5 Best Overwater Bungalows in the USA (2024)

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on February 12, 2024

Overwater bungalows seem like this distant dream that will take days of flying to get to. What if I told you there are overwater bungalows in the USA? There are also US bungalows that give you all the French Polynesia vibes and overwater bungalows within a few-hour flight of the USA.

Does the US Have Overwater Bungalows?

Unfortunately, overwater bungalows are rare in the US. There is little opportunity for them, and they can be expensive to build and maintain. However, you can find one true overwater bungalow and many other types of bungalows in the USA that will feel just as magical. 

Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows

overwater bungalows in the USA

If anyone could make your overwater bungalow dreams come true close to home, it would be Disney. These are the only authentic overwater bungalows in the USA and are exactly what you would imagine.

These bungalows are huge, sleeping up to eight people. They also have a seating area, a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a plunge pool, and a thatched roof. The only difference between these and a true Polynesian bungalow is it’s on one of Disney’s lakes instead of on the ocean.

Bungalows in the USA

The USA does have plenty of bungalows on land that give you all the tiny home vibes set in a beautiful destination. Some of them are about as close to overwater as you can get, while others are more similar to cottages. 

Bungalows Key Largo

bungalows in the USA

The bungalows at Bungalows Key Largo are extremely similar to overwater bungalows. You get the outdoor shower and soaking tub, access to the ocean within a few steps, and a big terrace to enjoy the spectacular view.

This resort is also all-inclusive, to top it off. Your meals, non-motorized watersports, bike rentals, and transportation around town are all included in your nightly rate. You can even add on different romantic packages to include spa treatments, chocolate-covered strawberries, sparkling wine, and more. 

Little Palm Island Resort

bungalows in the USA

These bungalows are unique because they are set in the only private island resort in the USA. If that doesn’t give you all the Maldives vibes close to home, I don’t know what will. They really make you feel like you left the US, with thatched roofs, dense palm trees right outside your window, and an outdoor shower.

You can choose between five different bungalow suites, all with a spectacular view of the clear ocean. My personal favorite is the Island Romance Suite. It’s still small enough to feel intimate but has a huge deck with a copper tub for two and a giant lounging bed. 

Avalon Hotel and Bungalows

bungalows in the USA

Located in Palm Springs, California, are these cute historic desert bungalows that are about as comfortable as a bungalow could be. Avalon Bungalows feels like a little village of bungalows, with some being poolside and some opening up to a large courtyard.

Each bungalow has a king-sized bedroom, a cozy fireplace, a standard kitchen, and a furnished patio. Your patio is a short walk or bike ride from the design district, a must-see in Palm Springs.

Andaz Scottsdale Resort and Bungalows

bungalows in the USA

Andaz bungalows are quite a bit different from overwater bungalows. They overlook a desert instead of water and have a mid-century modern vibe instead of a rustic feel. However, I had to add them because they are totally worth a peek.

The key takeaway from these bungalows is their large patios with enough space and furniture to host a small party. Each patio comes with a spectacular view of Camelback Mountain. Don’t miss watching the sunset behind the immense peak in the evening!

Overwater Bungalows Close to the USA

If you don’t mind getting your passport, these eight overwater bungalows are so close that you may not even realize that you have left the USA. You can easily get to any of these resorts with a short flight from anywhere in the US and float on the water in no time. 

Sandals Royal Caribbean

overwater bungalows in the USA

If you’ve ever stayed in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives or Bora Bora, you would be unable to tell the difference going to Sandals Royal Caribbean’s overwater bungalows. You will find everything that you would see in those bungalows at these.

You can choose between an overeater bungalow with a private infinity pool or one without. Each bungalow has butler service, a soaking tub on the patio, glass floors, a swimming deck, a fully stocked mini-bar, and more. Plus, they are all located on Sandals private island off the coast of Jamaica!

El Dorado Maroma Palafitos 

overwater bungalows in the USA

El Dorado Maroma has some of the only overwater bungalows you will find in Mexico. They are in Riviera Cancun, a two-and-a-half-hour flight from the USA! They are probably the easiest to get to on this list.

The Palafitos thought of everything when they built their overwater bungalows. Beyond the bungalows having everything you could imagine, there is an overwater spa and overwater restaurant exclusively servicing bungalow guests. Their in-suite mini-bar also has full-sized bottles of liquor that you can take with you, which is almost unheard of.

Thatch Caye

overwater bungalows in the USA

Thatch Caye provides you with the ultimate escape from reality. This eco-resort, located on a private island off the coast of Belize, is made out of all reclaimed materials, and all of the food is as fresh as can be. 

They have two different types of overwater bungalows that you can choose from. One has its own private pier to get to it, giving you ultimate seclusion. The others are all connected via one pier. Each bungalow has a huge deck where you can relax the day away on a hammock.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

overwater bungalows in the USA

The overwater bungalows at Sandals Grande St. Lucian are my personal favorite. Primarily because they are on one of my bucket list islands and attached to a huge resort with tons to do. However, these overwater bungalows may make you want to spend your entire vacation at the suite.

Each bungalow comes with glass floors, a soaking tub on the deck, a swimming deck, a hammock that hovers over the water, and an indoor-outdoor feel. You will also get butler service, private transfers, and a fully stocked in-suite bar.

Royalton Antigua

overwater bungalows in the USA

The Royalton in Antigua has some of the largest overwater bungalows out of any resort on this list. They have three rooms total, not including the massive attached deck. There’s a large bedroom with a bathroom that has a two-person jacuzzi tub and a separate shower. The last room is the sitting and dining area with a full kitchenette. 

The bungalows also offer amazing services that you would typically only get with an added honeymoon package. You get sparkling wine, a romantic dinner on your deck, fresh fruit daily, a romantic jacuzzi or hammock set up, and so much more. A few other unique inclusions are a personal yoga or fitness instructor, aromatherapy options, and free movies. 

Azul Paradise

overwater bungalows in the USA

If you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime when you’re not relaxing in your overwater bungalow, Azul Paradise is the place to be. They will take you to visit an indigenous tribe, see some of the amazing wildlife in the area, and snorkel or dive into the surrounding reefs. 

There are four overwater bungalows you can choose from, such as the king, deluxe, two-bedroom, and standard bungalow. Each one has a fantastic view, with nearly every wall covered in windows. 

Sandals South Coast

overwater bungalows in the USA

Sandals South Coast takes overwater seriously, with overwater bungalows, an overwater bar, an overwater chapel, and overwater cabanas. Suppose, for some reason, the overwater bungalows are all booked up. In that case, you can book a swim-up rondoval suite that feels like it’s floating on the pool surrounding it.

This Sandals resort has 2-miles of beachfront property, so the overwater bungalows feel like they’re somewhat separated from the rest of the resort. The bungalows come with butler service and VIP transfers. Basically, what that means is they will help you through immigration, you get a luxury car for your transfer, and you have an arrival lounge.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba

overwater bungalows in the USA

This resort has some of the most unique overwater bungalows. First, they are in a lagoon surrounded by mangroves rather than on the ocean. They are also two-story bungalows, with the upper story being your large deck that overlooks the mangroves. 

Don’t worry! The bungalows are still only steps away from a pristine beach. These are much more modern looking than other bungalows and have a heated infinity pool on the upper deck. Each bungalow comes with its own bicycle, too, so you can explore the resort. 

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