Ultimate Packing Checklist for a Tropical Honeymoon

Aside from the massive shift to remote working and the widespread transition to distance learning, one of the most apparent effects of the pandemic is the cancelation of most, if not all events. From gigantic online and offline sporting events and music festivals to weddings and honeymoons, the events world pretty much fell into a standstill when the ongoing global health crisis hit.

Thankfully, as governments get a hang of the strategies that can limit the spread of the virus, more and more nations are opening their borders. With these nations continuously warming up to the idea of regulated international tourism, travel bubbles have been emerging here and abroad. In fact, many of the countries that reopened for tourism activities way ahead of the others are located in the tropics. Some of these destinations include Aruba, Bali, Barbados, Maldives and Thailand.

If you are one of those couples who have had to postpone their tropical honeymoon due to the pandemic, now is the perfect time to start planning for your much-awaited couple’s trip. To help you out a little, here’s our version of the ultimate packing checklist for a tropical honeymoon.

Documents and other important files

Couples can get into all sorts of trouble and arguments when going on a trip, especially if it’s the first one you will be taking as a couple. While arguments and inconveniences will be par for the course for any couple’s trip, the one thing you wouldn’t want to get yourselves into is the loss of passports and other important documents. This is because, when you are in a foreign country, your documents turn into your lifelines that can ensure safety, confirm your identity and get you back home. To keep your documents from getting lost, David Slotnick’s review of the best travel wallets highly suggests storing them in a durable pouch or organizer. It will also be a good idea to have e-copies of your documents stored in your email.

Versatile pieces

The one thing you need to remember when making a packing list is ensuring that you’re ready for anything, and when you’re trying to pack light, that can be a really difficult thing to accomplish. The trick is to pack versatile pieces that you can use in a variety of settings. Ladies may find that button-down dresses are right up their alley. PrettyMe’s rundown of the best dresses for petites mentioned how this style can be easily altered to look laid back, playful, conservative or sexy through simple mixing and matching. When buying button-down dresses, make sure to pay attention to the size since most dresses of this kind are not very form-fitting and can hide some features that you may want to accentuate. As for the gents, some of the most versatile pieces you can get are chino pants in caramel, navy or white, polo shirts of natural colors and a pair of trusty boat shoes. This simple ensemble will keep you cool and looking cool as you wander through a tropical country.

Toiletries and mini-first aid kit

Even if you plan on staying in a hotel room where toiletries are provided, it is still best to have small bottles of the brands you use. This way, you can avoid irritation and allergic reactions to unfamiliar products. Speaking of allergic reactions, it is also highly advisable to have a small first aid kit that has common drugs, prescription medicines (if you are taking any), hand sanitizers, birth control pills and condoms on top of the basic first-aid kit essentials. You may also want to bring some insect repellant and aloe vera to protect yourselves from insect bites and sunburn.

Travel guides and apps

It may seem a little ridiculous to bring a guidebook or travel pamphlet to your tropical honeymoon, but you have to remember that not all parts of the world have access to a steady and reliable internet connection. If you don’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere, bring a small travel guide with you. In addition to a travel guide, you may also want to download a few travel apps on your phone, which you can use before and during your trip. Apps like TripIt and Trip Advisor can make it easier for couples to craft an itinerary and look for the best ways to enjoy and explore a foreign place.

Going on a honeymoon may be a little tricky these days, but if you prepare properly, it can be easily one for the books.