7 Best Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Adult-Only Resorts (2024)

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on March 21, 2024

Welcome to the vibrant shores of Puerto Vallarta, a premier vacation paradise. It’s known for stunning beaches, rich culture, and luxurious resorts. Moreover, adults seeking an escape from the everyday will find their sanctuary here. An all-inclusive adults-only resort in Puerto Vallarta offers the ultimate in relaxation and romance. Consequently, this guide caters to those in search of the perfect mix of luxury, tranquility, and adult-centric activities. It ensures a serene and unforgettable vacation. So, let’s dive into our carefully selected list of the top 7 Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive adults-only resorts. Each one promises a unique escape into paradise.

1. Secrets Bahia Mita Surf & Spa Resort

Nestled on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Secrets Bahia Mita Surf & Spa Resort offers an exclusive getaway for adults. This resort shines with a unique mix of luxury and engaging activities. Think surf lessons and spa treatments inspired by local culture.

Guests have the chance to indulge in gourmet dining, unwind in a world-class spa, or soak up the sun on a private beach. Furthermore, the all-inclusive package caters to every whim. This makes it a prime choice for adults craving both adventure and relaxation.

2. Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta

Overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific, Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta is a sanctuary of luxury and leisure. This adults-only resort offers a beachfront experience like no other, with Unlimited-Luxury® services that include endless food and beverage options, daytime activities, and nighttime entertainment.

Guests can relax in elegantly appointed suites, enjoy pool and beach wait service, and participate in adult-centric activities designed to entertain and engage. Whether looking for relaxation or adventure, Secrets Vallarta Bay provides an idyllic setting for an adult-only getaway.

3. Casa Velas

In the heart of Puerto Vallarta lies Casa Velas, an adults-only boutique hotel that offers an oasis of tranquility and luxury. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and with an exclusive private beach club, this resort is the epitome of a romantic getaway.

Guests are treated to world-class spa services, gourmet dining experiences, and the utmost in privacy and pampering. The serene atmosphere is perfect for couples and adults seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, making Casa Velas a premier choice for those in search of relaxation and rejuvenation.

4. Hilton Vallarta Riviera

The Hilton Vallarta Riviera All-Inclusive Resort, set along the picturesque coastline of Puerto Vallarta, offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean that captivate and enchant. This adults-only resort provides an all-inclusive experience that includes unlimited dining, spa indulgences, and entertainment options tailored for adults.

From swim-up suites to infinity pools, the resort is designed to offer an unmatched level of luxury and comfort. The exclusive adult-focused amenities ensure that every moment of your stay is filled with relaxation and luxury, setting the stage for a memorable vacation.

5. Hotel Mousai

Hotel Mousai sets the standard for luxury and innovation in Puerto Vallarta, offering an adults-only experience that is both award-winning and breathtaking. From its designer suites and rooftop pools to its avant-garde cuisine, every detail is meticulously crafted to engage the senses.

The resort prides itself on offering personalized service and exclusive experiences, ensuring that each guest’s stay is unique. With its commitment to adult guests, Hotel Mousai provides a sophisticated and serene environment that is ideal for those seeking an upscale getaway in one of Mexico’s most beautiful destinations.

6. Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel & Romantic Getaway

Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel & Romantic Getaway offers an intimate and serene setting, perfect for couples looking to immerse themselves in romance and tranquility. This adults-only resort prides itself on providing bespoke services and amenities, including personalized butler service, romantic dining experiences, and wellness activities like yoga and cooking classes.

The focus on wellness extends to its spa, offering treatments designed to rejuvenate both body and mind. Villa Premiere’s commitment to creating a uniquely romantic and peaceful environment makes it a standout choice for adults seeking a private and luxurious vacation experience in Puerto Vallarta.

7. Marival Armony Luxury Resort & World Spa

Marival Armony Luxury Resort & World Spa combines the beauty of nature with unparalleled luxury in an exclusive adults-only setting. Situated where the lush jungle meets the azure sea, this resort offers a unique blend of tranquility and sophistication.

The World Spa features treatments from around the globe, providing a truly international spa experience. Guests can also enjoy gourmet dining, adult-centric activities, and private beach areas designed to offer a serene and indulgent getaway. Marival Armony’s focus on harmony and luxury makes it a perfect destination for adults seeking a peaceful retreat with a touch of global flair.


Choosing the right Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive adults-only resort can elevate a simple vacation to an unforgettable journey. Each top resort presents a unique array of amenities, services, and experiences. These are specially tailored for adults in search of luxury, relaxation, and romance.

Whether the surf and spa offerings of Secrets Bahia Mita catch your eye, you’re enchanted by Villa Premiere’s intimate setting, or the global spa treatments at Marival Armony call to you, these resorts promise an unmatched vacation experience. Embark on this journey of discovery and luxury. Let Puerto Vallarta’s charm and tranquility wrap you in an unforgettable embrace of serenity.

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