Journal Office Media, and Northstar Travel Media: Your Travel Insider & Luxury Cruise News.

SUSAN WAGNER, Editor-in-Chief & Board Member

Susan created honeymoons.com after serving as Travel Editor of Modern Bride Magazine for 10 years.  She has reported on leading honeymoon resorts and destinations throughout the world and gives unique insider’s advice on many of them.  She has written countless articles on honeymooning and has also served as consultant to hotels, resorts and destinations who want to expand their honeymoon and wedding business. She has also been on the staff of Travel & Leisure Magazine, written many travel articles, and served as Contributing Editor to leading guidebooks such as Fodor’s and Penguin.

TOM CURTIN, Publisher & Board Member

Tom was Publisher and Senior VP of Bridal Guide Magazine for 12 years. In this capacity, he talked with countless honeymooners and traveled the world advising hotels, resorts and destinations on how to build honeymoon and destination wedding business. He was instrumental in the creation of successful Honeymoon Guides for leading corporations such as Marriott, American Airlines and the United States Travel & Tourism Association as well as for destinations such as Tahiti, Florida, The Poconos and the Hawaiian Visitors Bureau. He has also held executive positions at Modern Bride Magazine,  Braniff Airways and American Airlines where he was Manager of International Tour Marketing and at Thomas Cook International, a world renowned tour operator.

ANDY CHEN,  Board Member

Andy started his career as an Aerospace Engineer at Northrop Grumman and spent time as a Management Consultant with Cambridge Management Consulting. He has a BS in Civil engineering from Texas A&M and MBA from University of Texas at Austin. Andy spent three years at Sabre and Travelocity working in marketing and business development roles. He was the co-founder and President of Traxo, a VC funded travel application. Andy has spent the last seven years as an exec at Match. He is VP of Business Development, Head of Offline Business (over 4,000 live Events and Travel getaways annually), and Head of Emerging Business (focused on product innovation and R&D). Andy currently resides in Texas and enjoys working with startups in Dallas.

MARY WARGO, Director of Sales & Marketing

Mary is the youngest member of the Honeymoons.com management team. After graduating from Catholic University in Washington, DC, she began working with travel clients including Facebook app Where I’ve Been, Your Travel Insider, Luxury Cruise News and AARP. An experienced world traveler, she has written numerous articles with a focus on experiential travel for AARP Great Deals & Great Destinations. Mary joined the Honeymoons.com team back in 2012 and has been instrumental in building partnerships with hotels in Europe and the UK, Belize, Canada and throughout the US.
Contact:  [email protected].

MARIAN McCUSKER, Content Director

Marian has extensive experience in developing and orchestrating campaigns for destinations marketing organizations having worked at a prominent ad agency that specialized in travel industry clients.
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Marty is a world traveler with a background in public accounting.  He has held executive positions with Arthur Anderson & Co., and Grolier and McMillan Publishing Companies.  For the past 20 years, he has been with Interlaken Capital Inc., a venture capital and investment firm located in Greenwich, CT.