13 Inspiring Wedding Band Engravings Ideas

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There are numerous wedding band engraving ideas out there if you take your time and do your due diligence. You can go for funny, modern, serious, or traditional ideas to make your big day unique and special.

Congratulations on the huge milestone! You’re getting married! You’ve probably already bought the engagement ring, and now it’s time to play around with the wedding bands. You could already have a particular color or type in mind, but have you thought about what you’d love engraved inside?

Most couples fail to realize that the wedding bands’ basic engravings are complementary and are offered for free by most jewelers. Now that you’re aware of this option, where do you start to think about what you want to be inscribed inside? This guide will look at the most unique and stylish wedding band engraving ideas to mark your big day and truly personalize your wedding bands. Read on!

More Traditional Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Names, Initials, and Wedding Date

Your partner’s initials, their name, both your names, or your wedding date is the most popular thing to have engraved on your wedding bands. It’s a perfect way of adding a symbolic touch to an otherwise plain wedding band that you’ll cherish forever. You can slightly personalize the bands by being a bit extra with phrases such as:

  • Nov 25- Our Life Begins
  • Forever Begins- Nov 25
  • Adventure Awaits- Dec 5
  • Dec 5 (Never Forget)

Sentimental Love Quotes

Suppose you’re both hopeless romantics and believe you’ve found your soul mate. In that case, you can personalize your wedding bands using a sentimental love quote. The love quote will be the inscription that will define your relationship for the rest of your lives. Select a phrase that means something special to both of you, one that will inspire and guide you throughout your union. A few popular examples include:

  • Now and Forever
  • To the moon and back
  • The beginning of forever
  • Love is the greatest adventure
  • My one and only

Your Nicknames

If you and your partner have special names that you call each other or you’ve developed a unique lingo that only the two of you understand, you can leverage this. It’s normal and unique to come up with these endearing and sweet nicknames that you can use on your wedding bands. This will always remind you of your special relationship with your partner.

Your Wedding Vow (Part Of)

Whether you go with the customized or traditional wedding vows, having a part of these inscribed in your wedding bands will help you remember the words you promised one another on your wedding day. You spoke these words in confidence and truth, which you’ll use to strengthen your marriage. A few popular examples include:

  • In sickness and in health
  • For richer, for poorer
  • To have and to hold
  • For better, for worse

Symbolic Poems or Song Lyrics

Do you have a particular song that means everything to you and your partner? Maybe your first dance or your favorite song, or perhaps lyrics that resonate with you. Maybe you have a poem that inspires and captures your love story’s essence. You can use these or parts of these lyrics or phrases on your wedding bands and be inspired by the words of others.

Religious or Spiritual Quotes and Verses

If you both share a strong spiritual or religious belief, you can engrave things such as bible verses on their wedding bands. It can also be a powerful message on your wedding bands as a reminder of the spiritual connection you share as a unit growing in marriage.

More Unique Engraving Ideas

Your Wife’s or Husband’s Signature or Fingerprint

This is a brilliant and fun idea that you might have never considered! You can get your partner’s signature or fingerprint etched inside your wedding bands. This adds a personal and unique touch, almost like taking an actual part of your partner with you wherever you go.

Complimenting Statements on the Wedding Bands

Another unique way is to think of complementary phrases that go together on you and your partner’s bands. You can have some fun with this as you can either have a phrase completed by your partner’s band or have phrases etched on each that complement one another. Some of the top examples include:

  • Mr. Last Name/Mrs. Last Name
  • Joined in love that will not be part/ Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart
  • Little Spoon/ Big Spoon

Something Meaningful In A Different Language

You’ve probably seen many couples with Asian, Italic, or Arabic tattoos and wondered what it means. This idea is ideal if you both share a unique common language or have a country that is significant to your relationship. You can get the phrase “I Cherish You, My Love” written out in Japanese. Ensure what you select translates properly in the language by asking a native or researching online to confirm.

An Inside Joke Between The Two Of You

Chances are you’ve already come up with several inside jokes before getting engaged or even afterward. Make your engravings more unique and special by adding something that only two of you can relate to. The phrase can symbolize the special bond you share as you start this new phase of your marriage life.

Add Some Humor

Do you love to joke around and have fun with your partner? You can incorporate a little personality into the band engraving by adding humor to your engraving in a fun and witty manner. You can get creative here, and some of our favorite phrases with a touch of humor or irony to them include:

  • Dibs!
  • No refunds
  • Why is this off?
  • Insert finger here
  • The alarm will sound if removed
  • Legally mine
  • Finders keepers
  • Resistance is futile
  • Do not wear it in the ocean!
  • Wicked Special
  • To be continued…
  • Put me back on!
  • A perfect fit

Allow Your Partner to Surprise You

If you’re unsure of what you want on your wedding band, you can be a little adventurous and allow your partner to surprise you. Have your partner contact the jeweler with what they’d prefer engraved, and you’ll be surprised by what you get. This could be another fun way to get something special on your wedding band that you may have previously overlooked.

Place a Stone in the Wedding Band

Although it’s not essentially an engraving, inlaying a diamond or gemstone is a unique and interesting option to give your band some personality and worth. You can use a small diamond from your loved ones or parents or add a meaningful birthstone or color to both of you. With every anniversary, you can add a diamond inside or outside the band as a symbol of your everlasting love, partnership, and commitment.

Now that you’ve found inspiration for your wedding band engraving, whether funny, modern, serious, or traditional, we can take care of all your engraving needs. Reach out today and get your unique, special, and personalized message engraved on your wedding bands.

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