UMI Hotel

4-star hotel
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UMI Hotel

UMI Hotel is a tranquil escape nestled amidst the stunning Icelandic countryside, offering honeymooners a unique and peaceful retreat. Located approximately 150 km from Reykjavik and just 2 km off the iconic Ring Road, this charming hotel is perfectly situated for those seeking a close connection to nature. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges and with the serene river Svadbaelisa nearby, UMI Hotel provides a serene backdrop for your romantic getaway.

One of the standout features of UMI Hotel is its first-class restaurant, boasting panoramic views of the Westman Islands and the southern coastline. The adjacent lounge bar offers a relaxing atmosphere with a backdrop of the renowned sub-glacial volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, and its picturesque mountain surroundings. Whether you’re gazing at the starlit skies or hoping to catch a glimpse of the enchanting northern lights during the winter months, UMI Hotel promises a memorable stay in the Icelandic countryside. This non-smoking hotel is open year-round, making it an ideal destination for couples looking to experience the tranquility and natural beauty of Iceland.