Wedding Day Tips for Grooms

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So you’ve bought the ring, popped the question and planned the wedding down to every detail. Your suit fits perfectly, the guests are checked in and everything is ready to go. Or is it? Here are our top ten wedding day tips for grooms, to help marrying men be absolutely sure that the wedding day goes without a hitch from start to finish.


10. Use A Checklist

By preparing a checklist of everything you’ll need to remember beforehand, you’ll feel much more secure that you haven’t missed anything. This kind of preparation will really help you on the big day, and also shows your bride-to-be that you’re not afraid to jump in and help the process along.


9. Start Early

Since everything has to be perfect, start the day as early as possible so that any issues that come up can be dealt with before it’s too late. You don’t want to put your suit on at the last minute, only to have a button pop off or a cuff link fall into the toilet! Giving yourself the extra time can only increase your chances of having everything go exactly as planned.


8. Pack An Emergency Kit

This one might not be obvious to grooms, but can be an absolute lifesaver. One would hope you wouldn’t need to use it, but it’s better to be over-prepared than to have a problem pop up that you aren’t ready to deal with. An emergency kit is full of items you hope you won’t have to use: Things like extra buttons for your coat, a list of important phone numbers, mouthwash, a lint roller, and anti-diarrhea medication. If you end up needing any of these things you’ll thank your past self for looking out for number one, and if you don’t need them, you won’t regret being ready for anything to go wrong!


7. Eat Breakfast

Without a breakfast rich in protein, vitamins and carbs, you may find your stomach grumbling at a point where you no longer have the time to eat a full meal. Awaking early and having a balanced, hearty breakfast will give you the energy you need to last the day. Even better, pack a couple of energy bars just in case you need a quick pick-me-up before the ceremony starts.


6. Keep Your Boys In Line

Do all your groomsmen have the right clothes, and do they know what their role in the wedding is? Is your best man going to show up hung over? Make sure that all your friends know the what, where, when, why and how of the wedding and that nothing is unclear about the parts they’ll play. Making sure that your boys are in line will ensure nothing embarrassing happens, or else your new wife (and in-laws) might never let you forget it, and rightfully so! Keep your fiancé looped in, so she knows you’re on top of it and she can feel just a little less stress on the big day.


5. Stay Sweet

Arrange ahead of time to have flowers, her favorite candies or a sentimental postcard sent to your lady love while she’s getting ready. It’s the kind of detail she won’t forget, and the warm feeling she’ll get when she receives it will help color the entire occasion and even the start of your newlywed lives together. Some men are better at this stuff than others, but grooms should tap their creative side and write her a wedding song for the band to play at the reception, a poem to recite at dinner or a sweet video message for her to discover later. Details count, and she’ll remember the gesture.


4. Gussy Up

Your fiancé is spending tons of time and money on hair, makeup, nails, and every other aspect of her appearance so that she looks her absolute best. The least you can do is get a professional shave and hair stylist, but a facial and manicure would really make you shine and show how you want to look as good for her as she does for you. For beach weddings, a pedicure would also help so you don’t stroll down the aisle with ogre feet. It all comes back to the same point we can’t stress enough: Women notice this stuff, and they will remember the effort you took.


3. Stay Comfy

Make sure your shoes are already broken in so you don’t get blisters, your undershirt is thick enough to keep sweat from showing and your outfit is weather-appropriate for the destination. Making sure that everything fits and you’re staying cool and comfortable will help you enjoy the day and not have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions or unpleasant style surprises. You can prepare in advance and order custom wedding suits for you and your groomsmen so you can be comfortable and stylish on your special day.


2. Keep It Real

Is your mother calling every five minutes to check how things are going? There are lots of potential distractions to delay your preparations, so if you need Mom to back off, explain to her gently that you really need the time to get ready, everything is under control and you can’t wait to see her at the wedding. Also, by having as many elements as possible ready ahead of time, and by using a checklist, you’ll be keeping things moving along at the pace you need.


1. Love It

Doing your job as a groom means you’ve helped prepare, you’ve made your fiancé feel like a queen, everyone knows their role and you’re looking your absolute best. Having everything ready and knowing what needs to be done will make it much easier to enjoy the occasion, even in the wedding day prep phase. Having less stress will rub off on your bride, and that can only increase your chances of making the day go perfectly. You’ve found the woman of your dreams and done everything you can to prepare, so set the tone for the rest of your lives together by loving every waking moment! And now, you may kiss the bride.


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