13 Nude Resorts In Mexico For Adventurous Couples

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So you’ve revenge traveled your way across the world, saw the seven wonders, and watched the rainfall in Spain. But have you ever been to a nude resort? Contrary to popular belief, baring your bum in front of like-minded travelers doesn’t have to be weird, awkward, or lead to steamy encounters. It’s actually a fun and safe experience where you can feel liberated and carefree while you’re on vacation.

When you and your partner start to make holiday plans, consider the phrase “You only live once.” There may be no better time to go “YOLO” at a nude resort in Mexico than now. Whether you’re young, old, a naked newbie, or a naturist at heart, daring to skip your swimsuit is an experience you won’t likely forget.

NOTE: It’s important to be aware that while some resorts advertise clothing-optional beaches, nudism is federally prohibited in Mexico. Despite any claims to the contrary, all beaches in the country are public. If you decide to bare it all and someone complains, say from a nearby villa or hotel, you could get in trouble with the authorities. To avoid that risk, wear a bathing suit at the beach and go nude only in the property’s private spaces.

With that out of the way, these 13 Mexican resorts are particularly ideal for couples looking for a nudeventure. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Temptation Resort, Cancun

nude resorts in mexico

Ideal for: Couples who like to party

Why You’ll Love It Here

Sun, sand, skin. Temptation is one of the best nude resorts in Mexico for couples who love music, dancing, and partying. It definitely has a fun vibe, so expect people just to groove and hang out at the pool area during the day. There’s a ton of entertainment on offer, from cabaret shows to gambling at the pajama and lingerie casino. Booze cruises to Isla Mujeres are available too.

No one bats an eye at their topless theme parties, but if you’d rather have your swimsuit on, you’re more than welcome. As it’s a beachfront all-inclusive resort, you won’t have to worry about constantly getting out your wallet. Instead, focus on getting the perfect tan and admiring your partner. 

Location: K.M. 3.5 Boulevard Kukulcan Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Price Range: $314 – $571

Azulik, Tulum

Nudist resorts Mexico

Ideal for: Nature lovers

Why You’ll Love It Here

Azulik is ideal for those who are curious about clothing-optional resorts as it’s not a totally nude property. You might see your neighbors sans bathing suits and the white sandy beach is secluded so some go topless and others go nude, but there are usually guests wearing swimsuits too.

It has a rustic, romantic vibe, hanging over the cliffs at water’s edge for jaw-dropping views. From the viewing deck, you’ll be able to gaze out at thatched roofs, dense foliage, and the turquoise waves of the Caribbean. Meals are fresh and delicious, while rooms include soaking tubs for two. Candlelit nights add to the ambiance. To reduce light pollution that can negatively impact local wildlife, all rooms use only candlelight after dark.

Location: Carretera Tulum Ruinas Km. 5, Tulum 77780 Mexico

Price Range: $419 – $724

Intima Resort, Tulum

nude resorts mexico

Ideal for: Laid-back couples

Why You’ll Love It Here

Intima Resort in Tulum feels more like a curated, well-equipped jungle than a nude resort in Mexico. It boasts an intimate setting while walled for privacy. A beautiful free-form pool is bordered by trees and, behind it, the villas. The rooms are spacious, many with private Jacuzzis or plunge pools as well as providing easy access to the main pool, designed to give guests lots of places to wander.

Intima is the perfect place to get cozy and romantic with your partner, especially for first-time guests at a nude resort. It’s totally up to you if you want to go skinny dipping or if you’d rather wear a swimsuit. The on-site restaurant, Passions, is known for its decadent dinners, and massage is available as well.

Location: Calle Lol Beh Between Kukulkan and Palenque, Tulum 77780, Mexico

Price Range: $205 -$249

Desire Pearl Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya

Mexico nude resorts

Ideal for: Erotic vacations 

Why You’ll Love It Here

Sensual but tasteful experiences can be enjoyed at the Desire Pearl Resort and Spa. It’s perfectly natural for couples to want to spice things up in the bedroom, and a holiday at one of the nude resorts in Mexico can be a great way to do it. There are no hotels next door, so this property offers plenty of privacy for those who want to get a nice tan minus the lines while soaking up the sun on one of the day beds at the beach.

