7 Places like Bora Bora (with Overwater Bungalows)

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For many travelers, visiting Bora Bora would be a dream come true. However, it’s not exactly easy to reach, taking over 25 hours from London, more than 18.5 hours from New New York, and nearly 11 from Los Angeles. That’s probably why only a handful of people visit that exotic paradise every year.

After all, it’s one of the most famous islands in the South Pacific, with a mesmerizing turquoise lagoon and incredible volcanic views. while it’s truly enchanting, fortunately for those who don’t have the time or money for expensive airfare, there are other destinations like it.

These beautiful places all provide a Bora Bora-like fantasy for an unforgettable trip without the extremely long trek to get there.

Top 7 Places like Bora Bora

To find destinations like Bora Bora, we need to look for islands with raw scenery and unspoiled sandy beaches. Of course, vibrant coral reefs and beautiful lagoons are also a must.

Bora Bora is also known for its friendly locals, fine dining restaurants, and luxurious villas, many of which are over-the-water bungalows. In fact, that’s one of its biggest draws. But those bungalows in Bora Bora can be quite expensive, so let’s take a look at cheaper and more easily accessible. These are all amazing island destinations for your honeymoon or vacation.

Sandals in Jamaica

A resort chain, Sandals, has seven resorts in Jamaica but the most premium suites are available at Sandals Royal Caribbean.

Sandals Royal Caribbean is an adults-only resort in Montego Bay. If you’re looking for a true island adventure, this is where you should be. It offers two over-the-water bungalow options. The most upscale is on a private island and comes with an infinity pool and a butler. The other is a honeymoon bungalow that’s also on a private island. Both have glass floors so it feels like you’re floating on water.

This resort is the closest you’ll get to Bora Bora without actually going there. You’ll be in a cozy nest right atop the water accessed by ferry or on foot by walking across the deck.

The best thing about Sandals resorts is that everything is included in the price you pay. So all you have to do is pay once and enjoy all the unlimited facilities.

In Bora Bora, you would have to book a room and then pay for the food and drinks separately. Not the case at Sandals. Leave the stress over your budget, and everything else, at home. Just book a room with all-inclusive rates and have fun throughout your stay without constantly getting out your wallet. Your food, drinks, water activities, and just about everything else is included in the price.

Sandals South Coast also offers over-the-water bungalows in Jamaica. Be sure to check out that property too. Both resorts offer similar honeymoon villas.

Reethi Beach Resort in Maldives

With clear cobalt waters, stunning beaches, adventurous activities, and idyllic weather, the Maldives is an amazing substitute for Bora Bora. It’s one of the most desirable destinations on the planet, with unique tropical charm, luxury, and elegance.

There are many breathtaking resorts in this island nation and Reethi is one of them. Reethi resort in the Maldives features 30 over-the-water villas. The property sits along a beautiful blue lagoon and offers breathtaking ocean views.

It’s among the few places like Bora Bora as one of the world’s top countries for honeymooning couples. Plus, Reethi Beach is an incredibly tranquil place for making memories of a lifetime.

Stay in a semi-detached villa and find true solace and intimacy with your loved one. The resort is part of a biosphere reserve home to beautiful manta rays too and thriving coral reefs that are part of the Maldives marine ecosystem.

In between all the fun and relaxation, there are 10 bars and eateries to quench your thirst and soothe those hunger pangs.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort in Fiji

Fiji consists of over 300 islands in South Pacific. It has beautiful coral reefs and a rugged landscape. With beautiful shorelines and swaying palm trees, Fiji is the perfect choice for people looking for places like Bora Bora.

Fiji has clear water lagoons and excellent architecture. Likuliku Lagoon Resort is a popular destination in Fiji that has over-the-water huts where you can stay and enjoy the stunning scenery.

The resort has a raw natural look that’s popular among travelers. It carries the traditional Fiji architecture and the resort looks like a Fijian village. With hand-woven thatches made from natural materials to the sprawling ceilings, you can experience a rich ancient Fiji culture here.

It’s an adults-only resort that offers authentic over-the-water bures (Fijian cottages). The resort has the richness of an ancient heritage with lively touches of modernism.

Each bure of the resort has hardwood floors and traditional architecture, along with direct lagoon access. These bures sit above the striking coral reef and have private balconies where you can relax and enjoy the views.

These luxurious, exclusive, and private bures will make you feel as if you’re in Bora Bora as you enjoy your stay in Fiji. Apart from the private areas, the resort also has a shared lounge area.

