What is an All-Inclusive Honeymoon?

An all-inclusive honeymoon is a vacation taken by a newlywed couple where accommodations, meals, water sports, some sightseeing, tips, taxes and airport transportation are all part of the price you pay before leaving home. In other words, you pay one upfront price for your honeymoon stay.

All-inclusive properties come in all price ranges, from luxury to affordable. Most lie on prime beachfront property with sprawling gardens and public areas so that privacy is always possible for those who like to be alone together.

Some resorts are also “adults-only”, catering specifically to honeymooners, both newlyweds and long marrieds, which will give you the opportunity to further customize your choice.

Is All-Inclusive Right for You?

For some couples, the multitude of decisions associated with planning and executing a wedding are more than enough to cope with.  So when it comes to planning a honeymoon, they want the process to be easy, affordable and meet a variety of needs.

If you can relate to the following list, then an all-inclusive honeymoon may be right for you:

  • We Have a Budget and We Need to Stick to It

Most all-inclusive honeymoons are paid for during the wedding planning process (a budget calculator can help with that). The one price for room, meals and activities helps couples set a budget and stick to it.  Managing costs upfront also eliminates the need to carry cash or credit cards with you while on property. There are some things, however, that may not be covered in your all-inclusive fee, so be sure to check with the resort so there are no surprises at check-out.

  • I Love the Beach, but My Partner is a Sports Nut

All-inclusive honeymoons offer something for everyone.  These resorts are generally located on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and are outfitted with a myriad of pools and lounging areas. One half might decide to stretch out on a chaise in the sun and relax while their sports enthusiast partner will hit the state-of-the-art fitness center, water ski or play a round of golf before joining back up for lunch or drinks.  Together, couples can also experience activities they may not have had the chance to try before like snorkeling, parasailing or off-roading.

  • After all the Wedding Planning and Family Involvement, I want some Romantic Time…Just us!

Honeymoons always spell r-o-m-a-n-c-e, but all-inclusive resorts do it in capital letters. From the minute you arrive, welcomed by a rose petal strewn bed and chilled champagne, to the time you leave… it’s all about you and your mate. All-inclusive honeymoon resorts put the emphasis on quality alone time, often boasting in-room Jacuzzi’s and private plunge pools.  Specialized services like couples massages and sunset dinners for two add to the ambience and amore. (And some adult all-inclusives even offer private clothing-optional areas).

All-inclusive honeymoons also offer the chance to meet new friends; often other newlyweds enjoying their own honeymoon.  Meeting people from around the world who share your same honeymoon week can turn into lifelong friendships –and even translate into future anniversary trips together!

  • We’re Foodies and Want to Ensure that a Great Price doesn’t Translate to Not-So-Great Meals

All-inclusive resorts have come a long way since Gerald Blitz created the Club Med concept over 50 years ago. Those with gourmet tastes will find a selection from simple fare to fine dining – including several that are Zagat-rated.  Most resorts offer both excellent and varied menus in a collection of on-premise restaurants, with extensive wine lists, and after dinner entertainment and dancing.

  • I’d Like an Eco-Honeymoon, But I want the Safety of a Resort Location

The gated community of an all-inclusive resort offers a controlled environment with layers of security that lend them to a worry-free vacation.

Whatever type of all-inclusive you decide on, be sure to read the small print and find out exactly what is included in the package price. Some resorts charge extra for airport transfers, alcoholic beverages or motorized water sports equipment. Several resorts also offer two or three extras for the price of one such as staying in one resort, but using the facilities of others in the same family on other parts of the island.

Pleasure, flexibility, safety, convenience and great value are guaranteed when you book an all-inclusive honeymoon.