Sandals Cancellation Policy: Here’s What You Need To Know

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It could be a family emergency, urgent work matters, a health concern, or inclement weather. These are just some reasons why you or other travelers may cancel their reservations. If you’ve booked your stay at Sandals Resorts, knowing the Sandals cancellation policy might come in handy. This way, you know the best course of action to take and avoid possible penalties.

Sandals offers the best all-inclusive deals at one of their 18 most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. While you might have done your best to prepare for your trip, unanticipated things could pop up. For such scenarios, you should know the terms and conditions for your accommodations, amenities, transportation, or other services. Below is a quick guide about the cancellation policy of Sandals resorts.

Different Ways To Cancel Your Sandals Reservation

Sandals cancellation policy

Here’s how to cancel your Sandals reservation:

1. Ask The Help Of Your Travel Agent

If you used the services of a travel agent, you can coordinate with the company to cancel the reservation for you. Likewise, if you booked with their worldwide representatives like Unique Travel, you contact them to ask about the cancellation policy and do what’s best for your schedule and pocket.

2. Call Sandals Directly

Sandals is always ready to help. Whether you need to ask something about your booking or if you need to cancel your Sandals reservation, you can contact their customer service hotline at 1-888-SANDALS.

3. Email Sandals

If you do not have the time to call them, you can email Sandals. Tell them about your concerns regarding your vacation by sending them an email at The department operates between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time from Mondays to Fridays. They’re closed on weekends and national holidays in the United States.

4. Visit the Sandals Website

You can also cancel your Sandals reservation or ask for details about the Sandals cancellation policy by chatting with them. Visit the website, and you’ll see a live chat icon on the lower portion of the screen. Click that, and you’ll be able to begin a conversation with a Sandals representative during business hours. Make sure you have your Sandals booking number handy.

Sandals Cancellation Policy: The Basics

There could be unforeseen circumstances that may force you to push the date or, worse, cancel your Sandals honeymoon or vacation. If you’re in such an unfortunate situation, we have outlined helpful information for you about changes to or cancellation of your reservation at Sandals.

Changes To Your Sandals Reservation

If you don’t need to cancel your Sandals reservation but need to make some changes, be aware you might incur some penalties. Here’s what you need to know if you wish to have your reservation revised:

  • Revisions on Travel Date: Be ready to pay a revision fee of $200 per person and incur additional costs based on the terms and conditions of your stay.
  • Other Revisions To Booking: If you need to reduce rooms, the number of nights, or category, you need to pay a revision of $200 per person and additional penalties if you request 45 to 31 days prior to travel. Revision requests received 30 days or less before the travel date will be subjected to full penalty.
  • Changes to the travel date, reduction of nights, rooms, or category downgrading: These are not allowed within the full penalty period or within a calendar month or less prior to your arrival.

Take note that you can only do one name change per reservation. Remember that you only have a six-month travel date revision window from your original travel dates. If you decide to cancel after revising your reservation, cancellation penalties for the original travel date shall apply.

Can You Cancel Your Sandals Reservation At Any Time?

While you can cancel your Sandals reservation when something unexpected happens, the Sandals cancellation policy might impose some penalties.

The Sandals policy requires full payment of your booking 60 days prior to your date of travel. The latest cancellation policy of Sandals makes bookings fully refundable up until 45 days prior to your trip. You must shoulder a 50% penalty if you cancel 45 to 31 days before your travel. A full penalty is imposed if you cancel 30 days or less from your scheduled travel date.

Non-Refundable Special Deposit and Payments

If you’ve booked an overwater bungalow or villa, or one of the seaside or poolside bungalows, be aware that deposits for such luxury accommodations are nonrefundable. For the over-the-water bungalow or villa, it’s $2,500. The non-refundable fee for the poolside or seaside bungalow is $1,000.

Sandals Hurricane Policy And Other Special Conditions 

If there are scenarios beyond the control of Sandals that would force them to suspend the operation or limit access to their facilities, amenities, activities, and other inclusions, take note that the resort shall not be held liable. In inclement weather that may include strong winds, heavy rains, storms, flooding, or hurricanes, the safety of guests and personnel is a top priority. The staff will not hesitate to impose, for example, the Sandals hurricane policy if necessary.

How To Avoid Sandals Cancellation Penalties?

If you want to avoid hefty cancellation fees, get travel insurance. It gives you peace of mind that you can change your scheduled holiday if needed. Such coverage will also refund you for the cost of your stay or the cost of flights if the insurance covers the reason for cancellation. Travel insurance may also help you with emergency evacuation, medical expenses, baggage, or trip interruption.

Don’t Plan Your Trip Alone

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