Sandals South Coast vs. Sandals Royal Caribbean

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Planning your honeymoon can be an exciting yet challenging task. With so many beautiful destinations and resorts to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. If you’re considering Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, you might be wondering which one is better: Sandals South Coast or Sandals Royal Caribbean. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth comparison of both resorts, so you can make an informed choice that suits your preferences and budget.

Location and Accessibility

Sandals South Coast is located on the unspoiled south coast of Jamaica, about 75 minutes from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. The resort boasts a stunning beachfront and a lush natural environment, with a 500-acre nature reserve nearby.

On the other hand, Sandals Royal Caribbean is situated on Jamaica’s north coast, about 10 minutes from Sangster International Airport. The resort has a private island that guests can access by boat, offering a secluded and exotic experience.

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Accommodations and Amenities

Both Sandals South Coast and Sandals Royal Caribbean offer a variety of luxurious accommodations, including beachfront suites, overwater bungalows, and private villas.

Sandals South Coast has more room categories to choose from, including the romantic Italian Village and the secluded Beachfront One Bedroom Butler Villa Suite. Sandals Royal Caribbean, on the other hand, has a unique selection of Tahiti-style overwater bungalows, complete with glass floors and private outdoor soaking tubs.

When it comes to amenities, both resorts offer a range of activities and services to keep you entertained and relaxed. Sandals South Coast has an impressive array of nine restaurants, seven bars, six pools, and a spa, fitness center, and water sports center.

Sandals Royal Caribbean has six restaurants, eight bars, four pools, a spa, fitness center, and private island with a Thai restaurant and a swim-up pool bar.

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Dining and Cuisine

One of the highlights of any Sandals resort is the dining experience, and both Sandals South Coast and Sandals Royal Caribbean deliver on that promise.

Sandals South Coast has a diverse range of restaurants, including the romantic Italian restaurant, the authentic Jerk Shack, and the beachside seafood grill.

Sandals Royal Caribbean has unique dining options, such as the exotic Royal Thai restaurant on the private island and the sophisticated French cuisine at Le Jardinier.

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Romance and Intimacy

As a honeymoon destination, Sandals Resorts are known for their romantic ambiance and intimate settings. Sandals South Coast offers a more secluded and peaceful environment, with plenty of private spots to enjoy with your partner.

The resort has a stunning stretch of beach, with crystal-clear water and soft sand, perfect for a romantic stroll or a picnic. Sandals Royal Caribbean has a more exotic and adventurous feel, with the private island and the overwater bungalows adding to the allure.

Value and Pricing

The cost of your honeymoon is an important factor to consider, and Sandals South Coast and Sandals Royal Caribbean have different pricing structures. Sandals South Coast tends to be more affordable, with room rates starting at around $350 per person per night.

However, the resort also offers more expensive room categories, such as the overwater bungalows and the private villas. Sandals Royal Caribbean has slightly higher room rates, starting at around $400 per person per night, but also has exclusive features that justify the price.


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