El Dorado Resort in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya in Mexico is popular for its attractive coastline and alluring resorts. It also has a rich culture as it holds the key to Mayan history. Whether you want to visit it for its vivid heritage, mysterious cenotes, or because you’re looking for places like Bora Bora, the region has a lot to offer.

El Dorado resort is adults-only and offers over-the-water villas. If you want to wake up with gorgeous turquoise waters beneath you, consider visiting Riviera Maya.

Enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunsets here as you live the best days of your life. Just sit on your private deck and watch as the sun goes down in its golden glory. The place also offers outdoor showers so you can have a romantic and intimate time with your loved one.

Just like Sandals, El Dorado also offers glass flooring so you can enjoy walking on water.

When you’re here, you can experience authentic Mexican luxury. Since it’s an adults-only resort, it is mostly frequented by honeymooners.

It might be a bit costly for some travelers but with the kind of luxury it provides, it’s loved by people all over the world. So if budget is not a constraint and you’re looking for places like Bora Bora, this can be a good alternative.

Soneva Jani in Maldives

Maldives is a beautiful place that offers coral reefs, extensive lagoons, and amazing natural beauty. It has got calm and warm waters that make swimming all the more fun. If you’re looking for places like Bora Bora, Maldives should be among your top choices.

Soneva Jani is a resort in this beautiful country that offers many modern amenities. Enjoy your stay in an over-the-water bungalow in this resort. The indulgence of the sparkling blue lagoon is what makes this resort so irresistible. If you’re an experience-seeker, this can be the perfect place for you.

The resort also helps you have access to its exciting watersports facilities and marine experiences. It has several over-the-water residences and you can choose from one to four-bedroom setups.

The master bedrooms in these suites have sliding roofs so you can have the pleasure of sleeping under the stars. The suites also have waterslides that go straight to the lagoon.

The resort is famous for providing signature experiences. Whether you want adventure or a spiritual journey, you can find it here at this resort. Apart from this, you’ll also find their iconic overwater cinema. It’s a silent cinema that you’ll have to enjoy through Bluetooth headphones.

Azule Paradise Resort in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is in Panama and offers the true Caribbean experience. It has lush rainforests, untouched beauty, and unique water sports activities. It has a typical small-town vibe – no rush, just enjoy life easy and slow.

Since you’re looking for places like Bora Bora, it is worth mentioning Azule Paradise resort here. It has over-the-water cottages that will help you relax and enjoy the ocean as you stay here. You can view the ocean up close and get panoramic views.

While it doesn’t offer all-inclusive deals, the resort does provide a package of three nights where your breakfast will be included.

Bocas del Toro is rich in native flora and fauna and the resort can help you explore it. Join their wildlife tour and you can see several animals including beautiful sloths in their natural habitats.

They also offer diving and snorkeling opportunities to interested customers. The over-the-water suites have glass-paneled doors that will take you to your private terrace. You can get a full view of astounding ocean waters from there.

And of course, you can behold beautifully golden sunsets from your room and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Six Senses in Vietnam

Six Senses resort sits on unique rock formations that give an illusion that it’s on a remote island. With sandy beaches, impressive landscapes, and big mountains in the background, it offers raw natural beauty that will take you to a magical land.

The over-the-water villas here have garden terraces or sundecks. These villas are on a mountain slope or between the rocks. Famous for their panoramic views, they let you view the ocean up close.

You can get one or multiple-bedroom villas on top of the water. Either way, you get spacious accommodation that offers seclusion and intimacy.

You can select the Rock pool villa that’s built directly on top of rocks on the Ninh Van Bay. Or you can choose the Water pool villa that overlooks the coral formations of the bay.

While you won’t get striking features like glass floors or sliding rooftops, the villas are built in a natural setting that makes them look distinct and offers a unique experience. Despite its raw and rugged look, you’ll get all the modern facilities here.

The resort also has hilltop and beachfront villas but if you’re looking for places like Bora Bora, you’d probably want an over-the-water experience.

How to Have a Luxurious but Affordable Vacation

If you’re looking for places like Bora Bora that can offer luxury while being within your budget, you’ll be happy to learn that there are many options.

To get the most out of your vacation, try to find accommodation that offers all-inclusive packages. When your food, drinks, and fun activities are covered in the plan, you don’t have to think about money every time you step out to take a bite.

Sandals is a popular resort chain that’s known for its all-inclusive deals. When you book a room at Sandals, everything you do at the resort is already paid for so you don’t have to think before having fun.

Sandals has several resorts all over the Caribbean region. And the best part is that all Sandals resorts will give you the impression that you’re in Bora Bora.

But if your heart is set on Bora Bora and you don’t want to go anywhere else, here’s a guide to having the best Bora Bora honeymoon.

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