Randell Suba


Hailing from the picturesque archipelago of the Philippines, Randell is a seasoned freelance writer and the captivating voice behind numerous features on Honeymoons.com. With a heart that beats fervently for travel and an inherent knack for weaving experiences into words, Randell not only tells stories but also paints vivid images that transport readers to enchanting destinations.

Growing up amidst the diverse landscapes and rich cultures of the Philippines, Randell’s love for travel was kindled early on. This passion later translated into a successful writing career, where he effortlessly marries his firsthand travel experiences with the dreams of honeymooners and couples, providing insights that resonate and inspire.

Whether it’s a secluded beach in Palawan, a romantic escapade in the cobblestone streets of Paris, or an adventure in the African savannahs, Randell’s tales are both a guide and an invitation. They beckon readers to venture out, explore the world, and most importantly, find love in every corner.

Education: University of Santo Tomas

Lives In: Phillipines

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