Under Canvas Glacier

Just seven miles from the west entrance to Glacier National Park, Under Canvas Glacier stands as a testament to the perfect marriage of luxury and nature. This upscale outdoor experience, recognized by Condé Nast Traveler as a ‘Top 20 Resort in the U.S. – Pacific Northwest & West,’ invites honeymooners to immerse themselves in the grandeur of Montana’s “Big Sky Country.”

Designed for Connection with Wilderness:

Under Canvas Glacier is more than a resort; it’s a designed connection to the surrounding wilderness. Set against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks and alpine lakes, this unique retreat offers a harmonious blend of upscale comfort and untamed nature. Each moment spent here is an opportunity to be immersed in the raw beauty that defines Montana.

Easy Access to Glacier National Park’s Wonders:

For those seeking to explore the treasures of Glacier National Park, Under Canvas provides effortless access. With the park’s 700 miles of trails leading to alpine lakes, meadows blanketed in wildflowers, and rugged peaks, adventure awaits just beyond your doorstep. Under Canvas Glacier is the perfect gateway to the wonders of this natural paradise.

A Cozy Retreat Under the Stars:

At Under Canvas Glacier, the canvas cabins redefine luxury camping. Thoughtfully designed to provide a cozy retreat, these accommodations offer a unique blend of comfort and immersion in the great outdoors. Imagine falling asleep under a canopy of stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature, while still enjoying the comforts of a plush bed and private ensuite facilities.

Unforgettable Outdoor Experiences:

The resort itself is an invitation to explore. Whether you’re seeking quiet moments surrounded by towering pines, stargazing by the fire pit, or engaging in guided adventures, Under Canvas Glacier provides an array of unforgettable outdoor experiences. It’s a place where every day is an opportunity for new discoveries and shared moments.

Create Lasting Memories in Montana’s Wilderness:

For honeymooners looking to create lasting memories in the heart of Montana’s wilderness, Under Canvas Glacier offers a haven like no other. From the luxury of canvas cabins to the breathtaking landscapes of Glacier National Park, this outdoor retreat beckons couples to embark on a journey where romance meets the untamed beauty of nature.