It’s all about the art of seduction here, with other clothing-optional areas including the stimulating Jacuzzi Lounge and the pool with a Jacuzzi. Erotic, signature theme nights and pool parties are hosted too, making Desire Pearl a beautiful place for a sexy and memorable getaway. Did we mention it’s all-inclusive, too?

Location: Costera Norte, Lote 1 S.M. 10 Mz. 26, Puerto Morelos 77580, Mexico

Price Range: $512 – $750

Hidden Beach Au Naturel Resort

Ideal for: Couples who prefer privacy

Why You’ll Love It Here

Flanked by the jungle on one side and the open sea in front, Hidden Beach nude resort in Mexico offers privacy for couples who prefer to swim or walk around in their birthday suit. Al fresco dining by the beach gives you a unique opportunity for a candlelit dinner sans a strict dress code. Nudity is encouraged for everything at this all-inclusive, all in a judgment-free atmosphere.

It’s a lovely place to enjoy an inhibited feel, but, at the same time, safe. Photos and videos, even from smartphones, are prohibited, and you will need a special permit if you want to use a camera.

Scuba clinics and non-motorized watersports are complimentary and every room is a suite, with even standard accommodations featuring ocean views and free minibars. Some even have swim-up pools.

Location: Carretera Cancún – Tulum Km. 55.3 Tulum Kantenah, 77710 Mexico

Price Range: $634 – $847

Casa Nudista Zipolite, Oaxaca

best nude resorts in mexico

Ideal for: LGBTQIA+ couples

Why You’ll Love It Here

For same-sex couples who want the whole experience of nude resorts in Mexico, Casa Nudista in Zipolite is the top choice. One of the highlights is its sundeck and gorgeous pool. If you don’t fancy spending the night, you can just get a day pass and hang out for the day. 

Hetero couples are also more than welcome. An important tip: guests should pack light because all areas of the hotel are fully nude, meaning covering up with clothing is not an option here. That said, the resort is a warm and welcoming place, and the staff are eager to please, ensuring exceptional service.

Location: Calle Mangles S/N Playa Zipolite, Roca Blanca Colony, Pochutla 70904 Mexico

Price Range: $59 – $124

Hotel Nude Zipolite, Oaxaca

nude resorts for couples

Ideal for: Easygoing couples

Why You’ll Love It Here

Hotel Nude, located in Zipolite along the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca, is a lovely clothing-optional resort in Mexico for couples who dream of hanging out on their private balcony while enjoying the sounds of the waves. Just steps away is a nude beach where lots of visitors enjoy nude sunbathing, swimming, and simply relaxing beneath an umbrella with a cold cerveza. 

There’s no pressure here. You can hang out, eat, or swim in the nude til your heart’s content. If you’ve had your fill of the amazing view, you can always retreat to the hotel swimming pool with your partner.

Location: Calle Caisán S/N Int-A Colonia Roca Blanca, Zipolite 70904 Mexico

Price Range: $129 – $151

Punta Serena, Jalisco

Ideal for: Couples yearning for a cliffside view

Why You’ll Love It Here

Sitting atop a cliff at Tenacatita Bay, Punta Serena has a nude beach that’s exclusively for its guests. There is a dedicated road from the hotel leading to the beach, so you won’t have to worry about overcrowding and you’re likely to feel comfortable taking off your skivvies with the secluded setting.

Clothing is optional at the beach, but you must put clothes on when you’re back at the hotel. One of the highlights of the property is the Jacuzzi where you can enjoy a soak while taking in the amazing views and feeling as if you’re on top of the world.

Location: Carretera federal 200, km.20 C.P. 48850 Tenacatita, Jalisco, Mexico

Price Range: $308 – $429

Playa Sonrisa, Costa Maya

what to do at nude resorts Mexico

Ideal for: Activity and adventure lovers

Why You’ll Love It Here

Playa Sonrisa is a peaceful slice of heaven in Costa Maya. While morning walks along the beach can be serene and magical, later in the day it’s a popular spot for a variety of activities. The clothing-optional beaches are ideal for sunbathers and adventure buffs alike.

