Two Sandals

Nestled in the enchanting East End of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Two Sandals beckons travelers with the promise of an idyllic escape. This welcoming haven, perfect for families, romantic getaways, or short-term rentals, embraces the essence of Caribbean charm. Boasting proximity to the American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook, Two Sandals offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the neighboring island of St. John.

Scenic Views:

Two Sandals captivates guests with its unrivaled views of the American Yacht Harbor and the expansive Caribbean Sea. The vista extends to the neighboring St. John, creating a picturesque backdrop for a memorable stay. Whether enjoyed from the comfort of your accommodations or the inviting outdoor spaces, the scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

Versatile Accommodations:

The resort offers a range of accommodations suitable for various travel preferences. Whether planning a family trip, a romantic retreat, or a short-term stay, Two Sandals provides versatile options. The well-appointed lodgings create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, ensuring a restful night’s sleep after a day of exploration.

Convenient Location:

Strategically located in the East End, Two Sandals provides easy access to the vibrant Red Hook area. Guests can explore local attractions, dine at charming restaurants, or embark on island-hopping adventures with the nearby ferry services. The resort’s convenient location adds to the overall appeal, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Relaxing Outdoor Spaces:

Two Sandals takes advantage of its tropical surroundings, offering relaxing outdoor spaces for guests to unwind. Whether basking in the warmth of the Caribbean sun or enjoying a quiet evening under the starlit sky, the resort’s outdoor areas provide a serene retreat for moments of tranquility.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere:

With its family-friendly atmosphere, Two Sandals creates a welcoming environment for travelers of all ages. The resort’s thoughtful amenities and versatile accommodations make it an ideal choice for those seeking a memorable family trip or a romantic getaway in the Caribbean.

An Island Oasis:

Two Sandals stands as an inviting island oasis in the heart of St. Thomas’ East End. With its stunning views, versatile accommodations, convenient location, and family-friendly atmosphere, this tropical retreat invites guests to experience the beauty and warmth of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape or a family adventure, Two Sandals promises a Caribbean getaway filled with relaxation and cherished memories.