How Long After The Wedding Should You Go On Your Honeymoon

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on February 12, 2024

Planning your honeymoon and wondering how long you should take off after the ceremony? You’re not alone in asking this question. You may be tempted to leave right after your ceremony, or you may want to wait a few months to go into your honeymoon stress-free. We surveyed hundreds of honeymooners and asked them how long they went on their honeymoon after their wedding. Below is some information on honeymooners like you that may help answer your questions.

How Long After The Wedding% of Newleyweds
Same Day5%
Next Day24%
2 Days After20%
3 Days After10%
4 to 7 Days After18%
7+ Days After23%
of Newleyweds vs. How Long After The Wedding They Go On Their Honeymoon
of Newleyweds vs. How Long After The Wedding They Go On Their Honeymoon

When Do Most Newlyweds Go On Their Honeymoon?

Most newlyweds get started on their honeymoon shortly after tying the knot. Our survey of hundreds of newlyweds found that three-quarters of honeymooners leave for their honeymoon within the first week of marriage. Only 15% of newlyweds wait more than two weeks before going on their honeymoon.

How Long After Our Wedding Should We Leave For The Honeymoon?

Should you wait one day or three days? Here are some statistics on when honeymooners leave for their first vacation as a married couple.

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