Wish Foz do Iguacu

5-star hotel
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Wish Foz do Iguacu

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Foz do Iguacu, Wish Golf Resort beckons honeymooners to embark on an enchanting escape that perfectly balances luxury, comfort, and the raw beauty of nature. This splendid resort, located a mere 20 minutes from the world-famous Iguassu Falls, provides an idyllic setting for couples to start their journey together.

A Green Oasis:

Wish Foz do Iguacu is a sprawling 555-acre haven of natural beauty, offering couples a serene retreat amidst lush greenery. Wake up to the melodies of exotic birds and embrace the tranquility that this expansive property provides.

Cozy and Spacious Accommodation:

The resort boasts 215 newly appointed apartments, each designed to provide maximum comfort and a welcoming ambiance. Whether you choose a cozy room with garden views or a spacious suite with elegant furnishings, you’re guaranteed to feel pampered and at home.

A Culinary Journey:

Wish Foz do Iguacu takes pride in offering an array of dining options that celebrate Brazilian and international cuisine. Savor delectable meals at the resort’s restaurants and enjoy drinks at the bars, where the flavors of South America come to life.

Iguassu Falls: A Natural Wonder:

Just a short drive from the resort, the Iguassu Falls awaits your exploration. Witness the raw power and unparalleled beauty of one of the world’s most iconic natural wonders. Take a romantic stroll along the falls, reveling in the majestic scenery that surrounds you.

Endless Activities:

For couples seeking adventure, the resort offers activities such as golf, tennis, and horseback riding. You can also pamper yourselves with massages and wellness treatments at the spa, or unwind by the pool.

Perfectly Located:

Wish Golf Resort enjoys a prime location in Foz do Iguacu, making it convenient to explore the famous tri-border region where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet. The nearby international airport is only 15 minutes away, ensuring a smooth transition from your journey to your honeymoon.

In Summary:

Wish Foz do Iguacu is a sanctuary of luxury and natural beauty that provides the ideal backdrop for a memorable honeymoon. The vast green landscapes, coupled with the convenience of exploring the Iguassu Falls, create a setting that celebrates both adventure and romance.

For honeymooners who want to experience the world’s wonders and indulge in a five-star resort, Wish Golf Resort offers the perfect blend of luxury, natural splendor, and proximity to the awe-inspiring Iguassu Falls.


Wish Foz do Iguacu is more than just a resort; it’s a gateway to an extraordinary honeymoon experience. With its spacious, well-appointed rooms, lush surroundings, and easy access to Iguassu Falls, it offers the perfect blend of luxury and adventure for couples embarking on their new journey together.