Jamaica Remains A Safe Travel Destination

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As the owner of Honeymoons.com, a leading seller of honeymoons in Jamaica and at Sandals Resorts, I feel compelled to address the recent U.S. State Department’s Level 3 travel advisory for Jamaica. Speaking with travelers and looking at the facts, I can confidently say that the advisory does not reflect the true state of safety and tourism in Jamaica. Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Sandals Resorts’ Chairman Adam Stewart recently spoke with Travel Weekly about the travel advisory, in which they do an excellent job of defending Jamaica’s tourism industry. I will summarize their key points and how they articulate that Jamaica remains a safe destination for honeymooners.

Firstly, it’s important to note the significant improvements in Jamaica’s overall safety. Prime Minister Holness highlighted that serious crimes have decreased substantially, with an 11% reduction last year. This places crime at a 22-year low, directly contradicting the advisory’s grim portrayal. It’s essential to consider these statistics, as they present a Jamaica that successfully addresses safety concerns, a key factor for honeymooners looking for a peaceful and romantic getaway.

Moreover, the Prime Minister pointed out that the crime rate against tourists is exceptionally low. With 3 million U.S. visitors last year, the incidence of serious crimes was a mere 0.01%. This figure is lower than many U.S. cities, making Jamaica a relatively safer destination for American travelers.

Addressing concerns about safety at all-inclusive resorts, particularly regarding sexual assaults, Adam Stewart stated that there is zero tolerance for such acts at Sandals Resorts. With international standards and best practices widely adopted, guests can feel secure in their choice of accommodation.

In addressing the U.S. State Department’s travel advisory, it’s crucial to note that, like many global destinations, the advisory specifies only certain areas to avoid due to safety concerns. This distinction is vital for travelers to understand. The advisory’s “do not travel” zones are primarily limited to specific neighborhoods or villages that tourists do not typically frequent. Importantly, popular tourist destinations remain outside these zones, with their coasts and resorts clear of any such warnings. This mirrors the situation in many countries, including the United States, where travelers are advised to avoid certain areas while other regions are deemed completely safe.

Jamaica’s prime tourist locations, where honeymooners and vacationers spend their time, continue to be safe and welcoming, offering a serene and secure experience away from the few cautioned areas. This distinction underlines the fact that Jamaica, as a whole, remains a hospitable and secure destination for tourists, especially in areas specifically catered to their needs and safety.

Healthcare in Jamaica, often a concern for international travelers, has seen substantial improvement. The Prime Minister noted the ongoing investments in healthcare infrastructure, including new hospitals and expansions, enhancing the country’s capacity to provide quality medical care to tourists if needed. Additionally, most Honeymoons.com customers purchase travel insurance, which can cover medical expenses.

Lastly, the cultural and familial ties between Jamaica and the U.S. are strong and enduring. Prime Minister Holness emphasized the shared values and experiences, urging travelers to see beyond the advisory and experience the transformative journey of Jamaica 2.0. This aligns with our mission at Honeymoons.com, where we strive to provide unforgettable experiences in destinations that are not just safe, but also rich in culture and warmth.

In conclusion, as someone deeply involved in promoting Jamaica as a honeymoon destination, I urge potential travelers to look at the broader picture. The narrative of a dangerous Jamaica is contradicted by significant improvements in safety and tourism infrastructure. We at Honeymoons.com stand by our commitment to providing safe, romantic, and memorable experiences in Jamaica, a country that continues to welcome visitors with open arms and a promise of ‘one love’.

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