Shalom Hotel & Relax

4-star hotel
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Shalom Hotel & Relax

For honeymooners seeking a tranquil, resort-like atmosphere in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Shalom Hotel & Relax is an idyllic choice. This inviting hotel offers 51 meticulously designed rooms, each tailored to pamper guests and provide a serene escape. Whether you’re seeking a romantic spa room with an indulgent Jacuzzi or a room with a view of the beach, Shalom Hotel & Relax has something special to offer.

The Perfect Romantic Escape:

As you step into the Shalom Hotel & Relax, you’re greeted with an ambiance that’s all about serenity and relaxation. It’s an oasis amidst the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, making it the perfect place to begin your journey as a married couple.

Luxurious Room Options:

The hotel boasts 51 thoughtfully designed rooms, each offering a unique experience. Some feature attractive sitting areas where you can unwind with your loved one, while others boast bathrooms with breathtaking beach views, allowing you to soak in the beauty of Tel Aviv’s coastline. For those in search of an extra touch of romance, the hotel offers spa rooms with an indulgent Jacuzzi that faces the magnificent views, creating an intimate and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Rooftop Lounge with a View:

One of the most captivating features of Shalom Hotel & Relax is the stunning rooftop lounge. This serene space provides the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of relaxation and connection. As you bask in the sunlight and savor the view, you can cherish moments of togetherness and enjoy the tranquility that only a rooftop retreat can offer.

In conclusion, Shalom Hotel & Relax is a place where the resort-like ambiance of a serene oasis meets the vibrancy of Tel Aviv. Whether you’re savoring the view from your room, unwinding in a Jacuzzi, or basking in the rooftop lounge, the hotel offers an environment where relaxation and romance go hand in hand. It’s a destination where you and your partner can celebrate your love in style and comfort, with the beauty of Tel Aviv’s beachfront as your backdrop. Your honeymoon at Shalom Hotel & Relax promises to be a memorable and enchanting experience.