Where else would you find nude scuba diving? Not only does this hotel offer it, but guests have access to kayaks, snorkel gear, boogie boards, and even bikes. It feels like the folks at Playa Sonrisa are out to prove that sometimes, doing sports in the nude is just more fun, if not breezy.

Location: Km 7 Camino Costero, Xcalak, Mexico

Price Range: $185 – $275

Casablanca Guest House, Zipolite

Ideal for: An intimate getaway

Why You’ll Love It Here

As an alternative to bigger nude resorts in Mexico, the Casablanca Guest House offers a more intimate setting, just a few minutes away from the nude beach of Zipolite. The distance means that you’ll be protected from the noise and activity on the sand, yet you’ll still be within easy reach. It’s also great for couples who prefer a more laid-back pace ideal for relaxation and want to prepare their own meals, with private kitchens included.

The modest guest house boasts a magnificent view of the sea and has a lovely heated, saltwater swimming pool, providing the luxury of getting naked with few if any others around.

Location: Calle Pak, Bahia Camaron, Zipolite, San Pedro Pochutla, Mexico

Price Range: $95 – $131


naturists resorts in Mexico

Ideal for: Naturists who like to B&B

Why You’ll Love It Here

Heven is a smaller resort within walking distance of one of our favorite nude beaches in Mexico: Zipolite. With just six apartments plus another two rooms, it’s great for couples who prefer to avoid encountering big crowds during their holiday. It’s located on top of a hill and has a swimming pool perfectly positioned for gorgeous views. Look forward to enjoying a relaxing dip while gazing out at a colorful sunset. 

You can be on Zipolite nude beach in less than 10 minutes on foot. This tranquil stretch offers refreshing sea breezes and stunning nature views for an experience you won’t forget.

Location: Arcoiris No.1, Arroyo El Tres, Bahia Camaron, Santa Maria Tonameca, Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico 70947

Price Range: $150 – $244 

Senses Riviera Maya by Artisan

Ideal for: Couples who prefer all-inclusive plans

Why You’ll Love It Here

The view from Senses Riviera is breathtaking. Stress is sure to melt away while marveling at the beautiful, long stretch of beach and endless blue of the sparkling Caribbean while boats glide by. While it’s not an exclusively nudist resort Mexico, it does have a designated nude area. This results in the best of both worlds: being able to stay in an all-inclusive resort and the opportunity to feel comfortable in your own skin, quite literally. Compared to the rest of the resort, this area is more private and quiet. 

Senses also feature an infinity pool and outdoor jacuzzis, perfect for couples who like bubbles and cuddles. 

Location: Carretera Chetumal-Cancun 307, Playa Paraiso, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

Price Range: $176 – $313

Casa Cupula Boutique Hotel

clothing optional resort in Mexico

Ideal for: LGBTQIA+ couples with pets

Why You’ll Love It Here

Casa Cupula is an adorable clothing-optional resort in Mexico that is very welcoming to same-sex couples and their pets. Yes, you read that right. If you’re into naked pool parties but don’t want to leave your beloved four-legged friend at home, this is the place to be. 

Keep in mind that the clothing optional area is limited to a portion of the hotel (including a pool), but it does offer a discrete and entertaining venue for couples who want to shed their clothing and party for a few days.

Location: Callejon de la Igualdad 129, Col Amapas., Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Price Range: $320 – $600

Nude Resorts In Mexico Etiquette Tips

You need to keep an open mind when going to nude resorts Mexico. Plus, keep these tips in mind:

1. Gawking is a mortal sin

If you’re a first-timer, you might be shocked to see other guests confidently wandering around au naturel. While you don’t have to avoid looking at them, it is best practice not to stare. The awkwardness might wear off after a while, or perhaps you can wear some sunglasses if you are not yet ready for what could be awkward small talk.

2. Embrace the experience

No one will put you in check if you are seen with clothes on at a nude resort in Mexico, but since you booked your stay at such a resort, it is expected that you’ll want to be clothes-free. Enjoy the freedom of being on your birthday suit and make the most of the experience.

3. Keep a towel handy

The SOP at a nude resort or clothing-optional hotel is to have a towel ready. It is an unwritten rule that guests should sit on a towel, which makes a lounge chair more comfortable and ensures everything remains hygienic. 

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