Sandals Room Categories: Which One is Right for You?

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on February 12, 2024

Choosing a room at any Sandals resort can be a little confusing because they have so many types of rooms to choose from. Do you want a soaking tub or room service, or a villa? All of these things are thrown at you all at once when you open the page. It becomes much clearer once you realize they are broken down into three main Sanalds room categories.

I’m going over exactly what each category involves and what you can get in each type of room. I promise the choice becomes so much easier, and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free vacation in no time once you understand the breakdown of the Sandals room categories.

What are the Different Sandals Room Categories?

Sandals divides their room categories into levels. You can choose from three different levels; each one comes with more than the last. The levels are as follows:

  1. Sandals Luxury
  2. Club Sandals
  3. Butler Elite/Love Nest Suites

From there, you can choose the type of view and amenities you want in your room. The higher level rooms typically have the best views and most luxurious amenities, like an in-room bar with premium liquor and oceanfront. You can get some pretty cool amenities in the standard rooms as well, though, such as a soaking tub on your patio.

How to Choose a Room Category

Each category has its own perks and disadvantages, so choosing the right room depends on what is important to you. Below I’ll go over a few things you can consider when choosing the right room for you.


With a nicer room comes a higher price tag. The most basic room, Sandals Luxury, is the most budget-friendly but comes with the least services, amenities, and space. Love Nest Suites are the most luxurious and come with everything you could possibly need but costs much more than the basic room. 

Services and Amenities

Luckily, Sandals’ rooms are pretty customizable. You can choose little add-ons to any room category and your view. However, there are certain things that are only in certain room levels. For example, Club Level includes room service, whereas Luxury level does not. 

The Type of Vacation You Want

I’m the type of person who hardly spends any time inside my room because I like to explore when on vacation, so I typically go for a fairly basic room. However, if you like to wind down and relax, you may want a nicer room that accommodates that. A room with a butler or room service would be great for those vacationers.


Taking the occasion of your trip into consideration can drastically influence your room choice. Special occasions, like a honeymoon or anniversary, call for a little more splurging. Sandals’ higher-level rooms also cater to these types of special events, with romantic in-room dinners and special surprises for when you return to your room.

What is Included in All Sandals Room Categories?

One of the most significant benefits of staying at a Sandals resort is that you have a ton of services and amenities already included in your stay, regardless of what room you are staying in. Some of the things that you can expect at any Sandals resort are:

  • Unlimited food and drinks at any of their gold-standard restaurants or bars.
  • Entertainment throughout the day (fun shows, contests, and classes)
  • Water sports with equipment rental, like snorkeling, paddle boarding, water skiing, and hobie cats
  • Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, and other land sports
  • A top-of-the-line fitness center
  • Roundtrip airport transfers
  • A scuba diving program (some include PADI certification)
  • In-room wifi

All of this alone is much more than I would ever expect while staying at an all-inclusive resort. So even if you decide to save a little and choose a more affordable room, you will still feel surrounded by luxury.

Sandals Luxury

Sandals Luxury is Sandals’ most basic room, but it’s anything but basic. Each luxury room comes with the standard inclusions, plus a minibar with unlimited wine, local beer, soft drinks, and water. Most of these rooms have a patio or balcony, but a few only have a window. 

You can add a tranquility soaking tub to your luxury room at some Sandals locations. A tranquility soaking tub sits on your patio or balcony so you can enjoy the view while relaxing. The views that come with these rooms aren’t the nicest on the property, but they aren’t bad by any means. You typically get a garden view, are backed up to the pool, or have a view of the ocean from a distance.

Club Sandals

Club-level rooms are very similar to Luxury rooms in terms of the room itself but come with many more services and better views. These rooms are only a small percentage more costly than Sandlas Luxury, making them well worth it, in my opinion. 

Some things you will find in your Club level room that you wouldn’t find in luxury are room service, concierge service, a full in-room bar with some spirits, and most rooms have a tranquility soaking tub. You can also get rooms with a better view, such as beachfront or swim-up rooms. 

The concierge service alone has some great benefits, such as a private check-in area and a lounge with games, books, a big-screen TV, and more. Plus, the concierge will make reservations, book tours, and handle express checkout. Some Club level rooms also come with special airport transfers where they pick you up and drop you off in a chauffeured BMW.

Butler Elite and Love Nest Suites

For those looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply want the best of the best, Butler Elite level rooms have you covered. The rooms themselves are much larger than any other room and either has a separate seating and dining area or private bedrooms. They are in their own private and secluded villa or suite, which is why they call it a “Love Nest.” You can even find over-the-water bungalows at specific locations.

Each Butler room has unique services and amenities, such as private pools, a fully stocked bar with premium liquors, free-standing tubs, luxury airport transfers, and the best views on the property. You can also request certain snacks, drinks, and arrangements to be in your room upon arrival. 

We can’t forget about the most exciting part of this room category! All Butler Elite and Love Nest Suites come with their own private butler. This service enables you to have the ultimate stress-free getaway. Here are just a few things your butler will do for you:

  • Check you in from your suite and give you a rundown of the resort
  • Unpack your belongings 
  • Make all of your reservations for restaurants, tours, and poolside services
  • Book spa appointments 
  • Serve you all of your meals right in your room 
  • Serve your drinks and food at the pool or beach
  • Draw a romantic bubble bath
  • Escort you to anywhere on the property via golf cart
  • Coordinate special arrangements for you before you return to your room, like roses and delicious treats

Pretty much anything you could ask for, your butler will do for you during your stay. Sandals will even give you a cell phone to reach your butler whenever. If that’s not a dream vacation, I don’t know what is. 

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