Sandals Military Discount: Everything You Need To Know

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Sandals is the World’s Only 5-star Luxury Included® resort. This means they provide more of everything and give you the Caribbean experience that’s far from the ordinary. The brand also appreciates the hard work and sacrifices of people in service. This is why it extends a great offer by giving Sandals a military discount so the most dedicated personnel in the service can enjoy a well-deserved Caribbean holiday. 

Sandals Resorts offers all-inclusive vacation packages for couples. You will stay in one of their luxurious rooms and suites, enjoy 5-star global gourmet dining, party to your heart’s desire, get pampered, play on land or water, and much more. If you’ll try to unpack the value, a Sandals honeymoon or romantic getaway is worth the cost.

Is There A Discount For Service Personnel At Sandals Resorts?

Sandals Military Discount

Yes, there’s a 10% Sandals military discount that you can avail of all year round. Active and retired uniformed personnel can get a discounted rate and enjoy an all-inclusive adult-only Sandals vacation in the Caribbean.

Who Can Get A Discount?

Aside from helping military personnel of the United States and Canada save costs on their vacation, Sandals goes beyond giving Sandals military discounts. It also gives a 10% off to police officers, firefighters, and active staff of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

To summarize, here’s a list of service personnel who can avail of the 10% discount at Sandals:

  • Active and retired members of the United States or Canadian armed forces. This also applies to members of the US National Guard, reserve military personnel, members of the Department of Defense of both countries. This special rate is also extended to the spouses of personnel of these said agencies and organizations.
  • Active and retired firefighters of the U.S. and Canada and all members of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF).
  • Active and retired police personnel of the U.S. and Canada.
  • Active members of the FEMA

Can You Use The Sandals Military Discount On Top Of Other Promotions? 

Yes, qualified guests can avail of the Sandals military discount or service personnel discount on top of other special promo offers. Sandals Specials refer to Winter Blues sale, Sandals 777 Deals, and Sandals Last-Minute Deals, among others. These special deals can give you discounts on published rack rates of rooms and suites, air credits, resort credits, or free nights.  For instance, you can get the military discount and combine it with the 777 deals, which translates to more savings for you.

Take note that the discount offer is only applicable to one room per personnel and should be applied prior to your final payment.

How To Avail The Sandals Military Discount?

Sandals discount for service personnel

If you want to avail of the Sandals military discount, you need to book your stay at Sandals and then fill out and submit a form. When you visit the website to fill out the form, make sure you have your booking number handy. The first thing to remember is that the information you enter on the service members information form should match the information on your book for the discount to be applied. 

Sandals requires verification of your identity and affiliation when you check in. 

  • Members of the military need to present proof of military identification or discharge certificate.
  • Police officers need to present proof of police identification at check-in. In order to receive the rate, you also need to send a request with your booking number via email to
  • Active and retired firefighters need to present their IAFF membership or alumni card. You must also submit an online form and send a copy of your IAFF ID to
  • Active FEMA members must bring a copy of a valid FEMA ID at the time of travel.

Take note that you will be required to pay the rate difference if you cannot present proper documentation at check-in.

Experiencing Sandals With The Military Discount

how to get military discount Sandals resorts

If you are in the military or have retired, your vacation at Sandals with the love of your life is much deserved! These luxurious resorts in the Caribbean are ideal destinations for weddings, honeymoons, or quick romantic getaways. The Sandals military discount will allow you to save some money while you enjoy your stay at a slice of paradise where there’s good weather and great food, away from your usual daily work and routine.

  • Truly All-Inclusive: All you’ve dreamed of in your Caribbean vacation is already included. You can practically leave your wallet behind because you don’t need to pay for food, drink tabs, or even tips.
  • Rooms and Suites For Royalties: Every room at any Sandals resort boasts luxurious furnishings and spectacular views. You can also book some of the most unique and romantic suites from over-the-water bungalows, swim-up suites, villas, and more.
  • Get Pampered, Relax, and Recharge: If your kind of vacation is all about rejuvenation, Sandals has an award-winning spa where you can avail of services that will certainly get the word stress out of your vocabulary.
  • Party and Play All You Want: From theme nights to beach parties or exotic acrobats, enjoy all the entertainment you want. You also have a range of water activities to do, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or even going on offshore island getaways. If you decide to stay on land, you can play a round of golf or engage in other sports.

Where Can You Use Your Sandals Military Discount?

Lastly, you can avail of the Sandals military discount or service personnel discount at any of the 18 Sandals resorts in the Caribbean


Sandals Dunn River

Sandals Montego Bay

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island

Sandals Ochi Beach Resort

Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa

Sandals South Coast

Sandals Royal Plantation

Saint Lucia

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort

Sandals Halcyon St. Lucia

Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort & Spa in St. Lucia


Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa


Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island

Sandals Emerald Bay Great Exuma, Bahamas


Sandals Barbados Resort & Spa

Sandals Royal Barbados Resort & Spa


Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa


Sandals Royal Curacao

St. Vincent

Sandals Saint Vincent

Likewise, you can also avail of the offer at Sandals’ sister brand Beaches. For the unfamiliar, here’s a quick comparison of Beaches vs Sandals: Both offer all-inclusive deals, but the former caters to adults only, while the latter is perfect for families. Here are the locations of Beaches resorts:

Beaches Negril, Jamaica

Beaches Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Beaches Turks & Caico

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