12 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Older Couples

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Chances are this is an older couple that already has basic household items downs to a science. What’s a wedding guest to do?  Although that may be the case, you’ll still want to send the newlyweds off with well-wishes and a customary gift to show your appreciation for them. When the newlyweds have it all, here are some wedding gift ideas for older couples that will get your gears turning.

Some of these gift ideas include the practical along with the memorable. But there’s no denying each one will be appreciated by the newly married couple who get to experience the spark of romance again.

12 Wedding Gift Ideas For Older Couples That Beautifully Compliment Their New Romance

Spa Gift Basket

Young, middle-aged or well into the golden years, every human being needs a day of relaxation and pampering. Gift the newlyeds with a rejuvenating spa gift basket. Scented soaps, lotions, oils and bath bombs will definitely give the newlyweds an excuse to take time for themselves and engage in self-care

Virtual Classes

What does the couple love to learn about? With the internet, the ability to learn a new subject, or take on a new hobby is easier than ever before. Find something that the newly married couple can experience and learn about together. There are lots of options for cooking, writing, dancing, exercise, and music classes. This sky’s the limit with what the couple would like to learn about.

Wood Cutting Board

Hear us out on this one. You may be thinking that a cutting board is a pretty normal gift and… you’re right. But the thing about cutting boards is they experience a lot of wear and tear. When it comes to cutting boards the need for replacement comes sooner rather than later. Make this gift infinitely better by getting it engraved with a meaningful wedding related message. This is a great wedding gift idea for older couples who are a more practical duo.

Him and Hers Wine Glasses

Imagine: The gift of a quiet night enjoying the company of the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. What could be better? Adding a bit of bubbly into the evening, of course. Give the newlyweds Him and Hers wine glasses for those nights of relish. They will totally appreciate beautiful glasses to sip their drinks from.

Throw Blanket

A collection of blankets is a must as you get older. Where a t-shirt and sweats were enough to keep warm in days past, sometimes a blanket is needed to get the job done. A cute or homey throw blanket is a great thing to get the couple. Keeping the blanket on or near the couch will be regularly met with gratitude for the newlyweds especially during the cold winter months.


The benefits of having a green plant are scientifically proven. But what you want to know is if this is a good gift — and it most definitely is. The best plants are those that are low maintenance and don’t die easily. Look for succulents or plants at the store that are marked as low maintenance. A little bit of greenery in the house can change the entire energy of the room. This is definitively one of the most humble and effective wedding gift ideas for older couples.

Couples Activity Gift Card

When it comes to the best type gifts that are given in life, it’s 100% the gift of memories. And that truth sets like concrete. So when you’re on a hunt for a particularly impressive gift, go with a couples activities gift card. There are so many things to do like hiking, bird watching, dance lessons, cooking lessons, city tours, and wine tasting tours to name a few. You’re sure to find something that piques the newly married couple’s interest.

Monthly Subscription

What can you get a subscription for these days? Aside from media entertainment there’s a lot more to it. Wedding gift ideas for older couples include subscriptions for candles (yes, it’s a thing!), coffee, tea, chocolates, wine or other booze. With this gift the celebration of a beautiful and romantic new beginning can go year round.

Hardware Store Gift Card

For a younger generation who thrives on what seems like eternal youth, this gift appears unassuming and dull. But for an older couple who’ve garnered lots of life experience, this is truly a godsend. When things breakdown in the house, it’s expensive to repair. This gift is endlessly thoughtful and supremely practical. The newlyweds will undoubtedly be grateful.

Couples Cook Book

Eating the same things over and over can get boring. To spice things up consult a good cook book. And to fortify your relationships, cook together. That’s the recipe for marital success. Consider gifting a couples cook book for an older couple that commits to being a dynamic and fearless duo in the kitchen.

Instant Pot

As the years advance you might find that eating becomes more of a chore. If you have an older couple who’s on the go and busy enjoying married life, an Instant Pot is a solid option.  You may also have an older couple who doesn’t have the energy any more to whip up an intricate meal. One pot meals are time savers and easy to make. There’s also no shortage of the different foods to be made using the Instant Pot. Just drop all the ingredients in and you have a tasty treat ready to go.

Glasses Storage

Knowing where glasses are at all times is vital for an older couple. Give them a stylish place to store them. This can help avoid breaking glasses, getting them dirty or missing out on important moments or details that happen quickly throughout the day. And as a newlyweds there are so many within the first year. Start them off strong with this wedding gift idea for older couples.  

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